Hot! The “Oh No She Didn’t” Dress

Fabric: Printed Silk

Pattern: Rebecca Taylor V1189

Year: 2010

Notions: 1/4″ & 1/2″ Elastic, Eye & Hook, Ribbon and Thread

Time to Complete: 17 Hours

First worn: For Photos

Wear again? No

Total Price: $68 – Fabric was $52, Notions were $16

Love the fabric, loved sewing the pattern, can’t stand the way it fits me.

The pattern was fun to sew and has details that usually strike my fancy; the braided neckline, the sash tie, outside pockets and the elastic tailored cuffs. I was unsure if the style of the dress would look good on me when I bought the pattern and I should have listen to my gut. This dress is not flattering and even in taking the photos I just kept fussy with the way the front wrapped at the neckline. Now I wish I saved the fabric for another project. The dress will go to the back of the closet, maybe to be refashion down the line. On to the next Challenge!

The “Oh No She Didn’t” Dress 1

The “Oh No She Didn’t” Dress 2

The “Oh No She Didn’t” Dress - Braid Detail



Krista started sewing at the age of 10, but got serious July of 2010 when she had to replace her old singer and got a serger machine for a birthday present. She lives in Manhattan -New York City with her husband. Reading the SewWeekly challenges last year motivated her to try new things and rekindle her love of Sewing.


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  1. I’m so sad this is a disappointment– the fabric is stunning! But think about it this way, if nothing else, it would be the most luxurious, sensual dressing gown ever!

  2. Thanks Jenn, you know I still learned so much is making it, I’ll probably fix it in the future.

  3. VaVaVaVoom! I think it’s really pretty. I know it’s not the way you wanted but it’s much too pretty to hide in the back of the closet. I agree with Jenn — it would be a great sitting around watching foreign movies robe….

  4. I agree with Jenn’s comment. I think the fabric is gorgeous and I could totally see it being a gorgeous dressing gown!

  5. I vote for making this a dressing gown. In fact, I thought so when I first clicked on the picture. I like to use lovely lovely fabrics for items I’ll wear all the time, that’s how I learned that silk is actually a very durable fiber.

    I hope you can love this dress, it’s pretty cool.

    • Hi Stephan, you know you guys are right. I think I’m going to make it a dressing gown, the idea is really growing on me, thanks.

  6. I’m going to have to agree. It looks so luxurious and expensive! You should definitely wear it as a dressing gown if your no so sure about wearing it as a dress. How did you do that braided part? That looks very laborious, but really makes it look so couture.

    • Hi Barbara, for the braid, It was more about doing a loose braid. I first made 3 long tubes, then i sewed the 3 pieces at the one end and used a binder clip and hung it on the back of the door knob. Then I did a simple 3 strand Baird but not to tight and when I got to the end I stictched across the end. Then I tacked the braid around the neckline by understitching every 1/2″. I’ll definitely do it again on another garment, it’s a nice touch.

  7. It does have a beautifully silky-satiny lounge-around vibe to it – but I guess that wasn’t what you were after. The sash does make me think of a dressing gown or robe but the colours are too nice not to be seen. Happy refashioning or Happy Learning to love it.

    • Hi Jenny, it’s starting to grow on me, I do love the fabric. I think I just need a brake for it and then I’ll probably refashion it.

  8. I’m so sad you don’t love this! It’s gorgeous! I actually have this very pattern and started on it several months ago but gave up after ruining one of my tubes for the braid trying to turn it right side out after sewing. I think I did something wrong but I’m still not sure what. What little I did was nowhere near on its way to looking this good! So I too vote for dressing gown… at least the pretty thing will get some wear that way!

    • Thank you Arika and Imhope you finish yours eventually. I used a bobby pin to pull the tube inside out. I sewed the end of the tube to the bobby pin and them shimmied it through the tube.

  9. This is really pretty. You could make some silk pajamas to go with. I like this so much, I may hunt down the pattern or do something similar sometime. I used to think things like this only happened to me: sewing skills + cute pattern + excellent fabric = I can’t get no (satisfaction.) It shouldn’t happen, but it does. I have a pile of “this needs work” to prove it! You did a nice job on it, though. :-)

    • Thank you Joann. Although I don’t love it I still learned from the pattern. I have a beautiful night gown pattern I can’t wait to make. Hoping we get a PJ’s challenge this year.

  10. Just BEAUTIFUL! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful (I sound like Joan Rivers, lol). I understand what you mean about it not being ‘right’ for you, but I must say, that is one impressive garment, nice job!

  11. Oh, I think it actually has great potential! It’s beautiful fabric in a color that’s flattering to you. Maybe try narrowing the sleeve hems a bit; they’ve got a bit too much volume. Slimmer sleeves might make all the difference. Wrap dresses really are flattering to so many figures, including yours–don’t give up on this one yet.
    Try some alternatives to the tie at the waist–like a wide elastic belt to define the waist more. I love belting my wrap dresses; it gives a completely different look and is actually flattering, even on my short torso and bulgey waist. Play with the styling. You might be surprised at what you come up with that will make this a wearable dress for daytime or going out, instead of using it as a robe or a lounge-gown.
    It can be so challenging to envision how patterns will actually fit our own bodies, instead of the model’s or the fashion illustration.

  12. Thanks Stephani, lots of great suggestions. I’m going to try some of them.

  13. I love the fabric, too! Maybe as a wrap top, it will be a more satisfying look?

    • Yes, I’m thinking of opening up the front so I can tie like a robe, but maybe a top wrap could be cool, ya got me thinking now. Thanks Adri.

  14. I have to say I agree with the others…it looks a very luxurious robe or housecoat. Definitely buy yourself some chocolates, stick on a movie and remember it was fun to make. Love that your creations are so different every week and that you push yourself out of any comfort zone to try new stuff.

    • Thanks Tempest. I have equal admiration for your whimsical post. Check ou my kid one neXt week, I was chaneLling the tempest.

  15. Krista you’ve done a smashing job the plaited detail across the front, LOVE!! I hope you wear it more I agree with everyone else but do understand where you’re coming from. The fabric would feel so lovely up against the skin.

    • Thanks Kazz, I’m definitely wearing I t around the house and plan to reFashion it in the future. I can’t bear to waste good fabric!

  16. You look so HOT in this dress. What a fantastic job! I made this dress up but did not like it and now that time has passed and I continue to wear it anyway, I know why – my fabric choice. You have inspired me to make his again! Did you add a band to the bottom or is that a slip dress underneath? Love it!

    • Hi Godsgirlt, yes I did add the band to the bottom, mostly to add weight to help the silk drape and for me, I’m more comfortable with a little past me knee length.