Hot! The “Little Girls Love Pink” Dress

This week my project is Super Sew Weekly.  The fabric and pattern are courtesy of Mena and her recent Pattern Swap.  Thank you Mena!  The vintage zipper was purchased years ago, and the buttons are from a thrift store.  Make, Do, and Mend!

The 35” wide cotton left me no extra fabric with which to make a matching belt.  But, to be honest, I think that much pink might have been a bit over the top, even for little girl me (okay, maybe not).

You have probably already guessed that, as a child, my favorite color was pink.

And on to the photographic proof.  Look at these pictures – yikes!  It’s even worse than I remembered.


First up, a lovely pair of pink sweatpants with an almost matching, but not quite, teddy bear sweatshirt.  Mom – seriously, what were you thinking!?  Although, it was the 1980s, so there are plenty of other individuals responsible for this fiasco. 

And look, here is another pink set, paired with a grey zippered sweatshirt with shoulder pads.  Say it ain’t so!  

But wait, it gets better . . .  a pink floral romper.  My word, I cannot believe I ever wore something that short.  The pink purse with knotted strap really makes the outfit, along with those socks.  Rachel Zoe has nothing on my seven year old stylist self. 

I cannot get over all of those pants – I somehow managed to block them out all these years (although I must admit I remember that teddy bear sweatshirt with some fondness).  But I now understand my aversion to pants.

The color pink, however, is still a very real part of my life, and will remain so for a very long time.


• The Facts

⁃ Fabric:  vintage cotton length from Mena

⁃ Pattern: Hollywood1719 (also from Mena)

⁃ Year:  1940s

⁃ Notions:  Vintage metal invisible zipper (from stash); Buttons from thrift store; Seam Binding

⁃ Time to complete:  One weekend

⁃ First worn:  April 16, 2012

⁃ Wear again?  Yes!

⁃ Total price:   ~ 10.00


Laura Mae

Laura Mae adores sewing and knitting, mostly vintage or vintage-inspired patterns. She hopes to inspire others to create lovely and lasting garments that speak of a past era and yet remain timeless and elegant.


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  1. How beautiful and pink is such a great color. You West Coast girls have all thee fun with swapping.

  2. This dress is darling and the brown belt looks great! Though, on second thought it might look better with a knotted purse strap. ;) i did that too- what were we thinking?! Hooray for the Super Swap!

  3. Pretty in Pink! I have one 1940’s pattern and I love it! I’m going to have to find this one somewhere because I must have it after seeing you model it so well. The neckline and little sleeves are very cute and how you paired it with the brown belt and shoes really makes the look.

  4. I ‘second’ Barbara, you look very pretty in pink! The dress is lovely and I love all of the childhood photos you posted up.

  5. Gorgeous! You really suit pink.

  6. I love this dress so much!

  7. Very pretty dress! It’s great to have a signature color, and pink suits you well. Fantastic execution as usual.

  8. Those little cap sleeves are gorgeous. Such a pretty dress.

  9. I always want to ask my Mom what she was thinking whenever I look at pictures of myself as a kid, ESPECIALLY when I see how many outfits of mine had shoulderpads :) I love your “adult” outfit – pink is a great color on you, and this style is completely fabulous!