Hot! The “Late Drape Stripe” Dress

Drape drape dress with belt and sleeves

The Facts

Fabric: black and white striped cotton jersey, $7/yard (?)

Dress pattern

Source: eBay

Simplicity 2261 pattern

Source: four square walls

Pattern: drape dress, pattern #2 in Drape Drape 2; sleeves from Simplicity 2261

Year: 2010

Notions: bindings from scraps from thrifted jersey sheet, free; bartered belt

Time to complete: 3 hours or so? I never keep track well because I get distracted by so many other things

First Worn: Easter

Wear again?: Absolutely

Total Cost?:  $14? I am horrible at keeping track of how much money I spend.


Sorry Sew Weekly followers, I realize I’m a week off on the theme here. But I have been so behind on getting any of the Sew Weekly challenges done in the past three months, I balked at the idea of not trying to share with you a project I actually finished. And I did technically get it done during the week that it was due to be posted.  It’s just that, unlike Kat who always amazes me with how much she gets done, I couldn’t really manage to get myself off the couch and conscious for much of the first three months of the year. Because, like Kat, I was busy growing a wee bump.

Entering into the second trimester, I have finally recovered my energy and focus in the sewing room. I also have a significant motivation to get some clothing projects completed now: nothing fits!

Now that I’m at 18 weeks, Kat and I are now discussing a maternity sewing challenge to get us through. (I’m sure we’ll share the info once we settle on what to call it.)

 detail for sleeve
detail for sleeve

But onwards to the project!  I’ve had both the Drape Drape 2 book of patterns and this fabric for over a year. I’ve intended to make this dress for as long as I’ve had the book, and this fabric was destined for the dress as soon as I saw it online. This past year has been quite the disappointment for me in terms of getting projects done, however, and the fabric has just sat there waiting in promise.

I did want to add sleeves to the dress so I’d feel more comfortable wearing it to work, so I took the flutter sleeves pattern from Simplicity 2261 and just transferred it over. I figured flutter sleeves are more appropriate than more fitted sleeves, as it takes into account the lower armscyes already in place with the pattern. I’d rather be able to lift my arms without any tugging.

The small stripes were hard to match, and with the dress’s biased cut and trompe d’oeil look of the stripes, I figured it wasn’t super important to stress over. Many of the stripes look matched, and just as many look a little off.

I almost bound the sleeves and neckline with the striped fabric, but felt the red from some leftover jersey sheet I’d used for other projects would add a nice element of *pop* to it. The sleeve bindings were particularly easy, as I just used the existing bound edges from the sheet. Pre-pressed and easily lined up with the edge, it made for short work. I am concerned that the neckline may have been over-stretched in the process, but the fabric seemed so easy to sew it’s hard for me to say how much I may or may not have tugged it.

The beauty of the dress is that all the drape provides extra space for the bump to grow over the next few months. The jersey is super soft and the dress style itself is something I’ll enjoy wearing well after I’m enjoying the wee ‘un in the outside world.

I hope you’ll forgive the tardiness. I hope to get back on track for as long as I can. Come September, I will be a little preoccupied with baby work, I think.

dress without belt

Full on drape



Seeks has been sewing on and off since she was in middle school, but has only started to seriously pursue the hobby since 2010. She has a hard time settling on any one pasttime, though, so she often can be found posting on food, art, sewing, and crafting.


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  1. Yeahh, great to see you here too and the growing bump… This is a lovely maternity dress without looking too maternity… it has a bit of fun and looks so comfy. I will add as inspiration when the right times comes…

  2. i adore this… the b&w stripes are fabulous with the red

  3. I love the belt with the dress, makes a great assemble.

  4. What a great dress! You could totally continue to wear it after you’ve had the baby too. Best of luck with the bump!

  5. Very nice look! Perfect for your changing body shape. Love the stripes and the contrasting bias on the neck and sleeves.

  6. Awww of course you’re forgiven. Need you ask?! You look fantastic! Love the dress and ccongrats !!!! :-)

  7. Wow! Congrats! I think that is just about the coolest maternity garment I have ever seen! Love the fluidity of it. I’d be making a few more of them. Such fun with stripes too!

  8. Oh! I love it with sleeves! And the B&W stripes and red together are classic!