Hot! The “Inner Child Jumps for Joy” Dress

My inner child jumps for JOYYYYYYY!

Check out my inspiration look.


I look pretty much the same, right?? Lol!! I was prone to seriousness, even at this young age. I probably didn’t even run around in this dress. But I jump in them now!!

I had a tomboy phase and a baggy clothes phase. Somewhere in between was the girly picture day outfit phase. This was either kindergarten or first grade. I was ridiculously tiny (short and skinny) as a kid. I was the same height and weight for YEARS. I was stuck in this absolute nightmare of a snowsuit (think A Christmas Story) for the longest because I could still fit into it. I shot up to 5’7″ (tall for the women in my family) in HS. My grandfather loved to remark that he thought I would never grow.

I’m wearing pink polish and lipstick in a subtle nod to my pink collar here.

Vicki pointed out how 80s appropriate this manicure is on my blog. Totally unintentional link, which is kind of cool.

That dress is actually not so bad in the grand scheme of my childhood crimes against fashion. Check out some more classic pics here!

The "Righting Childhood Fashion Wrongs" Dress

The "Righting Childhood Fashion Wrongs" Dress

The "Righting Childhood Fashion Wrongs" Dress

The Facts
Fabric | Stretch Rayon Blend Jersey Knit
Pattern | BurdaStyle Lydia variation (my TNT tee pattern and the best sewing related $1.00 I’ve ever spent). I basically winged it, using Lydia for the armholes and neckline mostly. And this tutorial for the shaping of the bottom front. I found it while looking for something to help me copy this look.
Year | Current, but inspired by my rocking 1980s childhood pic, lol
Notions | Thread, I didn’t interface or reinforce anything.
Time to complete | A few hours, including the time spent writing out my steps for about 30 mins before I got started.
First worn | On an outing with my hubby and to pick up the kids from school.
Wear again? | Yes! I love it!! It’s dead comfy. I have plans to make a few more.
Total price | $18 for 3 yards of this fabric. It’s thin, so the bottom fronts, back and faux wrap portion are all cut double. I will write out some construction deets on my blog once my brain starts to function properly. It’s the first day back to school after spring break, so I’m running on fumes. Oy!!

Till then peeps!

The "Righting Childhood Fashion Wrongs" Dress




Wanett Clyde is a wife, mama of four and library school student that manages to cram a lot into her days. She loves books, writing, creating, the color purple, sarcasm, summertime, staying up late, anything British, BROOKLYN(!!!), and her family.


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  1. This is utterly adorable! I love your translation from kid to fabulous woman. Keep up the amazing work : )

  2. Ah, this is such a great project! I love that your grown-up version is playful and obviously inspired by the picture-day outfit, but still something you can wear out and about without obviously invoking ’80s nostalgia. Excellent job!

  3. I actually really like your childhood dress. I don’t think you can go wrong with grey and pink.
    As to your creation: it’s awesome! It looks like THE perfect every day dress when you want to look chic and casual.

    • Thank you!! I really loved that dress when I got it. And I love the new one, too! I can still remember this picture day, actually. I found the class pic. I was wearing lace stockings and patent leather shoes with it. WIN! lol

  4. I’m glad you still have that inner child of joy. Love the wrap around detail of the dress.

  5. Awesome sauce! Love the fun stripes and that wrap around detail in the front!

  6. Yay! So cute! And awesome photos :)

  7. I agree with zilredoh, I actually like your childhood dress.
    Anyway, great job! it’s a super cute dress!

  8. Super super cute, I love it. I grew up in the 80’s too, and had a very similar dress as a kid. You did a great job recreating it for today.

  9. Love these photos (and all the ones you were brave enough to put on your website!) The dress is gorgeous, and I love how much fun you had with this one.

    • Thank you!! I don’t know if posting those pics was brave or just stupid, lol. Unless I become famous or something, I figure they can’t do too much damage ;O)

  10. It looks so comfortable and stylish!! I absolutely love it, and that manicure is FABULOUS ;)

  11. Great job Nettie. Love your fun photos too.