Hot! The “I Want to Wear A Red Dress and Twirl at the Eiffel” Dress

The Facts
Fabric: Peach skin, purchased in Kluang; Malaysia (USD3/m)
Pattern: None, self-drafted
Year: 2012
Notions: Lace (USD1.60/yard), and conceal zip.
Time to complete: 8 hours
First worn: For photos at SBG
Wear again? Yesyesyes!!!
Total price: Approx USD8

This red toga is a multi-challenge dress. It was intended for the Red Challenge. I always wanted a red dress that I can twirl in, at the Eiffel, which translate to the Local Colour Challenge too. Since I want a twirl-y dress, the skirt has to be at least a half circle, which is just enough to twirl! So here it is in the Circle Skirt Challenge.


I did not get to twirl at Eiffel, but in front of the Burkill Hall in The National Orchid Gardens at The Singapore Botanic Gardens. If you are visiting Singapore, you should spend a lazy afternoon at our Botanic Gardens!


This is my first attempt at drafting and making a toga. The pleats were intended to be more drapey but I mis-handled the pattern which results in the pleats-pleats. Still, I’m quite pleased with the final fit and look.


Here’s the lace details on the shoulder joint. It looks a tad like a bandage so I will most probably alter or add some fabric flowers on it.


More of the dress story on my blog :)



Educator; Musician; Leisure Seamstress I have always wanted to turn bundles of cloths to wearable pieces since young. It was finally a dream come true in February 2010 when I began my lessons at Kadomay. No turning back ever since! I love colours, cheongsams, lace, dresses, anything aesthetically pleasing. I don’t believe in ready paper patterns. I draft my own patterns. I love to feel, see, smell and touch cloths. I love the sound produced when you cut a piece of fabric (with a pair of sharp scissors of course). My dress-making motto Minimalist, sophisticated, elegant, to be worn at any time of day (Coco Chanel)


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  1. I love it! What an excellent way to incorporate 3 challenges all in one.

    I don’t think the shoulder strap looks like a bandage, but you can’t go wrong adding in some pretty flowers. :)

    • It’s a pity that the colour of the lining ran like there’s tomorrow (I forgot to pre-wash it) and the lace is pink now :( I will definitely add some flowers on the shoulder!

  2. Very cute and flirty! I like this a lot!

  3. I like the toga and pleating. You can never go wrong with red! Lovely.

  4. Hi Tiffany, great color dress and the photos are beautiful.

  5. So pretty! I love the bodice drape as is. Very flattering!

  6. Love your dress and the photo collage was fun to look at as well! I really like the pleats on the bodice.

    • Thank you Gina! I put together the collage because I can’t find a photo that can show the “circleness” and twirl of the dress. I had fun twirling :p

  7. Such a special dress tha works beautifully. Well done!

  8. Very pretty! I really like the pleats and the red looks great on you. Nice way to incorporate multiple challenges.

    • Thanks Jennifer! I find it so difficult to come up with a design exclusively for a challenge, especially for this one. Sometimes, elements of challenges just overlap, don’t they?

  9. This is lovely, the pleats and the red colour are gorgeous!

  10. Love the colour of this on you and those pleats in the bodice are really pretty.