Hot! The “I-don’t-have-time-to-sew-a-circle-skirt” so I sewed a circle apron

 Circle half-apron from vintage 50s Butterick 7538

 The Facts

  • Fabric: One yard of 44″ wide cotton
  • Pattern: Butterick 7538 vintage 1950s (designed for felt)
  • Year: The fabric is current, but the style is a fun and flirty 50s
  • Notions: thread and lace
  • Time to complete: less than 1 hour
  • First worn: today as soon as I finished it
  • Wear again?: yes
  • Total price: about $15


In DecembBarbie Circle Half-Aproner 2011 I was working on an applique project and when I found myself short one color. I came home from a quick trip to my local quilt shop with a small bag of cotton scraps instead of yardage.  Much friendlier on the budget considering I only needed a 4″ x 4″  scrap.  Inside the bag was a fun circle print—not the right color for my project but perfect for a Barbie.  I sewed an adorable Barbie doll circle half-apron.  (The tutorial is on my blog if you want to sew one for someone you know.)

It turned out so darn cute that I knew I needed one in my size.  So off to the fabric store I went to purchase a yard of the circle fabric.  And the fabric sat patiently waiting month after month after month wondering when it would finally be sewn in to a circle apron in my size.

Well, my life has been crazy busy (I’m sure you can all relate, right?) and sewing took a back burner to other commitments.  However when I saw the circle skirt theme I knew it was time for the circle apron.

All right, all right, I admit. I might have stretched the challenge a bit.  But the truth is I sewed myself a maxi maxi skirt last summer and discovered circle skirts really are not my most flattering silhouette.  But a circle apron!  Ah…everyone can wear one of those.

Butterick 7538 Vintage 50s Apron Pattern

I happened to have a  great vintage apron pattern handy too.  This pattern, Butterick 7538,  was designed for 36″ wide felt with a ribbon waistband and ties. (Who in the world would make an apron out of felt?  How would you keep it clean?  Unless felt in the 50s was different than what I’m envisioning….)

I used the apron body pattern and cut the waistband and ties out of the remaining fabric.  One yard of 44″ wide fabric was perfect.  The length of the apron is about 13″ and the finished width of the waistband/ties is 1/2″.

One hour later and I had me a new apron.  Man I love instant gratification sewing projects when I’m short on time.

Vintage 50s Butterick 7538 Circle Apron

I’m loving the feminine flirtiness of the apron. And it passed the hubby test.  But that might have been because he said it reminded him of a French maid…


Sharon Madsen

Sharon has been sewing for many years after teaching herself to sew at a young age. As a teen she began designing using techniques that were more “by the seat of her pants” than “by the book” resulting in some hysterical fashion moments. She loves dogs, shoes and teaching Zumba fitness—but not as much as sewing.

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