Hot! The How Soon Is Now Top

500The Facts
Fabric | Chiffon
Pattern | A self drafted pattern drawn from my vintage kimono.
Year | Right here right now.
Notions | Nahdah
Time to complete | This American Life podcast about Mike Daisey and the Apple Factory then his sad apology over fabricating the whole story…Brilliantly unbelievable.
First worn | Spinning around my lounge room pretending I was a rare bird.
Wear again? and again and again and again…
Total price | $6| Stash busting

You see that very first pic up there with my arms out showing you those wonderful kimono sleeves? If you stare at it long enough you will notice the flaws, I shouldn’t really point these things out because it may change your mind on whether you like this piece or not; either way, flaws and all I’ll be wearing it again and again. Flaw 1: The fabric was so damn slippery the sleeves are out of whack with the pattern, only just. and Flaw 2: I wished I had thought about the positioning of the band that travels from the bottom up around behind my neck back down the other side, see how it’s white on my left? arrr If I unpick the right hand side and turn it around this top would be perfect. Do you think I could be bothered unpicking after I finished it? I will at some other stage unpick and re-sew because it will make all the difference on a visual scale. The out of whack pattern on the sleeves I wont worry about, at first glance it’s really not a bother and it’s highly unlikely i’ll be wandering about with my arms flapping about like a bird.| Stash busting

Now that we have gotten over the flaws we can move on and enjoy the drape of this top. This is what I love, I love how this top falls, it’s flattering to my body shape and looks chic, and I particularly love the print and it’s versatility, a perfect day to night outfit. When I’m over wearing this out n about it can move down to nightwear, why not!!| Stash busting

There are a couple of special fabrics in my stash some great ankara and ikat fabrics I had picked up from my local op shop, I have big plans for these, the most precious piece of fabric I have in my stash was sent to me by the wonderful Kat, this amazing piece is currently draped over my dressmaker I stare at it daily waiting for the perfect vision to come forth before I set my scissors onto it I need to be 100% sure, when that vision appears it will be the best sewing day ever. Thanks again Kat xx. This handmade—slightly flawed top, is proudly brought to you by The Smiths-How Soon Is Now. After all I am human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does. *wink*



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  1. I LIKE the patterned neckline crossing the unpatterned one. It shows the wrap design and I think it’s better not symmetrical. Just my two cents and a vote for not unpicking. Because I hate unpicking.

  2. It’s pretty -flaws and all. Though the flaws are not bad-I wouldn’t care and would wear that top every chance I got! I’ve been waking up with Smiths songs in my head a lot lately. Not often the happiest of songs but they do take me back. I really love that first picture.

  3. I now have that Smiths song going through my head. Been years since I heard that….

    Kaz, this is just gorgeous! I love it – so pretty and floaty. I hope you intend on drinking green tea or jasmine tea out of small cups while wearing this at some stage.

    (PS Glad you liked the fabric I sent. :-)

  4. Stunning! So dreamy! I agree with Sara, the contrast is sort of nice. Only unpick it if it really bothers you, because probably no one else will notice.

  5. This is Amazaballs!!!!! I love it! Flaws what flaws. Simply Stunny. I would never take it off.

  6. Wow, its amazing Kazz. Looks so awesome with your hair. I didn’t notice the flaw and actually don’t mind it “cos its white at the bottom too. Best Smiths song ever, spend years going to clubs and feeling like that – glad that’s all behind me!

  7. I love how floaty this looks….and when you are zooming around like a bird, how the diamonds on the sleeves slope inwards towards your body. Now telling myself I need to source some appropriate fabric to try a kimono sometime :) Love Kat’s recommendations of partaking in delicately fragranced tea in it.

    (And though How Soon Is Now is great, I’ll fight the corner of There Is A Light That Never Goes Out as the greatest ever Smiths song till I die….such a heavenly way to die).

  8. Love the lightness of the fabric, really beautiful fabric design. Cool pics!

  9. Love, love love it! I agree with Sara that the contrast at the neck helps to emphasise the wrap design.
    When I was giving birth to my son, the drugs they had given me convinced me that The Smiths were singing outside my room. I even remember seeing Morrisey looking through the little square window in the door! Eeeek!
    I also listened to that episode of This American Life – I listen to ABC National while sewing.

  10. Love your style! Beautifully designed kimono. I’m amazed at how you could make it just by copying from an original. That seems like so much work. Well, it would be for me. You always take great photos and you’re one of my favorites to read. Love, love, love.

  11. you look really pretty in this. there’s something about this outfit that brings out a softness in you. i love it.

  12. Incredible!! As always!

  13. Love the song, love this piece. Even with the little sleeve idiosyncrasies, it’s beautiful.

  14. Gorgeous. I’d wear this. In fact, if I put it on you’d probably have to fight me to get it back off again. :)

  15. Stunning. This is the type of garment that I love, but can never seem to pull off. You do so brilliantly.

  16. Thank you all so very much for all of your wonderful comments, they’re very much appreciated, glad you like the outcome ladies.

  17. I don’t think I’d worry about the pattern not being symetrical, we aren’t : ) I tend to overthink some of my stuff and realize that I’m the only one who sees it. This is, as usual, another fab confection!!

  18. gorgeous – it flows beautifully. Where did you have your photos taken?

  19. This kimono is the sun and the air, I mean, the son and heir, of… no shyness anywhere. (It may be criminally vulgar…) You shut your mouth! how can you say, you’d go about un-picking me??!! OOooh, love u! It looks so fab!!