The “Home Among the Roses” Skirt

The Facts

Fabric: Cotton – Refashioned dress from Op Shop
Pattern: None
Year: Contemporary
Notions: Zip
Time to complete: 3 hours
First worn: Out to dinner with the boyfriend.
Wear again: Yes!
Total price: Under $15

I’ve been rather lazy lately. I’ve made several garments over the past few weeks for Sew Weekly Challenges but either I just haven’t been in the mood to get in front of the camera, or when I am in the mood then the Boyfriend can’t be bothered and there is no one else around to pester into taking photos.

There was no one around today either but I wanted to get some photos done so out came the tri-pod, self timers was set and I did a whole lot of running back & forth!!!

I decided instead of using a City as my location inspiration I would use a place that is very important to me. In fact it is the most important location in my life – Home.

My parents built our home from the ground up over 15 years ago. And the rose gardens on our property have been a labour of love for both Mum & Dad almost since the beginning.

Unfortunately as it is Autumn here you won’t get to see the roses in all their glory, however they are still very beautiful. Mum & Dad have over 100 different roses. Whenever I see roses, I think of home. I guess they represent home for all of us. So much so that one of my younger brothers has a tattoo of 5 roses (chosen from our garden). One rose for each member of our family.

This skirt was a breeze to make. It was originally a strapless dress that I picked up for $12 from an Op Shop close to work. It was a little big and the original plan was to take it in and add straps to it (strapless dresses and I don’t really get along). In the end I decided I loved the print too much for this to be a garment that I would only wear once-in-a-while so instead it became a skirt that I will wear more often.

I un-stitch the bodice and used bits of that as well as the original waist band (that was only at the front of the dress) to create a new waist band. I inserted a short exposed zip at the center back and that was it! So simple, especially when I used the existing hem-line.

Unfortunately while I was running to and from the camera getting these photos, my skirt got caught on one of the roses (*damn*) and it tore a hole in the hem at the back so it will need to have the hem shortened to repair the damage before I wear it again.

I really enjoyed creating something new out of something old – I think I’ll have to make better use out of my local (and not so local) Op Shops!



Anna is a Melbourne girl and started sewing early 2011 when her Mum suggested sewing clothes since Anna had such a difficult time finding RTW clothes that fit her well and suited her body shape. Little did Mum know that her suggestion would soon become Anna's obsession...


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  1. Love it! Your story is so sweet, and your skirt is fab! Especially paired with the black. Very striking.

  2. Hi Anna, love the story and the skirt looks amazing on. What a beautiful garden, must be absolutely gorgeous when in full bloom.

  3. I can appreciate your joy in making something new out of something old. I get a lot of satisfaction from that too. Your skirt is lovely, and your home is beautiful! You’re so lucky!

  4. Lovely story Anna and lovely skirt. Your garden looks divine. I can smell it from my place.

  5. Love those colours and that rose garden photo!

  6. Love the vibrancy of that skirt and seriously impressed at the quality of your photos done alone with tripod and self-timer. I do that occasionally myself and they aren’t a patch on your beauties!