Hot! The “forget the gold and sequins darling” skirt

I have always been a fashionista.

The proof:

I’m a child of the 80’s and it’s called for Gold. Check! Sequins. Check. Big Hair. Check. Puff sleeves Check.Jelly shoes Check. oh I better stop before you run horrified. I did choose my outfits. Always had. I can blame mom only on the side ponytails and the unruly hair styles.

My grandma used to say that you can only wear a decade once and she was a very chic woman indeed, so true to her advice I decided that my inspiration would not turn out like a bad 80’s version. I’m really inspired of the lovely cute clothes some of you wore in the childhood and I have interpreted to what would have been cool translation to take part in the challenge. The important thing here is that we make something that we really want to wear isn’t it?. And paper bag skirts are very popular for girls.


Fabric: I bought this at Goldhack road to make muslins/toiles. £2.5 a metre. A Bargain!

Pattern particulars:I based my pattern on a RTW designer skirt from Betty Jackson .The skirt has 2 front panels and one back panel. If I increase the height I could just turn in to make the casing, eliminating the need for facing. Its pretty easy to sew.
You can see my drafting process and construction

Notions: Thick grosgrain from my stash. I think I would sew a thiner grosgrain for the next version.

Time to complete: 2 Hours Drafting +1 hour sewing (day 01) +30 min ( day 02) = 3h30m in total

What skills did you use?: Adding an elastic on waist. Try to use blind hem without success.

First worn: April 2012

Wear again? Yes.I will be making so many of theses.

Conclusion: The whole process was really fun and I felt really proud of myself for figuring out the pattern. It may be my skirt of choice for the year.


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  1. Rachel, this skirt turned out adorable.. and you look fantastic in it. bty…I love you in your 80’s sequin out fit..toooooo cute.. I remember Cindy in the jellies.. She had tons of pairs in different colors..ha.
    Great job on making the pattern, I love it.

  2. Adorable! I love the front detail with the sash across the front. I can see why you would want to make more of these. Very fun!

  3. Hey Pinheiro, great skirt, looks fabulous on and super comfortable.

  4. Thanks for the detailed walk through of your pattern drafting on your blog.I especially like the squared off edges of the side/top. Interesting to see how quilting tools are aiding fashion sewists. very attractive.

    • I’m a big fan of quilting Sue, and I feel that once you learn a technique it can be applied in many ways. I’m glad you enjoy reading about my journey. xx

  5. The shape of this skirt is adorable. Thanks for the close ups and the drafting details on your website. It’s seriously pretty and really suits you. I love the contrast in colours.

  6. The fabrics you chose for this are perfect! I love the style on you, and thanks so much for sharing how you arrived at such a fabulous garment!