Hot! The “For the Love of Blue” Dress

A not-so-washed out view of the eyelet

The Facts:

Fabric:  1.5 yards M’Liss cotton, $9, .75 yards cotton eyelet, $3, Hancock
Pattern:  McCall’s 4440 (out-of-print), 5th use, $0
Year:  Contemporary
Notions:  Invisible zipper, hem lace, both from stash, $0
Time to complete:  ~3 hours
First worn:  April 17 for pictures by the lake and dinner
Wear again?  Yes!  This dress has our beach vacation written all over it!
Total cost:  ~$12

Hello again, Sew Weekly friends!  I’ve missed you!  But, alas, focus and motivation have not been with me these last few weeks.

To be honest, inspiration nearly failed me this week too.  You see, I’m an ’80s baby so, no matter how many times I perused my childhood albums, I could not find one outfit that I’d want to have again… So, at the last minute, I decided to cheat just a little.  I looked for photos that would inspire me to finish something already in my queue.

I should have known this would be the dress to be chosen off the list.  It’s certainly the most childish of the bunch but, it’s also really very me.  I think nearly half of my old photos show me in blue and white and many, many of the dresses had some type of lace.  Not to mention how many empire-waist dresses my mom used to dress me in.

Attempting a more grown-up but still feminine look, I chose a more streamlined silhouette and used scalloped eyelet for the bodice and straps (I hand-trimmed the scallops on the straps for a hint of uber-girlieness).  The dress was a piece of cake – I think I spent more time getting acquainted with my serger than any other part of the sewing!  Yep, that’s right – this was my first serger project!  

I left the dress unlined so I could wear it on vacation in Texas without overheating and, I have to say, it was quite liberating! No making the dress a second time for the lining, no getting the zipper in there just so between the layers, no second hem… fast and easy!

Taking the pictures on the other hand, not so easy… First, the camera battery died just when we arrived at the park so, we had to pull out my camera phone.  Then, the sun decided to wash them all out (which, of course, we couldn’t tell at the time because the phone screen was also blinded by the light!)  But, they were fun anyway.  I do hope you can forgive them.

Hide and seek, anyone?

Have a great week! x



Jennifer took up sewing in 2008 as a new hobby after a move. Now, with endless ideas running through her head, she's making an effort to fill hers and her fiance's closets with custom clothing.


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  1. Hi Jennifer, you will fall in love with your serger, you can’t believe how much nicer the garments will feel on. Which one did you get? The eyelet choice is so pretty for the dress, that will be great addition for the summer months.

    • I already have! :-). I always overcasted my seams on my sewing machine but, you’re right, the serged seams are nicer (faster too!). It’s a Janome 3434D. Thanks for your compliment!

  2. Love how you combined the eyelet fabric for the top and that fabulous blue print for the bottom. It fits you very nicely and despite camera malfunctions, your photos are pretty nice!

  3. So pretty! It’s definitely a nice “grown up” version of your childhood dress. Great job!

  4. That’s a very pretty dress, that blue fabric is lovely

  5. It looks lovely! I love the adult interpretation, especially the bodice part!

  6. That’s a lovely shape to the skirt, and the material is oh so pretty.

  7. Why thank you, Tempest!