Hot! The “Feathers of a Fabric Flock Together” Dress

The "Feathers of a Fabric Flock Together" Dress

The Facts
Fabric: Rayon challis
Pattern: Self-drafted
Year: 2012
Notions: Me don’t need no stinking notions
Time to complete: 1 hour
First worn: To breakfast at my favorite diner
Wear again? Oh yeah!!
Total Price: $8

I had a handful of VIP fabrics to consider for this challenge, but this peacock feather print rayon has been in my stash long enough to start talking to me. It said, “Why did you buy 5 yards of me if all you’re gonna do is dream about making something out of me?” I was intimidated by it for some reason. Peacocks are all gorgeous and majestic. Somehow I thought whatever I made had to live up to the fabric. Needless to say, days into my peacock-worthy dress plan, I ran out of time to execute the vision. With improvisation mode enabled (SHIFT-CTRL-F8-WWKD), I temporarily abandoned Plan A and opted for a simpler way to showcase the feathers.

The photo below is my VIP fabric. It is also my already constructed DRESS!

The "Feathers of a Fabric Flock Together" Dress

In February, I brought you the “Hip to Be Square” Top. A 1-hour, Kazz-inspired, insta-garment that saved me from skipping the Valentine’s Day Red Challenge. Well, I’m back with its taller, sexier, rectangular cousin. Same top, lengthened to the knee to make a rectangle dress shape. A dresstangle, if you will.

The "Feathers of a Fabric Flock Together" Dress

Here’s the top vs. the dress. Length and fabric are the only differences.

The "Hip to Be Square" Top The "Feathers of a Fabric Flock Together" Dress

I am thrilled with its awesome simplicity. It’s even cute without the belt – which I forgot to photograph. But you’ll be seeing this geometric wardrobe rescue again – belted or not, cropped like its cousin, tunic length, and maxi. And that’s just length changes. If I want more variations, the construction time may go past an hour, but that’s the beauty if it…I can always find time to play around with design details on a dress made entirely out of right angles!

The "Feathers of a Fabric Flock Together" Dress

It’s my Mother’s birthday today. I am wearing red lipstick in her honor. Mostly as a way to say I’m sorry for telling her not to wear it a few years back. I recommended shimmery neutrals and arrogantly told her that red lipstick was over in the 90’s. I know, I know…I’m a bad daughter. This is my third wearing of this shade, my first red ever. A sign of love for Mom who lives 3,000 miles away. I’ve embraced the bold, feminine color and hope I can pull it off as well as she did. Happy Birthday, Mom. I love you.

The "Feathers of a Fabric Flock Together" Dress

Thanks for looking.




Najah Carroll is a project manager by day and seamstress by night. Once it became clear that ready-to-wear was never gonna support her five feet of curves, she taught herself to sew and make pattern alterations. In January, she lost her mind by signing up for this 52-week garment sewing challenge.


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  1. Great dresstangle! So pretty on you.

  2. You took my breath away with this dress! Najah you are soooo beautiful and the print and your hair and your smile and your attitude are such a powerful combination. next time I wear red lipstick I will do so in honor of your mother! Happy Birthday Najah’s mom!

  3. I like this dresstangle. Looks good with the print. The red lipstick-ravishing. Happy Birthday to your Mom!

  4. this fabric and dress are sooo fabulous! I love how the simplicity of the shape give the vibrant fabric plenty of room to make you look fantastic! i’m definitely going to copy the shirt version, which I’ve been thinking about since you posted it:)

  5. Haha I had a WWKD moment this week too….inspired by your Hip-To-Be-Square-I-Dont-Wanna-Miss-A-Week top. I’d never tried dresstangles before but I definitely want to play with them more. The red lipstick looks fabulous, as does the dress….I bet your Mum will be very proud :)

  6. Hi Najah, Wow, another amazing dress! The fabric is gorgeous and I agree rid lip is great on you.

  7. You sure can pull it off your mum would be so proud, such a flattering shape and that colour on you is gorgeous. Love it Najah.

  8. It’s a amazing that such a simple design could look so fantastic. I think it also helps that you are a fabulous model and so pretty. Love the red lipstick, too. Happy birthday Najah’s mom!

  9. That print is goooorgeous and your lip color matches so well! It’s a simple shape but makes such a flattering dress! Love it!

  10. I never would have guessed this was just a rectangle. It looks amazing on!

  11. Wow I can’t believe that dress is a rectangle! It looks so fantastic! I love the neckline and the ‘sleeves’ on it and it is perfect for showing off that gorgeous print! I am a sucker for peacock print.

  12. This is all the things I love! Peacock prints (love!), geometric sewing (love) and red lipstick (love, love, love!). Needless to say, I’m a massive fan of the overall effect! You look amazing!

  13. This dress if so fun! I love the print, and the shape is flattering. Your fierce red lips tip it all off.

  14. Another great way to showcase a fab piece of fabric and it really does make for a flattering silhouette. Cheers for the red lipstick too.

  15. So glad you listened to the material and made this dress! Looks fabulous. Colors are perfect for you and the red lips are a perfect highlight. Mom will be thrilled.