Hot! The Convert Circle Skirt

I wasn’t sure I’d like this on me. This circular skirt business. I might be a convert.
The "Circle Convert" Skirt

The Facts
Fabric | A free, 100% cotton, bed sheet for the skirt and a remnant from a refashion for the top.
Pattern | I used a mash up of knowledge to figure out how to cut the waist circle (then got scared it would be too small and ended up making it too big! Trust your math!) and I used the scalloped waistband from this pattern. I winged it on the top.
Year | Current, but sort of vintage in feel, I think.
Notions | Thread, zipper and buttons.
Time to complete | A few hours over a couple of days for the skirt. I let it hang for a day or so, but I went the cheater’s way on the hem and just serged and folded it under (as you can see below if you look closely). I spent too much time on that damn top! I do love those turquoise buttonholes and buttons on it.
First worn | While freezing to death in my living room! It is soooo cold in NYC!
Wear again? | Yes…maybe. I like how it looks in the pics, but the skirt is less than perfect. I cut a section off to make it fit the waistband. It seemed fine, but I think it ultimately resulted in the back, near the zipper, falling a bit funny. And this material will wrinkle like an SOB if I sit in it. The top will likely see a lot of wear, though.
Total price | A few bucks? I got the bed sheet from a giveaway bin in front of a store that was going out of business. The original skirt that the shirt fabric is from was only $6 and this is the second thing made from it.
The "Circle Convert" Skirt

I do like the way it looks. I feel a bit dainty in it, lol. I love all of the cropped top/high waist skirt combos that have been popping up on blogs and pinterest. I’m happy to get in on the game with that peek of belly ;D

Some obligatory circle skirt poses.

The semi swirl.

The "Circle Convert" Skirt

The spread.


Demure kneeling.

The "Circle Convert" Skirt

And (blurry) twirling!





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  1. I forgot to get the demure kneeling pose. Damn! I knew I forgot one required element.

    I’m rethinking my anti-circle skirt position, because everyone is lookin’ good this week.

  2. I agree, I think I may be a concert as well. The scalloped edge is a nice touch.

  3. I forgot the “demure kneeling” and the full “spread”. Dang.
    I love your scalloped waist band!

    • These are the classic circle skirt poses, lol! I love that waistband, too. I really want to make the skirt that I took it from, a half circle skirt, as I know every time I wear a loose skirt there is a windy day waiting for me and this full skirt blowing up would reveal A LOT!

  4. i think that ensemble is pretty badass, nettie. you’re really rocking that circle skirt and giving it some edge.

  5. Love the scalloped waistband and the way you’ve modernized the look! Great job!

  6. Love the scalloped waistband & the little sliver of midriff!

  7. So cute Nettie! I am also loving all the cropped tops and bralettes. Don’t think I’ll be showing any skin any time soon though. I hope to make a bralette but will most likely wear it over a t-shirt. I love the top and turquoise buttons!

  8. Know what you mean about the dainty effect, but you offset it well with the cool top. The scalloped waistband looks great. When I cut the skirt, the waist looked too small to me too. Oh math.

    • Thanks, Lee! I don’t trust math in general, so I’m always going to choose too big over too small with something like this. Next time, I’ll know what to do.

  9. Just gorgeous Nettie the scolloped waistband, the colours…perfect.

  10. I love the scalloped waistband

  11. But you MUST keep on wearing that skirt. It looks fabulous on you! I can see you strolling through an outdoor fair/concert (you won’t have to sit down then…)!

  12. Haha I love your break down of the standard circle poses. That scalloped waistband is so pretty and spending time on that top was totally worth it, it’s lovely.

  13. Love the waistband and the little peeps of skin! Perfect for the summery weather!