Hot! The Come On Eileen Overalls


The Facts
 Fabric | Canvas furnishing fabric
Pattern | Self drafted
 Year | Since the dawn of cotton pick’n time
 Notions |zip and overall kit
 Time to complete | 4 hours
First worn | for the photos
Wear again? Maybe with a jacket
Total price | $10

mini me

That’s me in my army camo overalls with a big cheesy grin smeared across my face, the biggest cheeks this side of Australia. To my left, my younger sister and older brother .

Kazzthespazz | Childhood Challenge

Here I stand in my 2012 overalls, army camo? a no no, unless I was doing a round of paintball. Do I like these? I’m really unsure at this stage. I am a big type nerd. I love typography and this is what drew me to this fabric. It all comes down to my mood as to whether I’ll wear these again. Given the nature of this challenge and the lack of childhood photos I have in my possession I shall run with it and just smile on reflection. If it wasn’t these babies it was an all-in-one baby romper with snaps around my butt or a hideous helping of white satin and itchy synthetic lace.  If I ever wear them again it would be with my leather jacket and  tights, always adding a little slice of rock n roll to the equation.
Kazzthespazz | Childhood Challenge

These weren’t at all hard to make, a pair of shorts with bib and braces attached to the top. I inserted a side zip and carriers for a belt to travel through to pull my waist in, otherwise it looks like I’m wearing a sack. I think there is quite possibly an art to wearing overalls, I’m slowly learning as I go. I found a number of different shapes and sizes on Pinterest that got me all excited about making these ones. | Childhood challenge

The pockets are external, pocket pieces stitched on top of the fronts of the shorts. I’m glad I did this because the word Manhatthatan spread across my crotch and it looked weird to spell the least.

Kazzthespazz | Childhood Challenge

The overall buckle kit was a dream to install and gives it that real overall look— so to speak, as opposed to just buttons.

Kazzthespazz | Childhood Challenge

This is the only view of the back we managed to capture, If you up the brightness on your computer you might be able to make out the the back detail. hehe

So down to naming this challenge; it was a toss up between Dexy’s Midnight Runners-Come or Eileen or Bananarama’s-Cruel Summer because of their fun use of overalls from the 80’s. It has to be ‘Come on Eileen’… Poor old Johnny Ray.



Eclectic, fun loving seamstress sewing to the beat of her own drum.


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  1. Well toora ta loo rye aye!
    I didn’t have the guts to go bib-front this week, despite all photographic record to the contrary, but I knew you could pull it off! (some folk just have the legs for shorties and some don’t)

  2. I totally get the whole “wearin’ of the overalls” thing. Friends of mine can pull them off but I just look like sad white trash. all I need to add is a dirty white tank top for the full effect : ( YOURS, however, are quite a delight and what song came on my streaming audio as I read your post? “Come on Eileen” : ) Once again you’ve given us a totally cool outfit!

  3. These pictures totally have an edge of Clockwork Orange to them (I think it’s the bowler/top hat…). I love these–they’re totally a kickin’ about piece of clothing.

  4. Toora Loora Toora Loo-Rye Aye, I’s swear I fell out with laughter with the pockets comment, being from Manhattan and all. Can I say I loved this song and still do. Rock the overalls, doing the Kazzba!?!

  5. Such a great photo shoot and such a good title choice (you should be wearing a woolie hat though!)

  6. Oh I love overalls – I’ve got two photos from the past – one of me in some denim pin striped ones (I think they were by the jeans company Bullit) and the other were shocking pink (and I mean shocking!)…I did actually wear them, along with a blouse with those roll up sleeves and a button tab. I can feel another set coming along now… ! Love yours!

  7. My thoughts, I confess, verge on dirty…..

    The soundtrack to virtually every wedding disco I went to in the 80s….all of us dancing drunkenly around our handbags trying to stomp in time to the slowing down/speeding up middle 8/bridge bit…then realising how stupid we looked in Laura Ashley dancing like deranged Tasmanian devils….ah memories. Though, and I’m going to be controversial now, I think these days though Dexys is still a classic…erm, I might even prefer the Save Ferris version (…sorry everyone, shout at me now.

    I should be talking about your fab overalls shouldn’t I? Love ’em. I love how you’ve translated camou into graphic print. Love, love, love your finding fab photoshoot venues each week too….that top pic with your daughter in the background on the graffiti wall is beautiful!

    You do realise I’m going to have to pop Dexys/Banarama into Pandora now and get no work done all afternoon for dancing….

  8. OH YES! Best overalls ever. I love the fabric you used – I have a thing for typeface fabrics myself – and I love that you paired it with tights – it’s a smashing ensemble :)

  9. You could totally be in a punk band in these overalls! I cower in the presence of your awesome ability to regularly work with prints and rock them out. Fabulous as always!

  10. Great post this time. I really like your overalls, especially because the oversize type design is so cool! I can see them paired with your leather jacket and tights as well. You totally rock this look.

  11. I like them Kazz and hope you wear them again. I love overalls and have a great pair I found at a thrift store. I may try to make a pair-you always inspire me!

  12. Cool fabric, great photos and fantastic legs Kazz. I hate that song however. Just keeping it real.