Hot! The “Circle Trio” Skirt

(accessorized with black gum boots and a red poultry feed pail)

The Facts 
Fabric: Lightweight cotton poplin, a “wrong” color bought for another project then shelved.
Pattern: Self-drafted- I cut two circles with off-center waist holes.
Year: 2012
Notions: 7″ invisible zipper (orange!  That’s all I had with me, oh well.), 7m of 1/4″ red satin bias binding
Time to complete:  2 hours
First worn:  April 25, 2012
Wear again? Yes, for sure.

Total Cost: Around $30.

The challenge: “Everything Circle Skirts: This week, we’re going round and round in our circle skirt creations”.

When I saw this week’s challenge, I thought about circles and skirts, and what I could do to combine the two without repeating similar garments in my wardrobe.  I’ve been drawn to very full short skirts lately, and I’m always a fan of asymmetry so I thought I’d try combining the two.  I cut two circles from 45″ wide fabric with an off-center hole for my waist.  Then I rotated the circles, added a zipper and bound the edges with some red satin binding.

I used the fabric circle I cut to create the waist as a nice deep “mommy pocket.”  I had other ideas for rouleau embellishment but an unfortunate series of events intervened.  For one, I’m not at my home.  I’m at my husband’s parent’s home while they’re overseas.  I thought I brought everything with me for a week of work, but it turned out I left the sewing machine lead at my house!  That meant I missed the Sunday deadline, but luckily my husband had to go back to the city for work and brought me the lead or I’d be ten days without any sewing!  Horrors!

I had to abandon my embellishment ideas after binding the raw edges and discovering I had precious little binding left.  That’s why I opted for a massive fun pocket instead!

I like this skirt.  It’s not even slightly serious and made of a hard-wearing fabric using durable techniques.  I can get dirty and cram it in the washing machine, no problem.   The Tulip Tee I’m wearing here matches pretty well, but I see myself wearing this with whatever top I find in the morning and a pair of scuffed up chucks.  Part of my “mommy/work at home” wardrobe.  Why not?  Besides, check out the drape.

The ducks belong to my in-laws and keep the pests at bay in the organic citrus orchard.  They’re sweet animals (though greedy when I come with the grain bucket!), rather like pets.  I do love ducks.



Stephanie mothers, writes, and teaches sewing in Brisbane, Australia. She blogs about sewing, drafting, vintage style and sustainability at 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World.


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  1. Love your skirt. More my style than any of the others I’ve seen, though I like them too. Love your accessories and the ducks too.

    • Thanks! It’s super easy, too. I kind of want to make a longer version of the same concept, but the short is ok too. :)

  2. Very cute Steph, far too pretty for feeding the ducks!

    • Nah- I like pretty, tough clothes. I hate wearing ugly clothes for mucky work so I make my pretties strong.. ;) It’ll probably be worn mostly for errands, going to the library, that kind of thing… :)

  3. Trust you, Steph, to take the idea of a circle skirt and run away with it! Love it. And the ducks too…

    • Thanks, Louisa. :) The ducks don’t always get that level of close attention, but we do like to go play with them… Noisy, greedy little things. ;)

  4. Great take on the circle skirt idea! It’s so unique and original.Love the pictures of you with the ducks. You could put a whole lotta’ grain in that big pocket!

    • Thanks, Barbara. :) The mockup one (to see if the idea in my head would work) is of a crepe back poly satin I had lying around, its kind of a cool effect. I’m tempted to finish it, it’s a completely different skirt to this one… :)

      The ducks wouldn’t take the grain out of my pocket! I was sure they’d be climbing all over me to get to it, but not so much…

  5. Hi Stephanie, skirt looks great and very comfy looking indeed. Great pictures, looks like your enjoying your stay in the country.

  6. I really love this outside the box take on a circle skirt. I could see this done up in a “fancy” black fabric or something for a sort of going-out/dressy skirt! And I so want a duck now…

    • Yes! With lace of some description, much longer length… I’d be all over that if I even remotely needed more dressy clothes! :)

  7. Love that color, so vibrant! Your double circle idea was also very clever, it turned out so nice :)

    • Thanks! I’m really into loud ridiculous colors right now.. Maybe in a few months I’ll suddenly wake up surrounded by candy colors and blues and think “What was I thinking???” but for now it’s quite happy. :)

  8. How creative! I love the asymmetry! :)

  9. You look like a sweet farm girl from a movie here, like you could break out into song at any moment! :)
    I love your version. I’m inspired to add a pocket to mine now!

  10. “I’m just a girl who can’t say no…” ….to a kick of colour that is! ;-)

  11. I may steal this and add a third circle…someday.

  12. Your skirt is fabulous but I must admit to loving the ducks just a little more : ) I love your take on the traditional circle.

    • The ducks are looovely creatures. We used to keep some in our city backyard for eggs and as pets but the local foot traffic kept feeding them inappropriate food so we got rid of them. I miss them!

  13. Great idea! I never would have thought of cutting the skirts out like that. Brilliant!

  14. Your skirt is super cute and creative! I love it! I love your ducks as well.

  15. Brilliant idea! I love it! Such cute photos too.

    • Thanks, Jennifer. :D I might try to get some photos with the chickens, they look like antique line-drawings… Some kind of fancy pretty chickens… They’re not as endearing as the ducks, though..

  16. So pretty!! And very smart. (and I love the photos!)

  17. Such a good idea and the mummy pocket is fab!

  18. A trio of circles? genius, love that you thought outside the circle.

  19. I cannot tell you how much I love this clever, clever idea….I hope you don’t mind if I make myself one sometime in the future, it’s so much fun. And the red satin binding is lovely. Fab photoshoot with the ducks and rain boots/wellies too!