Hot! The “Bead Weekly” Titanic Dress

So, I ultimately didn’t sew much of my final Titanic dress. Down to the wire, I picked up a vintage bridesmaid dress in yellow to go under the hundred year-old gown that I purchased at Alameda. I did sew the belt, sash and train, albeit without any pattern. The real work came with the beading. Oh my, so much beading! In all, it took about twenty hours to construct those minor parts of the dress. I think it took about a hundred hours to deal with all my false starts and ideas!

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a whole lot of photographs of me actually wearing the gown. The one above and below are really the best shots of what I looked like all put together (and even then I forgot to put my gloves on for the photographs). So, you’ll just have to deal with the last two photographs in this post to get an idea of the gown in its entirety.

At the event, I actually felt underdressed. As I imagined, the gowns worn to the dinner were very rich and dark hues. Despite not looking as fancy as everyone else, I think that the simplicity of the dress helped the original garment stand out. Considering how few occasions I have to wear a hundred year-old dress, I’m okay with my decision.

Here’s a view of the back of the gown. The fact that my corset is peeking through the back is proof that lady’s maids were totally merited. Mrs. O’Brien would have totally caught that detail.

Another look of my train and the beaded sash. Originally the sash was going to go across my chest but I ended up opting on simplicity and attached it to the back. Pardon the wrinkles, but I took the shot after I’d been sitting on it all night.

Another detail of the beading. I did this all free-form and although it was a real pain, I want to do more beading!

The full length of the sash:

The front of the belt/sash. I’m totally proud of that bead fringe I did! I was beading that up until the hour before I needed to get dressed. The brooch I had in my collection already,  first seen worn with my Gatsby Summer Afternoon outfit from last September.

Those last two photos are Copyright (C) Richard Man,


Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. You did a beautiful job! Impressive, indeed!

  2. Oooo!!! Ahhhh!! Sigh!! For the love of beading and all of the creative prep and hand-work that went into this! Congratulations, you look sooo lovely!!

  3. Stunning work! You look lovely!

  4. Wow, Mena! The beading and that sash are just magnificent!

  5. WOW!!!!!!! GREAT WORK!!!

  6. It’s beautiful! And how appropriate to wear an actual 100 y.o. dress for a 100 year anniversary. The yellow underdress was an inspired idea and your beading is magnificent!

  7. Gorgeous Mena! It’s hard to imagine this being ‘underdressed’ as it looks stunning to me! I love the beading and the sash!

  8. Holy gorgeousness, Batman! The outfit as a whole is beautiful, but that train is absolutely stunning!

  9. Hi Mena, love the sash color it just pop with the antique dress. Beautiful combo and does this mean there is a beading challenge in the future?

  10. Wonderful to see how it finally turned out. What beautiful bead work you did on it too! That’s quite an achievement! I doubt that you looked underdressed at the dinner, your pictures above tell a different story- gorgeous!

  11. It’s gorgeous – that bead work is amazing!!

  12. Are you kidding me????? I can’t even take all that gorgeousness in! It looks like something that would be in a museum! It’s amazing!

  13. I admire your patience this is just stunning Mena.

  14. Amazing job! I love the beading and the sash & train with your vintage dress!

  15. Wow! This is really a stunning dress! The work with the bead a really amazing
    and you just look great!

  16. Wow this is absolutely stunning! Really lovely job on the beading. I’ve just completed a tambour beading workshop so am hoping to add lots of beading work to my projects from now on. Your dress has really inspired me to get started!

  17. Totally gorgeous. You did a lovely job.

  18. Wouaw, I am impressed. Great work!

  19. You look pretty grand in your beautiful mix of old and new.

  20. WOW! The beading is beautiful!!

  21. So much handiwork there Mena! You really have an eye for the layering and colour combination of the beads! Congratulations! You look the part!

  22. It ‘s utterly charming Mena. Better to be under dressed than overdressed right? I love that the beading has a seaweed motif – a lovely reference to a watery grave – and wonderful colours.