Hot! The “At Last” Skirt

The Facts:

Fabric:  Cotton-blend textured Houndstooth knit, $7?? (cannot recall), Hobby Lobby; 4 yards cotton muslin, $4, Hancock
Pattern:  McCall 4875 (out-of-print), assume $2 + Sugardale’s Crinoline Tutorial
Notions:  button, three hooks, one eye, grosgrain ribbon
Time to complete:  3 and a half years!  (Likely, ~3 hours total for the skirt and ~5 hours for the petticoat)
First worn:  April 2012, for pictures in the park
Wear again?  Maybe in the fall?  These layers are warm!
Total cost:  ~$13

I love circle skirts!  So much so that this is the very first pattern I ever purchased and this skirt was my first sewing project, around three and a half years ago.  (You know, back when I was a good girl and bought pattern and fabric together.)

I was so excited!  Houndstooth + cozy fabric (seriously, it feels like a child’s “blankie”) + full circle = love, right?  Wrong!

You see, as it turns out, my love for circle skirts is not mutual.  They hang horrbly on my hips making them look wider.  Never a good look for a pear-shaped girl like myself.

So, the unfinished skirt became my very first stash addition.

Is there anything more fun than twirling? :-)

When I first saw this week’s challenge, I cringed.  I brainstormed ways to make a more flattering variation.  (Release pleats, anyone?)  Then, it occured to me I just might be able to make a “true” circle skirt work for me if it looks like the fullness is in the skirt rather than my hips – enter a crinoline.  Duh!

I whipped up an easy muslin petticoat, finished the waistband on the houndstooth skirt, and voila!  My very first sewing project is, at last, wearable!  Yay!

Happy twirling, everyone! x



Jennifer took up sewing in 2008 as a new hobby after a move. Now, with endless ideas running through her head, she's making an effort to fill hers and her fiance's closets with custom clothing.


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  1. Hey Jennifer, good solution, petticoats are great fun and I really like the red waistband finish to the skirt. Nice pop of color.

    • Thanks, Krista!! I don’t know why I didn’t think of a petticoat before (actually, my guess would be that I did but was too timid to wear it. You lovely ladies are cracking me out of my shell!)

  2. I love your houndstooth skirt! One of my favorites! Great idea about the crinoline – I need to get a petticoat for everyday use (right now I just have one as part of my Highland dance costume set).

    • Aww, thank you! The petticoat I made was quite easy and does yield a more everyday size. Though costume petticoats are quite fun!

  3. Wow! Congratulations from one pear shaped girl to another!

  4. that skirt is gorgeous — the other’s circle skirts were very cute but really retro — fun in their way but I could see wearing your skirt to work and for fun — really classy looking.

    • You’re too kind, Barbara! Thank you! It’s been so interesting seeing how different everyone’s interpretation has been – even though we all made the same thing. So many cute skirts!

  5. Jennifer, you look beautiful! Your skirt is fun and pretty! Love it, love it, love it!

  6. Inspiring! I love how modern it looks.