Hot! The “April Showers” skirt

The Facts

Fabric: Vintage blue and white cotton (possibly 1980s?) plus white cotton from stash.

Pattern: Skirt section from Vogue 8701 , waistband from Colette Ginger

Year: Contemporary

Notions: 6″ zip

Time to complete:  About 2.5 hours

First worn: April 2012

Wear again? Yes!

Total Cost: £8 or £9

This is my second circle skirt, and oh, how good they are to wear.  A big part of that is the petticoat, naturlich – I heart all that volume and swingy swishyness.  Doesn’t it just make you want to twirl?  Doesn’t it demand giving in and going unashamedly feminine?  It’s like a magical fairy tutu for grown-ups.

I’m holding that umbrella for genuine good reason – we’re in a very showery spring season here in the UK, and can easily get bright warm sunshine, rainy downpours, even hail, all within the space of a couple of hours – sun, rain, repeat.  But I think it proves my girly point – this skirt makes me feel like I’m in a musical, swirling my brolly around just before I start dancing on cars with some random strangers who’ve dashed in from nowhere to sing with me.


This is a three-quarter circle skirt so there’s less volume than a full circle – but therefore less fabric, which was important: I had just about enough of this vintage stuff left to squeeze in the 4 panels.  My last circle skirt was self-drafted, but I had this Vogue pattern sitting around waiting to be tested, so I gave it a go.  And borrowed the Colette Ginger waistband, as I like a little bit of shaping at the waist.  It went together beautifully fast until that final marathon of never-ending hemming…


The top is thrifted (£4 from a charity shop in the Lake District), so overall this is a fairly cheap oufit that nonetheless feels luxuriously decadent – now I totally get why voluminous skirts burst into fashion in the post-war 50s.



Amy has been sewing since she was a teenager, but 'got serious' about making her own clothes at the end of 2010. She is starting to learn about balancing sewing and blogging with the rest of her life.


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  1. Hi Amy, great color with the fabric and beautiful pattern. The top makes a perfect outfit for a night out on the town.

  2. I was trying to buy that very pattern off eBay last month and someone else won it. I was so bummed! What a beautiful blue!

  3. The Alice fabric on your blog is great, too. In this newer version the
    colors speak of Hawaii. Nice to think about, especially on a cold, windy day in mid-America.

  4. Thanks for the encouraging comments guys.

  5. I can’t get over that fabric, it is so beautiful! Great choice making it into a circle skirt!

  6. Vert cute! I like that you were able to try a new pattern with this challenge. It looks very nice and full too.

  7. I love your fabric choice! Very pretty!

  8. The colors on this fabric are great. I also like the fact that it’s a 3/4 circle. I agree that vintage patterns are very greedy with fabric. Very cute!

  9. Love the shape and swing to that skirt. Been watching the British news all week….it’s not exactly been ‘showers’ has it? Hope the weather clears up a bit for you to wear this in the sunshine too!