Hot! The “311” Outfit

Pattern: none

Fabric: 2yds. taffeta-like fabric $6 and 1yd lightweight vinyl $3.

Time to Complete: 2hrs

First Worn: Saturday night

Wear Again?: I’m not sure

I almost bailed on this challenge. I thought about doing a Circle Jerks inspired outfit instead. It sounded more comfy and less girly. I think it’s just my mood right now. It still gets a bit chilly out and a girl gets cold in a skirt. I’m tired of being cold. I had a fundraiser to attend on Saturday so I used that to motivate me to make something pretty to wear. If not for the fundraiser you’d probably be looking at a photograph of me in handmade over sized shorts and a T.

I wish I had a picture of me wearing this outfit Saturday night. I had my hair up and my bright lipstick on. The invitation said casual attire but who wants to wear everyday clothes to a party?

OK-for the skirt I found the radius of my waist measurement to figure out how big to make the opening then measured down from there to get my length. I folded the skirt into 8ths and used my measuring tape and chalk to mark the cutting lines. I’m not going into too much detail because I feel like you all know how to do this already and it’s late and I should be in bed already. I was going to insert a zipper but when I started pressing the fabric it started to shrink. It wasn’t so bad. I only had to cut off about 2 inches from one end. Since I couldn’t really make a proper waistband because of the pressing issue I decided to use a wide strip of elastic as a waistband. It looks very junior high but it worked.

The top is also a circle. I used the same formula to make it only I used used the circumference of my neck for the opening.  After I cut out my circle I cut it in half and sewed 2 small bands to the neck opening to make shoulder straps. Then I sewed the sides and added a long (and I mean long) tie at each corner. Here’s a picture for you because I know this isn’t really making much sense.

Then all I did was wrap it around (and around) my waist. I didn’t finish any of the edges. I wish you could see the print on the vinyl. It’s got little psychedelic looking spheres all over it. I really love the way the top turned out and would like to make another in a stretch cotton for the summer. I accessorized it with more circles-my button necklace and earrings with multiple hoops. My A&G Rock clutch helped me keep it edgy. Here’s a picture of that because it’s just to cool not to share.

It’s beautiful right? OK. I better go to bed before I start talking nonsense. Good night ladies! Can’t wait to wake up and see the beautiful clothes you made!

Oh Yeah-I’m calling this outfit 311 because I like the band and as I sat here slowly falling apart their song “Beautiful Disaster” was the first thing that popped in my head.








Gina Clark is a girl from Texas living in the Midwest. She has been sewing most of her life but swears every few months that she is giving it up for good.


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  1. I love the short version! It looks very “rock” with your accessories. And how clever of you to show us all up and make a circle top as well! Fabulous job!

    • Thanks! I have a couple of floor length circle skirts already so short seemed better. Though I have to say taking pictures on a windy day was tricky. I flashed a friend earlier in the day-thank God I was wearing tights!

  2. Love it! And that top is just perfect. Great fabric choices and fun outfit all around!

  3. I like the shorter length. I made a circle skirt last year that was long and had horsehair in the hem, but I just couldn’t pull it off. Eventually, I cut it short like this one, and I wear it a lot more now. Very creative use of a circle for your top, too!

    • Thank you! I love long circle skirts but have a couple already. I think what I’d really like to make sometime is a bustle. or maybe I just need to stop reading so many period romances!

  4. fantastic outfit, all round.. including the clutch! also, absolutely love that gorgeous old car as a backdrop for your photos :)

    • Thank you! As usual we had about 20 minutes to photograph the outfit so we pulled over at a car repair shop and used the old car they have near their sign. Thank God it was closed. I don’t think I could have posed in front of mechanics.

  5. This top is amazing! Pinning it right now!

  6. YOU CONTINUE TO BE AWESOME!!! Sorry for shouting, but I needed to scream it! I love this so much, Gina! Especially the top! I’m in a the midst of a horrible, soul-crushing stand still with my project for next week and you might have just saved me.

    • Horrible, soul-crushing sounds just awful. I hope you were able to push through. Thanks for the compliment. It’s funny because after I completed the pieces I wondered whether they looked like they’d been thrown together at the last minute. I think it’s because of the elastic waistband and the minimal work on the top. It felt like a tornado in a way but I liked it so I went with it. I almost showed a little skin for this week’s challenge but the project went another direction. I’ll be looking for yours.

  7. The top is amazing. You should do a tutorial. Seriously great job.

  8. Wow Gina, not disasterous, just beautuful. Perfect fabric for the skirt – it sits really well. The top is wonderful, I thought it was Issey Miyake or some other Japanese designer. The clutch is so cool – rock on!

    • Thank you Trish! I don’t know what they used to make that fabric. I was definitely flammable so I’ll be sure not to wear it to luaus.

  9. Hey Gina, totally awesome outfit, love the top and the rockin photos. Every week is just more and more fun to see the creations, I definitely get inspired. Have a great week.

    • Thank you Krista! Sometimes it’s hard to motivate myself to get to work but I love being a part of such a creative community. The work I see every week inspires me too.

  10. OH MY GOD G I N A ! you are killing me, that top??? I gasped when I saw it. I love it hard. Your skirt and top are awesome together! the photos, everything! I am going to stare at this for hours. Best outfit e v e r.

    • Thanks Kazz! I have no idea how to respond to your compliment-they always make me smile. So which one of us is going to make something out of triangles?

  11. You look amazing in your outfit and bet you bowled them over at your party.

  12. I love your styling! Very fashion forward!!

  13. WOW a circle top?! That is amazing and it looks so fab on you!

  14. So cool! I love your glam/rock take and the top is brilliant.

    • All of life should be glam rock but maybe only for the ladies. I’d hate to have another 80’s rock thing going on with the guys.

  15. When I opened the page I saw the top and thought, “oh gosh, she made a circle top, didn’t she?” and you DID! And it is AWE. SOME!! You look fantastic.

  16. Stunning and creative xx

  17. Love that top! So creative. It reminds me of an Issey Miyake design.

    • I used an Issey Miyake pattern for my pants this week. It’s one of the best patterns for jeans I have found. Thank you for the compliment.

  18. Love this outfit to pieces! The length of the skirt is just right, and the top is just genius. yey!

    • Thank you! It was a lot of fun to wear. don’t know if I’ll wear the skirt again but I;ll definitely wear the top.

  19. The skirt is cute and the top… I want to make that right now!! Amazing job on this outfit!

    • please make the top-I’d love to see what you come up with. It would be fun to do as a hi-low. I’ll have to try that and share it with the group.

  20. Me too! Looks like you are going to HAVE to do a tutorial on that circle blouse! It’s awesome! Your whole ensemble is so cool! You’ve got a great sense of style from outfit to photos. Love the edgy look along with the silvery chrome of the car.

    • It will take me a couple of weeks to do some sort of tutorial. I’ve never done one and I’d like to try several different versions. Thanks Barbara! I love reading your feedback-it’s very encouraging.

  21. Love this look!!! The skirt looks great and making a circle top was a fantastic idea! Yep, I need one now too :-)

  22. Thank you! I think this will be the last short circle skirt I make though. There’s always a breeze around here!

  23. That’s a seriously clever circle top and I love the vinyl fabric of the skirt….and yes, that clutch is a work of art :) Love it. Love it all.

  24. I’m late to the praise party, but words can’t describe how awesomely awesome this outfit is. YOU ROCK THE CIRCLE WELL, Gina. Thanks for dripping some of your genius onto us. That circle top may just get knocked off by moi. Lovie-love the accessories.

    • Hey Najah! I’ve been thinking about you. I was worried you wouldn’t be joining us anymore. I hope you had fun celebrating your mom’s birthday with her. Thanks for the love-