Hot! Put a {Pink} Cute Bot Bow On It

Put a {Pink} Cute Bot Bow On It


Stumped, you are, young seamstress.

That’s what Yoda would have said to me last week. It’s not that I don’t like pink. I do. But more in the fuschia, magenta range, rather than the baby pink range I had in my stash. I ordered this, which arrived in time (!!) but was not what I was expecting it to be ;( I did already have this amazing linen blend robot fabric that featured pink pretty prominently. I even sewed with it last week. It was kid sewing time and cute bot dresses were on deck for my girls.  I thought, “WAIT! I could totally post those!” But, then I would miss the reveal for KCWC projects. Could I make myself something with it, too? That fabric is too, precious (and too, expensive) to try making myself a top or something and end up hating it….what to do?

Continue to avoid sewing anything for myself for the rest of the week? Sure! Make the boys’ shorts? Check! Start on the kids’ Dr. Seuss pajamas? Check! Get back to me, but cut out something completely the opposite of pink? Check!

Cut to me, this morning, at my wits end? CHECK!

I decide to make a pink shell, even if it’s not really my style. It’s too big…I say EFF it and make my completely-the-opposite-of-pink-project: a denim tiny pocket tank dress.
Put a {Pink} Cute Bot Bow On It

I even gave it a pale pink facing to try and qualify it.

Put a {Pink} Cute Bot Bow On It

But, I feel guilty. Like a cheater, mc cheater.

Then I remembered Lee saying (at the awesome BurdaStyle sewing club meet-up we were invited to) that she was going to make a tie this week. BINGO!

Put a {Pink} Cute Bot Bow On It

                                                     Thanks, Lee!

The Facts
Fabric | Super lightweight denim (4.8 oz) and linen-cotton blend Cute Bots.
Pattern | Grainline’s Tiny Pocket Tank (AGAIN!) and freestyle on the bow/school uniform tie combo. I used the instructions for making an all in one facing from this pattern, to line the tank so as to avoid applying bias binding, which I think it the devil.
Year | Current.
Notions | Thread and a safety pin.
Time to complete | A couple hours of speed sewing.
First worn | At home. Pretending to be a cool, shade wearing, New Yorker type.
Wear again? | Yes, on the dress. I probably won’t wear the bow around my neck. I really, really, really dislike buttoning my shirts to the top. I will probably wear the bow in my hair, or let the girls take turns with it.
Total price | About $12-$15. The denim was $7.98 a yard. I used maybe 1.5. It was too light for what I bought it for and I pretty much wasted the rest of it. The cute bots fabric was $10.98 a yard. I count this project as free since, I barely used any and I made the most of the rest of fabric. The white button-up is from BR, thrifted (new with tags) for something like $7.

And there you have it. School uniform chic for the grad student. If you like it, then you better

                                     Put a {Pink} Cute Bot Bow On It!

Put a {Pink} Cute Bot Bow On It



Wanett Clyde is a wife, mama of four and library school student that manages to cram a lot into her days. She loves books, writing, creating, the color purple, sarcasm, summertime, staying up late, anything British, BROOKLYN(!!!), and her family.


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  1. I love the posting Nettie, very witty dialog with self. I think the outfit looks great and think the bow a rather great touch. Hoping to join the next meeting on June 10, have patterns to share. Krista

    • Thanks, Krista!! I hope you can make it to the meeting. It’s so much fun to talk sewing with people who love it as much as you do! I look forward to meeting you!

  2. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who is challenged by challenges. I really enjoyed your take on “PINK”! So funny! I think you absolutely qualify with your pink, and also the jumper is super cute.

  3. Love it! Loved the “secret pink” facing. Those kinds of details get me every time.

  4. Ah you naughty big rule bender you, it’s very cute, I don’t like pink much either. Very cute bow and jumper.

  5. You sound just like me! Ha ha ha. But when I am stumped I don’t even try. At least you tried girl! You look fab! Congratulations Grad student, you passed!

    • Thanks, Bethany! I am prone to giving up, too! But, I know from the last time I threw in the towel, that if I did this time it would take weeks for me to pick it back up. Lol

  6. Tut tut, very naughty! ;-) Love the bow – such a great way to figure out the pink challenge!

  7. I love your tie and your dress! How clever to make it part of the lining instead.

  8. I love this look so much! I would, right? Very flattered to have contributed. I wore my top shirt button undone with my tie for no uncomfortable neck constriction. Have to try that all-in-one-facing trick.

    • You saved me this week, Lee!!! I owe you ;o) Especially since you’ve helped me, again, by pointing out that I don’t HAVE to button all the up to wear the tie. DUH!

  9. Love this blog post, and those dresses out of the cute bot fabric for the kids are gorgeous. I love a naughty cheater….that pink lining made me laugh :)

    • Thanks, doll!! My girls LOVE those dresses. The little one has been on my back about making her one for the longest, lol

  10. Love this post! I understand the avoidance of this challenge, I also had too many baby-type pinks and couldn’t think of what to make for myself. I love your solution!

  11. Sometimes the sewing gods just have other plans for us…it’s nice, in this case, your dress still turned out ADORABLE! Keep breaking the rules :)

  12. Great story of pink perserverance! Your bot bow is the cutest…especially with the denim tank dress. What a clever way to stick with the theme in spite of things. I may have to borrow the idea for a future challenge myself!

  13. Too cute! The bow was a great way to partake in the challenge! Love the pink lining as well.

  14. I love your bow tie! You know I’m a sucker for menswear. I think having pink in the lining counts. I was like you-I wasn’t feeling the pink. That’s what I enjoy most about the challenges. I have to try things I normally wouldn’t. Your pictures were so much fun and I really like your denim dress.

    • Thanks, Gina!! I love menswear, too. Especially oxford shoes! This was definitely a fun way to take part in this challenge. I guess the longer we go on, the more difficulties we will be faced with. But, there is more fun to be had, too!

  15. I think it qualifies. Definitely. I love the bow tie and the ‘bots, having very nearly cut self a LBD for pink challenge, myself. Whole outfit = great!

  16. Ha ha ha ah Nettie LOVE IT! I was thinking of submitting a handkerchief and talk about the perfect rolled hem LOL. Loved your blog post this week and just love your quirky bow tie and sneaky pink lining. You should wear it every time you sew. You’re so much fun!and fancy meeting the lovely Lee. You lucky New Yorker you.

    • You should have, Kazz! I can only imagine what absolutely fab fabric you would have used! Lee is delightful!! And so nice, she gave me a ride home in the pouring rain. I AM lucky!