Hot! Easy Breezy Circle Skirt

This weeks challenge was super rewarding. I found a lovely mustard/yellow round table cloth at the local Senior Center Thrift– my go to place for fabric, heels, belts, scarves, and the occasional sheet or table cloth. The table cloth seemed to be the right width and had a lovely lace trim around the bottom. I have never made a circle skirt before, so I did some research on the internet and found several different methods of construction, from attaching wide elastic, to adding a waistband and zipper. All had the same mathematical formula for figuring out the waist circle. I decided that I wanted a waistband and zipper. I used a piece of thrifted brown double-knit, –I think– it had a little stretch, not a lot. I cut about a 7 inch slit down the side for the zipper. This is tricky because you have to find the true side of the round circle by checking the grain and the bias. I used the little piece that I cut out of the middle to make a small interfacing for the slit. Then I sewed in a vintage zipper. The total cost was less than five dollars for the top and the skirt.

After trying it on, I discovered that the waistband just felt too loose. There’s no going back and making it smaller, without gathering the skirt, so I decided to make three channels for 1/2 inch elastic and threaded it through the waistband. This did the trick! I added a skirt hook and it fit just right. I really wanted the smooth look of a waistband, so I made a faux belt that is attached to each side and ties in the middle. This cleverly hides the elastic gathers and the waistband’s side hook. I can tie it in a simple bow, or thread it through a belt buckle. I thought about adding a big brown flower like the one on the skirt that Mena posted as an example, but I think that the lace at the bottom and the little bow at the waist are plenty. I didn’t want it to be too costume-y.

I had to go back to the thrift to find a suitable colored top to go with it and I accessorized with cute kitty-cat earrings to complete the look. I really am happy with it! There’s something about the ability to twirl and have the skirt float all around that is so joyful! My only regret is that I do not own a fluffy slip to put under it.


Does anyone know of a good place to get one? Well, I guess we will all be twirling this week. May your circle skirt surround you with joy!



Barbara is a resident of Northern California. She loves to sew and has pledged not to buy retail clothes for the year of 2012. That means she has to make her own, or buy it at a thrift store. I hope she doesn't spend too much on fabric. When she shops for fabric her eyes light up as she imagines the possibilities! She's like a kid in a candy store.


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  1. Oh, a fluffy slip, maybe that’s a future challenge. Love the Lace and yellow combo and that’s a great solution for the waistband.

  2. You can find petticoats online in lots of styles and colors. Many times they’re marketed under square dance petticoats but they’re the same thing. Or you can just make one, they don’t cost that much and really aren’t that hard to do, you just have to wrangle the netting : ) LOVE your tablecloth skirt but I have a fondness for such things! Love the lace edging AND your twirling, I think we’ll see a lot of twirling this week…

  3. So lovely!! and what a great idea to use a tablecoat

  4. I love the sunny color and the lace trim really makes it special. Great job!

  5. Lucky find once again! Makes a great skirt.

  6. It’s so lovely!! The color is positively summery and the lace is such a fabulous detail :) Bravo on making such a great piece!

  7. I love it Barbara! The lace detail is perfect and as usual you look beautiful!

  8. Cute stuff! Bet you can’t wait for sunny weather to stay consistent so you can show off these summery garments every day!

  9. That’s such a gorgeous colour. I would never have guessed it was a tablecloth, but serious congrats on working out the grain and bias….I doubt I’d have a clue.

  10. Barbara – try Gertie for the best looking little petticoat (crinoline) you can find.
    All the best


  11. How is it that I never thought of using a tablecloth?! I probably even have one jammed in the back of my cupboard. I’m off to dig through the messy pile….

  12. I love your skirt. The yellow and lace matches perfectly! Very cheery!

  13. *Gasp* I love your skirt! It’s absolutely gorgeous and I am so in love with the lace on the hem.

  14. Love it! It looks so sweet with the lace hem!

    I hadn’t seen Gertie’s tutorial – I used one from Sugardale. Judging by the measurements, this one will be a bit more poofy than Gertie’s but, either should be easy to whip up.

  15. Very cute! That looks like lots of fun to wear. (It also looks like it needs to be worn to a picnic, with a gingham picnic blanket and wicker basket and bottle of wine, it’s so adorable!)

  16. Gorgeous Barbara just gorgeous. You look lovely in yellow.

  17. I agree, you look great in yellow, and the color makes the shape extra joyous. Clever trick with the belt– I like the contrast and the simple bow.

  18. Love your color combination and that lace is just darling! Well done, B!

  19. Love it! And love the trick of covering the elastic with your faux belt. Great creation and fantastic color!