The “This Took Forever” Jacket


The Facts:

Fabric: Green Twill $13.96, Gnome cotton $13.47
Pattern: Simplicity 3688 $0.99
Notions: Buttons, Thread, twill tape, interfacing, muslin – around $10 maybe?
Time to complete: WAY TOO LONG
First worn: 3/12/12
Wear again? Probably
Total Price: $38ish




Oh this jacket.  I started it MONTHS ago.  I’m so bored of looking at this thing! lol  Plus looking at it now I spent too much on it.

I could’ve fit this thing better I admit.  But its good enough for me!


I did some light (and I mean light) tailoring on it.  Its got twill tape on the roll line and a back stay from muslin. I also did bound button holes for the first time, not too bad. Overall it went together easy, just time consuming.


The best part of course is the inside.  A little leprechaun surprise:


Here’s a close up of the button holes and lining.


And the back


And that’s about it!  I hope you guys all have a Fantastic St. Paddy’s Day, it is the most wonderful time of year after all. ;D




Christi lives in the Atlanta, GA area. She's a stay at home mom with a 2 1/2 year old who thinks she's at least 15. She wants to eventually make an entire wardrobe filled with nothing but fantastic handmade items.


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  1. Sick of it or not, that color is simply fantastic on you. Looks terrific, and I love your hidden gnomes!

  2. Oh, my goodness! That interior fabric is fabulous! And I love the kelly green. Definitely worth the time and money.

  3. Very nice! I really like this jacket. This shade of green really suits you, and the leprechauns add a super cute factor.

  4. So cute! Well worth all the time you put into it. I love the lining!

  5. Jackets are hard – well done, very cute lining. I am impressed. I love the kelly green too.

  6. Love the lining surprise. Cool button closures, they give a nice tayloredlook to the jacket.

  7. Lush. The lining is way too cute.

  8. The fact that you chose to tackle a jacket in the first place is impressive enough. (I don’t get past the ‘thinking about it’ stage )And.. it turned out great! well done.

  9. Ahhhh I love this green! Where did you find it? The pairing with the gnome lining is genius :D

  10. Love this color on you, my word! That leprechaun print is just darling as well, love it! I may have to pick your brain when I attempt this jacket myself ;)

  11. It looks great!! Well done. You should wear it again…and again…and again. :)

  12. THE LINING OMG. I love the color on you, but the lining just steals my heart :)

  13. I love the little surprise inside! It looks good–and will make a good spring AND fall jacket!

  14. Swoon. Time (and money) well spent. Looks great– hope you’ll forget the frustration when you wear it and wear it often.

  15. Your lining surprise was the best! Very nice work on this jacket and I think the fit is quite good – the shoulders, bust and ease is just right. Happy St. Pat’s to ya!

  16. Brilliant make for Paddy’s day. Those gnomes are fab!

  17. Great looking jacket and I do like the lining.