Hot! The ‘Strings n Things’ Skirt


Fabric: Vintage printed Cotton Sateen from inherited stash, scrap cotton sateen for waistband
Pattern:  Style 2542
Year: 1981
Notions: zipper, button – from stash
Time to complete: 3hours
First worn: March 9, 2011
Wear again? Yes
Total price: $0 – that’s what it’s all about this year. Stash bustin!!!!

So how’s this for ‘luck of the irish’…. my skirt for the art challenge last week was submitted too late. But guess what… it’s green! So rather than let that effort go to waste I thought I’d retag this post ‘green’. Happy St Patricks Day everyone.

When this fabric arrived in my stash, my first thought was ‘Picasso’. Not particularly because of the style of ‘painting’ in the print (though the colours are pretty good), but because it’s covered in guitars, mandolins and violins. (plus some other stuff, I’ve no idea about. I’m not exactly musical.)

Picasso, it seems, had a thing for guitars. At least enough to do about 70 different works pulling them apart and putting them back together again. (for want of a better explanation). Here’s a quick snippet for you.

I may not be going through a guitar phase… but I am going through a skirt phase. I collected various skirt shape patterns last year with a view to just try them all out until I found some shapes I was really happy with. And of course use up all those bits of fabric that aren’t big enough for dresses. I’m not in love with this pattern. The small gathering at the back either side of the zipper doesn’t sit so well on me.. but I still plan to try the half button front version and maybe change the back gathers to darts.

The contrast waistband was purely because I didn’t have enough fabric.. but turns out it’s my favorite thing about this skirt! I love that it looks like a belt… but without suffering the umm… sweat factor. Yeah… it’s still hot here. That said I think I’ll wear this skirt for Autumn with boots and a denim jacket. (what can I say.. I’m a child of the 90’s.. old habits die hard.)


Casey Sew

Casey Sew joined the Sew Weekly Sewing Circle in 2011 and completed 38 challenges. Casey learned to sew first from her mother, and then during an Advanced Diploma of Fashion course she completed 10 years ago. Her sewing supplies are generally thrifted or vintage passed on by family.


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  1. Very cool Casey – genius faux belt!

  2. That print on that skirt is gorgeous.

  3. Love the musical theme of the fabric. Go 90’s!!

  4. Gorgeous fabric! The whole concept is brilliant, and it came together beautifully! I love that you are using an ’80s patterns. They are such a sewing black hole right now – no one uses them – but they have some great cuts, and your skirt really shows that.

  5. Love the pockets. Great use of a colorful fabric. It looks cute with your striped tee.

  6. Glad your skirt could appear this week! I’m doing something similar in that I’m going to be waaay too late for’MadMen’, which I wanted to take part in, but no worries because it should fit in with ‘city’ week instead!

    • yay for fitting in with different challenges than originally intended. I was thinking my mad men might become vip fabric… but it finally came together today! whew. I look forward to seeing yours in the city week. lol.

  7. Way to make it work! Love that print and the fit is great!

  8. Thanks ladies!!

  9. Havent heard from you in a while Casey. Good to hear you are back to your machine and doing a fine job I must say. This skirt looks great. I have the same pattern but it made me look like a side of a house. Keep it up.

  10. The 80’s patterns seem to be the ones turning up most often at my local op shops but there were some good skirt patterns among them. The way the fabric evokes the feeling of the Picasso’s work is rather wonderful.