Hot! The “Strawberry” Skirt

This is mostly just an accountability post.  I haven’t missed a challenge yet and while I’m sure I will at some point I did sew something green or wall at least partially green this week and so I wanted credit for doing so.  In a funny way this little skirt actually represents part of what I love about sewing.  You see Emily found the tee she is wearing at Target and loved it.  Truth be told so did I but I did not love the super short shorts that matched.  I actually didn’t see anything in the girl’s department that worked for me as a bottom so I said lets go to JoAnn’s and I’ll make you a skirt.  It was crazy crowded  there so I think it took longer to buy the fabric then it did to sew the skirt and she was still able to wear it the next day.

The Facts

Fabric:  1 yard Tutti Frutti fabric on sale for $6.00
Pattern: No pattern its 4 rectangles.  Next time I’ll do a yoke but oh well this worked.
Notions:thread and elastic both from my stash
Time to complete: To sew 45min tops.  To buy the fabric at least an hour.
First worn: Thursday to the Y and out to lunch for Strawberry crepes.
Wear again? Without a doubt.
Total price: $6 so a good bit less then the unacceptable short shorts as a bonus.



Stephanie mother tried to teach her how to sew growing up but she didn't really get serious about it until her 4 year old daughter was born and she wanted to put her in fancy smocked dresses. Since then, she has learned to smock and sew. Her blog and screen name come from the initials of her two children Elijah who is 8 and Emily who is 4.


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  1. So cute! I love that it matches the t-shirt and it looks great for twirling!

  2. What a cutie. SHe’s so lucky to have such a resourceful Mom.

  3. Isn’t fun to sew for the little ones! Enjoy it while it lasts. When they hit middle school, they won’t think it’s so cool. Later, when they’re older, they will once again appreciate it. (mother of 5 daughters) :)

    • Yeah I’m not looking forward to the time when she won’t like my sewing. I was the same way though. By high school I’d realized that custom dresses were pretty great.

  4. It’s always lovely to see a little girl happy in her pretty outfit and not yearning for some of the trashy stuff that seems to turn up for pre-teens in the local department stores.