Hot! The Sonia Skirt

The Facts

Fabric: Two 1950s handmade aprons

Pattern: None

Notions: One Vintage metal zipper

Time it Took: 2 hours

Wear again? Definiately

Total cost: £6

Hello Sew Weekly! Its been a while. The last semester of University is upon me so I’ve been a busy bee! I decided last weekend to go for a rest in my hometown of Bristol. While I was there I dragged my boyfriend to a vintage fair where I found these awesome aprons for £3 each. I had to make them into something wearable so I went for a skirt. The print reminded me of this fabric design by Sonia Delaunay a teacher at the Bauhaus in the 1920s and 1930s. Its a shame she doesn’t get as much recognition as she deserves as her husband Robert Delaunay was also an artist. I adore the amount of colour she uses and the colours in this skirt fit perfectly with my “Realising Potential Project”! It was super simple to make just a few darts and a bit of unpicking of the apron strings making them into a waistband and facing and voila!

Delaunay also did some awesome fabric designs! Heres a little more of her work! And finally a parting shot of my lovely new skirt! Bring on Summer!



Stevie Is a student of Fashion and Dress History from Brighton, Who started sewing at 16 after a fateful incident with corset making she decided to actually learn to sew. A college course later and she has her own blog where she talks about her love of Vintage Fashion and her fabric obsessions.


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  1. I had never heard of this artist! and your take on her is right ON!!!! (I feel like being from the 60’s today…) That is really a brilliant way to compose a skirt and I love your colors and your artist mentor’s!

  2. Hey Stevie, hang in their with school. Love your fabric find and it is a beautiful skirt.

  3. Great story and and cute skirt! I really like the bold colorful pattern of the fabric. Nice work.

  4. Stevie, I have missed you. Hope the break from study was invigorating for your work. Sounds like you will have your life back soon – keep going!!! Great upcycle and story! What charming illustrations!

  5. Very cute skirt! I love the colors of both your fabric and the inspiration pieces!

  6. Love it! I did a project on Sonia Delaunay back when I was studying fashion. (oh so long ago now!) Your skirt is perfect for your inspiration!

  7. What an awesome print! Thanks for introducing me to Ms. Delaunay.