Hot! The “Simple But Sweet” Blouse


Pattern: Simplicity 2593

Fabric: a seasonal favorite from last year (at some point you all will figure out I’m pretty bad at identifying fabrics)

Total Cost: It was from my stash so I’ll say $6

Time to Complete: 3hrs (I was taking my time)

Wear Again?: Absolutely!

I cut out 3 patterns before settling on this blouse and oohed and aaahed over many fabrics at the fabric store before finally settling on this one color. My challenge was to keep it simple so that I could make room for more meaningful work ahead. I thought I would be disappointed with the final result because I wasn’t going to get to flex my creative muscles but I was wrong. Returning to something basic helped to ground me and gave me room to think about other important things going on in my life. Kind of like “sewing yoga”.

Because the fabric was so light I took some work to get the sleeve bands looking just right. You start out with a glorified tank top and then make these twisted bands that you anchor at the bottom and tack on in 3 spots. After those 3 spots I kept right on tacking. I probably should have just sewed them on all the way around but I had to do it while the blouse was on the dress form to keep the bands form sliding around.

.My vision for these pictures was lots of bright beautiful flowers and big curly hair. After spending my morning in rollers I set off with my love to find some flowers. Not an easy thing right now in Chicago. We spotted these around a sign at a park . I stepped over the little fence and sat down for some super quick pictures. I didn’t want to get scolded for being in there. Only one flower was harmed during the taking of these pictures and in my defense it was already missing it’s bulb. I may have just flattened the rest of it a tiny bit. We tried some in a tree but the wind was messing up my beautiful curly locks so they didn’t come out very well. Here’s the best one-

Looks a bit like a rat’s nest here and with all the hairspray I used it feels like one too!

All right ladies time to wrap this up and get started on next week’s challenge. See you then!







Gina Clark is a girl from Texas living in the Midwest. She has been sewing most of her life but swears every few months that she is giving it up for good.


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  1. Hey Gina, what a great color on you, love the design of the fabric, it really stands out in the photos. And the curls adds a gorgeous touch.

    • Thank you Krista. I like blue and I bought that fabric when Rodarte was doing blue and white china patterns. I thought I would make a dress but there was only about a yard or so left on the roll. It does make a nice blouse.

  2. I love your fabric. Lucky you having curly hair.

    • Thanks. I have not washed my hair since that day. It’s still wavy and big. I’ve always wanted dreadlocks and this is the closest I come to them. Hope that doesn’t gross you out!

  3. Gorgeous top, the fabric looks like a chiffon – from the way it drapes, difficult, I am attempting to sew with it this week and it’s not looking like I am going to make the deadline at this point!

    I respect your decision to make something simpler,with the needs of my husband, kids and work – time management is a huge difficulty for me. And you have turned out some amazing pieces recently!

  4. oh and stunning photos, love the aqua sky in the tree shot!

    • Thanks Trish. It is like a chiffon only this was a little easier to work with. Hang in there with your project. I think we’re all just happy to see what you’ve created no matter when you get it in. My next project is still sweet and simple so that I can finish it by Saturday night. My husband has been out of town so it’s a bit harder to get work done but I’m half way there so I have hope!

  5. I made this top last year with the twisted detail at the neckline. I thought the sculpting and tacking part would be cool, but instead it made me all perfectionist and grumpy! I like your version a lot and I’m glad you got to have a pared down, yogic experience (and almost dreadlocks!) this week.

    • I’d like to see that top. It’s probably not as bad as you think. I think the detail would have worked better if it was a piece cut like a parallelogram but sewn by matching the ends so the fabric was sort of twisted. Then sewn all the way around the arm scythe. I saw another version for the runway where the detail is a braided band. I liked that and would have done it but the fabric was too light.

  6. That’s really pretty – simple but sweet is always a good combination.

  7. Great job on your top Gina, the colour suits you and I love your hair curly too. Those tulips are gorgeous. You know I have to comment also over that statement necklace h e l l o mumma. I just want to touch it. gorgeous. Don’t worry about the simplicity of things we all have busy lives I’ve sewn MORE squares this week. LOL…See you next week.

    • I am a fool for pretty necklaces! I could really use more ;) I bought an enormous bangle the other day-it made me think of you and I knew you would approve. Can’t wait to see your design for this week.

  8. Love, love, love! Will you make me one please? The fabric, pattern and styling are so spot on this week!

  9. Beautifully simple, Gina. Love the photos and your story about being OK with being creative in a lower gear than usual. I’m in the same place.

    • It’s a big deal swing every week with life going on all around. Even when my life is an even buzz extended family and friends can pull me into complicated stories. Maybe that’s why I stay away from dramatic movies and television. Sewing has been an anchor and a burden. Either way-what a great gift it is!

  10. Love blouse and the hair!

  11. That print looks great with this top design. Lovely photos.

    • It really does look nice. Though I have to say I am very rarely in the mood to wear such casual pieces. I either have to look like I;m on my way to a hole in the wall bar or like I’m about to go to a wedding. Guess it’s time to find the middle!

  12. The style of the top lets the fabric shine – I love the look of it!

  13. Thanks Meg the very very Grand! By the way-I think you, me, and Cheryl should do a series together for one of the challenges some day. We’re all from the same area. It could be fun!