Hot! The “Rustle” Dress

The Facts
Fabric: a taffeta-type fabric
Pattern: Style 1580 (Courtesy of Stacey The Little Tailor and the Christmas pressie swap)
Year: 1976 (totally wrong era, I know)
Notions: invisible zip, thread
Time to complete: about 20 hours
First worn: for these photos
Wear again? Sure – I just need an occasion
Total price: A lucky op shop find so maybe about $10 including the zip.

This dress started life as my St. Patrick’s Day challenge – truly the fabric is greenish, not just grey. However, it became clear that I was not going to finish it on time, I made a skirt instead. The more I looked at it also made me think of how it would work for the Mad Men challenge as though the pattern is from a later date, the fabric print made me think of some of the promo photos from Mad Men and the square neckline worked in well for me too. Like many others I have not actually watched the show, but I am aware of it and have seen many of the amazing garments.

The pattern came from Stacey and I have been wanting to try it for ages and with all of the fabulous princess seams it was a dream to put together. I did french seams all the way through and I really need to learn to try stuff on before I do the final seams as I have had to bring in the seams a lot. I could have left off the zip (a la Mena) but I wanted a more fitted look. Even with taking in the seams I can still get it over my head so Yeah for eliminating a little weight, but maybe I’ll need to remeasure me.

I spent a good bit of the 20 hours doing some hand-sewing and I was totally distracted half-way through making a top that it is becoming much too cool to wear but it had to be made at this point in time. Such is life.

I did make an error that I have decided to call fortuitous rather than stupid. I set the zip in too low and I wasn’t going to unpick that sucker … again! I have instead folded the upper edges down to form a bit of a collar-sort of thing.  Of which I’ve failed to take a photo. Oh well, here is a close-up of my pearl necklace. I made it a couple of years ago. The fabric is really more green than it looks. And the title? It comes from the lovely rustling swishing noise it makes as I walk.



Jen Brown just plain-old likes making stuff. If it's usable and wearable when complete, so much the better. A new technique or a chance to see how something worked is where the challenge lies.


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  1. Wow, Jen! I would have fought you for that fabric if I was in your Op Shop that week! That is beautiful. Great dress – classic cut, you can’t put a date on it. Did you really do french seams on the princess seams? Did that work? Lovely work!

    • Yep – French seams all the way although the inside looks a little untidy now because I had to keep taking it in. It is gorgeous fabric – it never ceases to amaze what can turn up in the op shops.

  2. Jen, the dress looks great on, very flattering.

  3. Great job! I think your fabric is quite Betty-ish, and the pattern still works for MM even though it’s a little bit later.

  4. Lovely! That dress looks adorable! I think you did a wonderful job with the fit and the zipper? I didn’t really understand what you had to do, but I don’t think it matters because it looks great.

    • Thank you :-) The seams inside are really large because I didn’t want to cut all of the french seams I had done – but who’s going to see the inside?

  5. Jen, I love this dress.Looks great on you. And I love the fabric.

  6. I like it! It feels good to finish a project that has been sitting around doesn’t it? Hope you have a chance to wear it you look very elegant in it.

    • So good to finish a project – I’ll have to drop subtle hints to family and friends to get married or something so I can use it. Or get My Man Andrew to take me out to tea!

  7. Very cute! The fabric balances the pattern well and it looks darling for a nice afternoon out.