Hot! The “Peggy and Father Gill” dress

The Facts

⁃ Fabric: cotton
⁃ Pattern: Burdastyle Magazine 04/2011 #108
⁃ Year: 2011
⁃ Notions: self-made bias tape, buttons, elastic
⁃ Time to complete: about 6 hours
⁃ First worn: March 19, 2012
⁃ Wear again? I guess…
⁃ Total price: 10 euros for fabric + 1,70 euros for buttons

Long time no see!
I took a long break from the Sew Weekly because I’m very unfocused in this period, but I had to come back for the Mad Men challenge!

I’ve been thinking A LOT what to make for this week, but knowing from the start I had just a weekend to sew, I had to go with something simple (alas, no Joanie-inspired super fitted shift dress). I started scrolling the ever so useful Tom & Lorenzo’s Mad Style posts, and after almost setting for a Trudi-inspired dress, this little number caught my attention:

I love Peggy and the extremely juvenile dresses she wore in the first seasons. This one, she wears in episode 2×08, “A Night to Remember”, to meet Father Gill. How very appropriate for a little catholic girl!

I decided not to go with a faithful reproduction, but to put my own spin to it. As you can see, the bodice is quite similar, just shorter and without the little welt pocket. The collar and the bias cut placket are very similar, though. I then went for a super simple gathered skirt and added a little horizontal pleat at the hem for more interest.

I knew the white and blue gingham wasn’t easy to pull of, but I think it can be worn without looking like a 3-year-old if styled correctly. Unfortunately, I didn’thave time to think too much about it because it started to rain just before I went out to take photos (this also explain the messy hair and the fact I didn’t even took the time to check if I was in frame). Quickest photoshoot ever. I was terrified to damage my camera. I hope you can still appreciate it!




Paunnet is actually Anna, an Italian girl who thinks that sewing is the best thing in the world. In 2011, she started a blog to document her sewing adventures.


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  1. Hi Paunnet, glad to see your back for the challenge. I think the dress came out awesome. The simplicity of it just looks so comfortable to wear.

  2. I think this is adorable, and it’s such a good blend of tribute and modern style. It’s super wearable and not at all a costume, but I could see Peggy wearing it and digging it. Very nice.

  3. oh how i love gingham.. such a cute dress, and you look adorable in it

  4. This is a great dress. It looks cool and summery. Great interpretation of Peggy’s look, with the checks and the high neck.

  5. You are so clever, I love that you made this dress with YOU in mind, you suit these dresses. Your photo’s are always so dreamy even though you did them in a hurry. Your necklace looks like stained glass. Gorgeous

    • Thank you, Kazz, that’s so sweet! As much as I love making something for the challenge, wearability is the key for me! I hate to waste fabric and time.

  6. Please, please, PLEASE tell me where you got that necklace! It’s amazing, and pairing it with your really gorgeous and well done dress is a stroke of genius! Thanks for posting this!

  7. I love it! You do not look like a little girl (I know what you mean about her juvenile dresses) I have a thing for gingham and the adaptations make it your own.

  8. So cute. Hard to notice the dress though when I can’t stop checking out that stunning necklace.

  9. This is adorable! I love the bias band down the front. The necklace looks great with it.