Hot! The “Pantone Go Bold” Vintage Dress

Fabric: Silky Poly Satin

Pattern: Butterick B4790

Year: Retro 1952

Notions: Double Fold Bias Tapes, 1 button, 1 hook, Thread, 2 Snaps and a Satin Brass Buckle

Time to Complete: 6 Hours

First worn: Members Day at New York Botanical Garden

Wear again? Yes

Total Price: $30 – Fabric was $12, Notions were $18

Pantone Inspiration

For the Pantone challenge I search the spring runway shows and was inspired by this outfit. I read the Pantone Fashion Color Report for Spring 2012 and here is how they describe the colors.

Pantone Tangerine Tango 17-1463 An enticing juicy orange, is a vivacious and appealing refresher to enliven anyone’s outlook this spring. Pantone Sodalite Blue 19-3953 A classic maritime hue, brings order and calmness to mind. Like an anchor to a ship, this dependable shade works with every color in the palette.

With this bold combination I added a fun twist to it and use a vintage pattern. The pattern has 3 pieces wrap dress, so it was quick to cut out. However it took me 6 hours because I serged the edges and alternated the bias trim colors so it would match the fabric. In addition, I adjusted the wrap design to feel more secure in the front by adding a hook with a loop and a Satin Brass Belt Buckle. I sourced the buckle at ‘Pacific Trims” in the Fashion District and love how it adds structure to the front.

We did the some pictures on a white background so it would feel like a runway show. These colors make you feel energized, all you want to do is twirl and pose and then we headed out to spend the day at the New York Botanical Garden to find bold Spring flowers.


The "Pantone Go Bold" Vintage Dress 1

The "Pantone Go Bold" Vintage Dress 2

The "Pantone Go Bold" Vintage Dress - Back View

The "Pantone Go Bold" Vintage Dress with Flowers

The "Pantone Go Bold" Vintage Dress with Magnolias



Krista started sewing at the age of 10, but got serious July of 2010 when she had to replace her old singer and got a serger machine for a birthday present. She lives in Manhattan -New York City with her husband. Reading the SewWeekly challenges last year motivated her to try new things and rekindle her love of Sewing.


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  1. I’ve always been a little meh on this pattern, but I love what you’ve done with it! Your pictures are also always so nice, that last one particularly… the tree, the dress and you all look simply stunning!

    • Hi Paloma, thank you very much. I definitely will use this pattern again. I’m wondering how it would work with a knit fabric. We got lucky, the magnolias were in bloom early.

  2. this is so fun! i love your interpretation.

  3. Love your color blocking and your photoshoot! Very glam :)

    • Hi Liz, thanks. I wondered if the fabric would be to shiny but I like the way it came out in the photos. Can’t wait for it to be warm enough to wear to work.

  4. GORGEOUS!!!! I hope you wear this dress often!

  5. Yes Bethany with pleasure and as often as possible! Have a great weekend. Thanks.

  6. Love the outdoor photos – you look stunning! I am not game to sew with satin – I think you have done a beautiful job! I think that dress would not work in a jersey fabric – especially with the binding – would be a total nightmare!

  7. So fabulously dramatic! You look wonderful, particularly with your hair out. I have been wanting to try this pattern for ages but I bought the wrong size (back before I understood a little more about pattern sizing). The colours against the pink look amazing.

    • Hi Jen, thanks. When we were taking pictures in the garden, a working recommended that we take the trolly over to the Magnolia Garden. I’m so glad he did they were really stunning to see in person.

  8. What a fab dress! One of the best versions of the dress I’ve seen. The bold colors and the high contrast suit you, and makes for a very dramatic dress. Props for taming the satin, that cannot have been easy

    • Hi Rose, thank you very much. The simplicity of the pattern made it easy to cut out in satin. I serged the edges so when I sewed pieces together it helped it from slipping as I put it through the machine.

  9. Yay!! Krista, the photos of you in the botanical gardens are fab. Great job on your dress, I too have this pattern but have not yet tackled it. Well done.

    • Hey Kazz, great to hear from you. Would love to see your version! Hey, a new challenge idea – we all have to use the same pattern and boy would it be cool to see all the variations.

  10. I’ve been very tempted at times to try this pattern, but never quite brave enough. You have really wowed it! Great photos too!

  11. You are DREAM in this dress, Krista. And, as usual, your construction is flawless. I’m telling you, those botanical garden flowers in your photos are beautiful, but you steal the show in that dress.

  12. Oh to funny, I just left a comment on your dress. I think you may be confusing flawless with slow, I keep admiring those who sew those 1 hour patterns in 1 hour, it usually takes me 4! I have to say the magnolias were breathtaking in person.

  13. Another fabulous creation, Krista! I don’t know how you do it!

  14. What an interesting and amazing dress! You’re such a great sewist! I hate to say this because I wear my hair up all the time and hate hate hate when people tell me to wear it down but…WOW…your hair down! What a knockout!

  15. Ok Colleen, I’m officially blushing. I do have a habit of wearing my hair up but I just recently had it trimmed so I said what the heck. Glad you liked dress.

  16. LOVE this!!! I so almost bought the re-issue of this pattern, but was kind of unsure about how it would look. I’m so going to back to the store to get this one!

    • Cool Mandi, send me a picture of your version when your done, I would love to see. Was thinking of doing a second version in a printed cotton for summer.

  17. brave and fabulous, what a great and unexpected color pattern for that dress!

  18. Thank you Puu, yes I really like how the colors cam etogether on the dress.

  19. It’s the most stunning version of this pattern I have ever seen! GLORIOUS!