Hot! The “Panoply of Spring Pantone” skirt (and a top that went very wrong)

The Facts

Fabric: Laundered orange cotton from thrift shop $2, off cuts of Paradise Garden Wine from Love by Amy Butler for Rowan flannel fabric discount store $4.98
Patterns: Top – Simplicity 2892, Skirt – Simplicity 2154
Year: Contemporary
Notions: Zip $0.99 and thread
Time to complete: 16 hours
First worn: 26th March 2012
Wear again? Skirt, yes yes yes! Top…if I can turn the yoke around.

Total price: $7.97 (£4.99)

Challenge: “Pantone Spring Challenge: This week, we’re sewing using colors from the Pantone Spring Palette 2012.”

Ever since Mena announced that we’d be doing a challenge based on Pantone’s Spring Palette I’ve been carrying a printout of this in my handbag:

Mind you, I’ve also been carrying around a reel of tangerine tango coloured thread in my handbag too for a while….holding it up against every piece of orange material I could find in fabric stores and thrift shops.

I really really wanted to make something in tangerine tango as I don’t really do orange and I thought I should give it a try. I mean that’s one of the great things about the Sew Weekly challenges isn’t it, you make things you wouldn’t perhaps otherwise, so why not try new colours too. (And yes, I made the orange Angel of the North dress and shrug since I started my quest for the perfect tangerine fabric for the Pantone challenge. Oh and yes, the orange skirt for the Green challenge, that was a pillowcase I bought as an emergency plan B if I couldn’t find anything better).

Finally I found a roll of fabric marked up as ‘approx 3 yds’ in one of my favourite thrift shops for just $2 that seemed to match my thread perfectly. I had my tangerine tango. Yippee! And the colour thrilled me. I kept pulling it out of my stash drawers to gaze upon it. I bought matching nail varnish (Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Crushed 290). Dammit, I even bought a matching lipstick. I’d been tangerine tango’d (and you KNOW when you’ve been tango’d….a little in-joke for the Brits there).

A few days later I was in my favourite discount fabric warehouse (see my blog for pics of it’s wonderful Aladdin’s Cave craziness) and spotted a couple of off-cuts of a really pretty floral fabric in the quilting cottons section. When I picked them up that I realised they were actually flannel….and by Amy Butler. So I had to have them for a future challenge sometime this year. It wasn’t until looking through my stash at the beginning of last week that I realised the fabric included a few of the Pantone Spring Palette colours – jackpot!

I’m not sure how well they translate on monitors but I’m claiming Cabaret, Bellflower  and Cockatoo….and a near as dammit Tangerine Tango, Solar Power and Margarita. OK, so the Margarita might be stretching it a little – just squint you eyes and humour me. So that’s 6 of the colours. And as I had 5 of the colours in my nail varnish collection too, I’ve been sporting a palette of nail colours all week too.

I had just enough of the flannel to make a straight or pencil skirt. I decided to take what I’d learned (and the adjustments to fit I’d deduced were needed) from my bright orange ‘green’ Simplicity 2154 wearable muslin skirt I made for the Green challenge to have another go. I also heeded StephanieC’s advice about pegged skirts and made a timid attempt at pegging (I will be even braver next time….always learning).

I love the skirt and it will be interesting to see how the flannel copes with multiple wearing. I have a feeling it will pill a little but that’s nothing a roll of sellotape around the knuckles can’t sort.

As for the top…..blimey. I decided to go for a sleeveless top because I was short on time last week (off on a Doctor Who Impossible Astronaut roadtrip for Spring Break….pics and full details will be on fanbloomingtastic some time this week). “I know” I thought, “a sleeveless top from a pattern that boasts 6 easy designs will be quick”.

It wasn’t. Dimbo me decided to go for View E on Simplicity 2892….and the multiple gatherings of yokes and frills took forbloomingever!

Do I also admit that in my rush I sewed the yoke backwards to the main body of the top…..don’t tell anyone will you… will be our little secret…..oh no, what’s that I can hear? Sequinny sirens? It’s the Fashion Police come to get me! OK. It’s a fair cop….

My regrets…that I sewed the top too fast and without paying proper attention to getting yoke sewn the correct way around, and that I didn’t have enough fabric to match up the skirt pattern on the back central seam.

My reasons for happiness….that I’ve now refined a pencil skirt pattern to fit me nicely, and found that I am madly in love with tangerine tango. Addicted. You shall be seeing more no doubt.



Tempest Devyne is a Brit who loves rain. She was therefore exiled to the deserts of Arizona. She started tentatively sewing about 3 years ago to make her own burlesque costumes. She'd now like to make pretty clothes for herself that don't rely on velcro and poppers to stay on. She's self-taught with help from the internet and lots of books from the library.


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  1. Very tangy! I love the print in the skirt and that intricate ruffling around the yolk of the blouse is fantastic. That officer should let you off with just a warning!

    • I’m so in love with the print on the skirt and so pleasantly surprised by the tangerine suiting me….as it does you btw, love your dress and I loved the bootilicious first version too but I totally understand feeling ‘comfortable’ in clothes when going out in public ;)

  2. You look fabulous in this bold orange – It is really a colour that works on you. I like the skirt and hope to see your revamped top when it’s done (although the back looks pretty special as it is.

  3. Lol you are awesome and your outfit is fab!! I love how hard you tried to get all the colors in one outfit. Very well done!

    • Thank you :) I think it wasn’t so much deliberately trying to get all the colours more as I liked too many of them and couldn’t choose between them all. I think you’ll be seeing these colours more from me this year….provided I can find fabrics in the thrift and discount stores.

  4. Tempest, your the bomb girlfriend, to get all those colors in and it looks fantastic. The top looks great to me, I would never know if you hadnt told. ;)

  5. Love it! The skirt is amazing and the orange really suit you.

    • Thank you. I would never ever have thought to choose orange as a colour to wear if I was buying things in a shop. I don’t mind bright colours but tend to go for red, royal blue and pink. I’m so glad I’m doing the Sew Weekly challenges to widen my views on colours and styles!

  6. What a great outfit! It really suits you perfectly :D The skirt and the top, fantastic! :D And i must admit – i love these shoes :D

  7. Such a cool outfit. I’m ex-pom – been in Oz for 14 years. had forgotten about Tango – so refreshing!

  8. I love this outfit and you look great in it. I especially love the skirt. I have to say that I have that top pattern and have made it twice with the gathered yoke. The first one is one of my favorite shirts and the second one is so crazy at the yoke that I never ever wear it. So, just to say: it’s not you!

  9. Great outfit Tempest! I adore Amy Butler’s prints. I like the back of the skirt, it doesent bother me the print’s not matching

  10. Nice job Tempest, you look great in tangerine. The skirt complements the top perfectly. Love those nails too.

  11. The total package for sure, from the nail varnish on down! The tangerine really suits you. Love this look!

  12. I love your skirt fabric, and I totally love your nails!

  13. Your hiliarious and positive-spirited take on your sewing experiences always cheers me up. I, too had a bit of a tango tantrum. WTF is it with that damn color? It’s like it DARES us to love it and try it (the jury’s still out for me). Great fabric choice on that pencil skirt, by the way. I have a yard or two of that print in cotton (in the navy colorway) and planned to make throw pillows…you’ve opened my mind to its garment possibilities.