Hot! The “Paint Me A Minoru” Jacket

The Facts
Fabric: Paint Me a …? from; gold Bemberg rayon lining
Pattern: Sewaholic Patterns 1103 Minoru Jacket
Year: 2011
Notions: Insanely long separating zipper, two buttons, one yard of 2″ elastic, interfacing
Time to complete: It’s hard to tell since I was following Sew-Along baby steps up until last week
First worn: March, 2011
Wear again? Yes!  It’s fun and perfect for my everyday bike commute
Total price: $50 (since I took advantage of a year end fabric sale)

For the Sew Weekly Art Themed week I wanted to make another garment from “painted” fabric. I seem to fall hard for fabrics that look painted. My favorite dress is my Paint Me a Maxi Dress from 2011, and I foresee this Minoru becoming my favorite jacket.

This jacket is heavy enough to keep me warm during chilly California evenings but light enough to be unencumbering during my daily bike commute to work. It has a hood to keep the Bay Area drizzle off my face and side-seam pockets to stash public transit tickets or other little items. The pattern didn’t come with instructions for adding these exterior pockets, so I posted what I did to my own blog if you’re also making this pattern and interested in this feature.

Up until last week, I’d been sewing along with the Sewaholic Minoru Sew-Along, but I knew I wanted to finish it for this challenge, so I sped along last week by myself, putting in the last stitches during the final hours of February. I found it easy enough to manage by myself. I do have to say that I still haven’t figured out how to properly stitch-in-the-ditch. Everything gets all wonky on me every time I try no matter how many pins I use. I always end up hand stitching instead, and this jacket was no exception.  The jacket is fully lined and has fun little internal pockets to keep valuables safe. I closed mine with little white buttons – nothing fancy since they’re inside and no one will ever really see them.

Stripe alignment is still a skill I’m working on, but I’m pleased with how well the stripes of painted lines matched along the side seams, front placket, and collar.  Thankfully the whimsical nature of these stripes meant that I could be a little bit off without seeming so.  The waist has a hidden band of elastic, and I love how it gathers the painted stripes.  I also love how the stripes become horizontal on the hood. If I were to remake the jacket, I would consider making the stripes on the front placket, cuffs, and collar horizontal as well.  I like how everything blends together so nicely in my current jacket, and I wouldn’t want it to be overwhelmingly busy, so I might not ultimately go with the different stripe directions, but it would be fun to consider.

I wore the jacket for the first time to dinner last night with friends, and it was fun showing it off. We all biked to a new local pizza place and sat outside for the meal. The jacket performed perfectly and got a lot of attention. All in all I’m very happy with it, and I’m thankful that the Sew Weekly gave me another excuse to make something painted. Thanks Mena!



Amy slowly eased her way into sewing in 2010. In 2011 her hobby truly blossomed, aided in part by the wonderful Sew Weekly community. She can also be found writing on her own blog, Sew Well.


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  1. truly a beauty!!! I love, love, love your fabric choice!!!! You’re a Bay Area Gal? So am I!!!!1

  2. Such a creative piece! I love the fabric choice and the tailored fit. I’m very impressed with the look and functionality of it. Makes me want to try it.

  3. Utterly Beautiful Jacket! Well Done.

  4. Great jacket. I’m sure it’s beauty stopped traffic while you wre bicycling.

  5. Love it! I’ve been coveting this pattern for awhile. I love your fabric choice. Tres chic.

  6. That is very cool and stylish! I may have to pick up this pattern. I love all of it but I especially like the way it looks when zipped all the way up. Thanks for sharing this-

  7. It looks professional! Good work!

  8. You are so incredible! I am absolutely in love with this jacket. It’s the perfect combo of style and function. Great job!

  9. It’s done, and it is so gorgeous! I truly truly love this, Amy! It’s sporty by design, fashionable by pattern, and well made by you :)

  10. very cute! this is my favorite version of this jacket

  11. Very stylish – I like the pockets that you have added and the inside ones too. Very cool fabric.

  12. I have the stuff for this jacket but I’ll be honest the enormity of the project is very intimidating! Thanks for the inspiration

  13. It’s gorgeous. I love the fabric, but it almost makes me dizzy onscreen. I bet it looks quite fabulously surreal as you zip by on your bike!

  14. Just gorgeous! I would probably crash my car perving on your jacket whilst you were on your daily biking commute, I’d definitely yell out the window ‘did you make that?’ The fabric is great. and the collar when zipped up would certainly keep the cold wind off your chest. Well done.

  15. It’s very cute and would definitely cheer up a rainy day.

  16. What fantastic fabric! I love your version on the Minoru, it looks very wearable and adding pockets to a raincoat has to be a must!

  17. Fabulous AND functional!! You’ve got the best of both worlds in that jacket and I love it! How inspired I am to make a bike-riding wind breaker with which distract motorists and pedestrians as I cruise past.

  18. Impressive. Love the fabric. I ruled out Minoru as too intimidating, but you’re making me think differently. I agree with Kazz– you would make me have an accident!