Hot! The ‘One Piece Warhol Tee’


The Facts

Fabric  Black and blue ‘Warhol-ish’ faces print jersey
Pattern  Burdastyle free pattern1 piece Kimono Tee by Pixielink
Year  2010
Notions  Thread
Time to complete 1 hour! And that includes printing and sticking the pattern!
First worn  For lunch at Cafe Rouge
Wear again?  Definitely
Total price  £3.50


I almost sat this one out.  Time has been very limited the last couple of weeks, and all my favorite art works are nudes.  I did consider making a transparent dress with a strategically placed fig leaf, like the one Vivienne Westwood wore to accept her OBE from the queen, but I love the Sew Weekly community far to much to inflict that on them.


Then I remembered this jersey print that had been languishing in my stash forever.  £3.50 for a 60 x 150 cm remnant from my local fabric shop.  I have no idea what I though I would make, especially as I was still suffering knit fear at the time.

I guess everything happens for a reason.  I studied A level Art at secondary school and went on a school trip to see the Pop Art exhibition at the Tate.  In the half hour I spent before sneaking out to explore Soho with my fake ID I did catch some Warhol.  And if I’m not mistaken this print is definitely Warhol inspired.

I needed a quick and easy pattern, and this is seriously the quickest, easiest thing I have ever made.  I wanted all the faces the right way up on the front and back so I did have to cut the fabric in half and stitch them together across the middle where the neck hole is cut out, so technically my version was not a 1 piece Tee.   Despite this it probably took me half an hour, max, to fling this together.

Actually these photos do not do it justice. It is much nicer and much more flattering in real life.  I did intend to take more pics in Cafe Rouge to catch a bit of that arty Parisienne vibe, but it was packed, and I am not yet brave enough to get up and pose in front of strangers.  The full length shot was taken by Mr T, who only ever willingly takes photos of landscapes.  Which is probably why my thighs look like a small mountain range.



Taracat is a beginning seamstress, scientist, teacher, mother, gin drinker, almost author, drama queen and a bit of a stroppy 'mare. She discovered The Sew Weekly in February 2011 while using the internet to teach herself to sew. She's getting there.


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  1. I love your fabric! Very cool T!

  2. Go ataracat! I love it. What a great tshirt, I would love to wear something like this. Great job.

  3. Very cute and clever, sometimes simple can be so rewarding.

  4. Perfect pattern for a knit attempt. I have thighs like a mountain range too – we could have been separated at birth. Great print too

  5. You’ve inspired me and I’ve downloaded the pattern. Great fabric and a very sweet top.

  6. Definitely worth making – imagine how much that would have cost to buy – and it does look as if you’ve bought it from somewhere very exclusive!

  7. Brilliant fabric, I’m a big Warhol fan I named my daughter after Edie Sedgewick. Fab top LOVES IT!

  8. Fab fabric and the tee looks like something you can wear again and again!

  9. “….all my favorite art works are nudes.” Ha! Your sense of humor is refreshing. Really dig that knit print and kudos for finding a quick plan B pattern to keep you in the game. Your tee is cuteness.

  10. An hour! Love your tee.