Hot! The “One of the Boys” One Piece

Pattern: Vogue 9898


Fabric: Something I found in “seasonal favorites” 3yds $12

Notions: One 20in zipper $2.50 button, D-rings, and hooks and eyes from stash

Total Price: about $15

Wear again: yes

I was NOT going to participate on this challenge because I was tied up with work last week but Najah’s perseverance inspired me to make this one piece “suit” and get it posted before the week’s end. With my husband out of town I had to have a friend photograph me at my boys’ school. We were supposed to meet well before school got out but she was late so I had to be photographed in front of an audience.

I do love the ladies fashions in this show but I have always had a thing for men’s suits so I decided¬† to be one of the guys for this challenge. I don’t watch the show so I just picked the character that looked the coolest and that was definitely Roger Sterling. I don’t know anything about his character so if he’s a total sleeze I’m sorry I picked him because I like his hair.

As is typical for me I changed the pattern a bit. The most obvious change is that I chopped the top bit off and added straps. These are basically long trousers. I attached the top and bottom pieces together because I did not want a seam at the waist. After I sewed the pieces together I saw that the inseam was too low. There was not quite enough fabric to raise it but by some miracle it still worked out fine. I did not use the darts on the pattern but instead made my own to fit my body. I also created two pieces to make it zip up like a pair of trousers. I really did want these to look like a very long pair of pants. I created a band to go around the top and used sports mesh for the straps. I really like the contrast. I think regular fabric would have made them look too plain. I wanted to cuff the bottoms but decided against it since that wasn’t the style back then. The only problem is that the color bleeds so I’ll have to wash them a couple of times before I wear them again. Even with a tank top I’ll end up with blue underarms! By the way-I know the pattern is from 1959 but I remember hearing an interview with the creator of the show and he said the women wore older styles because back in the day working women could not afford to by the latest styles and he wanted the show to be as authentic as possible.

Here are a couple of pictures of the back and front.










Thanks Najah for not giving up! I wouldn’t have made these if not for you. Now it’s time to play catch up for next week’s challenge-wish me luck!




Gina Clark is a girl from Texas living in the Midwest. She has been sewing most of her life but swears every few months that she is giving it up for good.


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  1. AMAZING!!! I’m too gobsmacked to say much else!

  2. LOVE them Gina, my daughter is also in love. I made a similar pair a while a go with more flare in the leg, yours are brilliant. You have mastered the androgynous look and look so effortlessly cool doing so. You are right on the money when you say Roger Sterling is a sleaze. So chuffed you made it this week too. Love what you come up with. See you next week ;P

    • Thanks Kazz! On top of enjoying all the love and support from my sewing ladies I am also learning new words like “gobsmacked” and “chuffed”. I searched your blog for a look at yours. Don’t know if I actually found them but I love looking at all your photos!

  3. Hey Gina, I’ll swear every few months that you just can’t quit, I’m joining the Najah Club. The jumpsuit is amazing and love the detail of the suspenders.

    • Thanks Krista! I’ve decided to put my foot down on myself and really try very hard to make something simple for next week and just follow the darn pattern already! It’s hard to quit with such an amazing group.

  4. This looks great! I was wondering if anyone was going to do a take on the men’s style and you did it so well!

  5. Awesome intrepretation! I do love menswear for women.

  6. Great job! Seriously impressive, I’m sort of speechless too. Very well done!

    • Thanks! I loved your dress too-don’t know if I commented on it though. I hope the jacket shows up on Sew Weekly someday-

  7. You’re in luck! Roger is soo hot! and so is this jump suit. Very clever, very cool.

    • Thanks Joann. I don’t know what else to say-your comment made me laugh. For such a bad guy everyone seems to love him (or want to be seduced by him-as Najah just said).

  8. Love this interpretation of the Mad Men Challenge!

  9. Dearest, Gina,

    Your one-piece suit has stolen my heart and soul. My fashion crush on you is so strong now, I can hardly stand it! It flatters me to no end that my stay-in-the-game story has inspired you to bless us with more of your sartorial prowess. I’m humbled in your presence.

    I must know more about that fabric. Is it denim? An enchanted twill? A suiting?

    Everything about what you’ve created (when you’d planned not to create ANYTHING) is awesome. From the mesh suspenders to the two-toned pumps. You are heavenly-styled menswear goddess. Thank you for squeezing in time to share your innovative take on the Mad Men theme with us.

    By the way, Roger Sterling is the narcicist of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce whom you love to hate (and be seduced by). You did well choosing him as a character muse.

    Rock on, Gina. Stalking your work will always be my pleasure.

    Yours Sew-ever,

    • You are so funny! Thanks for the shout out on your blog by the way-I do love those leather pants! Now I’m feeling uninspired for this weeks challenge. Haven’t even started it yet. I keep changing my mind on what to make.

      I can’t tell you what sort of fabric that is. I’m pretty bad at remembering that sort of thing so I just go by touch and weight. Next time I’m at the fabric store I’ll ask for you since the fabrics in seasonal favorites are only labeled “seasonal favorites”.

      Thanks again Najah!

      • If you keep this up, you’ll always be on my blog’s Sewing Heroes of the Week lists ;-). No pressure to perform for this week, though. I’m happy to see whatever you bring us, whenever you feel inspired to.

  10. Wow! I love your take on this challenge. Can’t wait to see what you come up with (at the last minute?) for next week.

  11. Wow what a fantastic take on Mad Men! Makes a change from floral dresses and I totally love how it looks on you. Well done for getting pictures in front of gawping school boys too!

  12. Love this look. Holy moly, hot and holy!

  13. This is so outstandingly cool. I’m so thrilled someone did one of the boys….I suspect you’d probably cause Roger Sterling to have another heart attack if he saw you in that, or at least to drool over the nearest piece of op art.