Hot! The “Make My Lucky Day” Dress

The "Make My Lucky Day" Dress

The Facts
Cotton sateen
Pattern: Simplicity 2217 (bodice)  and McCall’s 6503 (skirt)
Year: Contemporary
Notions: Interfacing
Time to complete: 6 hours
First Worn: For a walk through old town.
Wear again? On St. Patty’s day, of course.
Total Price: 

I was supposed to be taking a break from contributing. I planned all kinds of housework and errands after resigning to skip a week. Then, after reading my announcement in last week’s Hawaii Van Gogh post, Oona put one of her Kalkatroonan curses on me via my blog.

The curse

A good number of you encouraged me to stay in the game last week. After all that (blessings and curses alike), the only thing I cleaned up in my house was my fabric stash… while defiantly hunting down some suitable green yardage. I think you all knew I’d be back…because there’s no way I’m the only one living with thread-covered floors, take-out menus, and baskets of unfolded laundry. The difference is, I made the mistake of caring about it. Even Mr. Carroll wondered why I chose chores over sewing. He was all, “Can’t you just make something simple and quick?”. Oh, how I love this man.

So, it was time for a rerun. The hybrid pattern from the “Birdless Garden Tour” Dress was already a success and would work with the green Lisette cotton I bought last year.

The "Make My Lucky Day" Dress


I woke up at the a** crack of dawn to finish the dress before work. I was tired, too lazy to leave the house for Starbucks (triple Venti vanilla soy latte, please) and regretting my choice to squeeze in a green dress on top of my already-behind-schedule Mad Men creation. Then, I checked the weather forecast…78 degrees. Get the flock outta here! There’s still like a week of winter left!

Gorgeous, low humidity weather. A cute green dress in which to toast The Saint of Patty. And, a gang of sew-crazy gals who might miss me a little if I didn’t post this. The whole package just made my lucky day.

The "Make My Lucky Day" Dress

Thanks for looking. And, most importantly…thanks for helping me keep my priorities straight.



Najah Carroll is a project manager by day and seamstress by night. Once it became clear that ready-to-wear was never gonna support her five feet of curves, she taught herself to sew and make pattern alterations. In January, she lost her mind by signing up for this 52-week garment sewing challenge.


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  1. Love it! Love, love, love the fabric, love the cut on you (I am sooooo envious that you can wear that cut!), and ESPECIALLY love that you are wearing it with cowboy boots.

  2. Love that fabric, love the dress, love you :) Don’t fret, I totally have thread covered carpet too. I’ve had to pick a few stray threads and fabric fluffs off the husband before work more than a couple times. Hang in there!! You’re doing great!

    • It’s addictive, taking part in the challanges. Gets me into all kinds of trouble with my husband. But it’s worth it. Another cute dress – yay!

      • I’m just waiting for someone to call an INTERVENTION on me…cause I’m like a junky over here.

      • OK, so I spelled junkie with a “Y”. Given the state of my house…both junkie and junky are accurate descriptions of me right now ;-)

    • I appreciate your encouragement…happy sewer/messy house might just become my new “normal”.

  3. hah!! I was hoping you’d be back : ) Yeah, not only are my floors covered but so are a couple cats, a chicken and the dog. LOVE the dress and the boots, maybe there will be a triple Venti vanilla soy latte waiting for you in the morning…

  4. This is awesome!! You are a master of fit, lady! Enabling hubby (and enabling Oona and sew-crazy peeps) rocks!! Isn’t it awesome when they “get” it?!?! Even if they don’t know that there is really no such thing as quick? Lol

    My housework has suffered severely, too. That’s a lie, I hate housework and will use any excuse to avoid it. We’ve had home cooked meals though, takeout for six is spensive :p

    • I just want to surround myself with people that GET IT! And you are so right about folks’ warped perceptions of how long stuff takes…I have hesitated to tell some folks in my family about my SW contributorship because they’d start asking me to make THEM stuff…as if I could fit it in!

      Oh, and I am following your lead….sewing has and will continute to be my excuse to avoid housework. It’s the best one there is (besides vacationing).

      Thanks for the love, Nettie.

  5. Love this dress. I have both of these patterns. I must combine them like now! The fit and color is so flattering. Glad you hung in there.

    • The D-cup bodice of S2217 must’ve been drafted by Merlin…because I only had to make my usual make length and shoulder adjustments to make it fit my proportions and the neckline hugs instead of gaps. You should definitely try this pattern smoosh…it’s one I think it would be flattering on anyone (the S2217 bodice comes in A, B, C & D cup sizes)

  6. Good I hate picking up threads off the carpet too…especially at 8 months pregnant. Love your work, you look great (must dig out my Cowboy boots).

    • Thanks, Victoria. The only thing I dislike about the weather warming up is how less appropriate it’s getting to wear my boots. Dig out and shine up your boots quickly before sandal weather is here for good….cowboy boots + a floral or plaid maternity dress is a great look!

  7. Bravo! The dress is a perfect fit and the boots a stroke of genius. I wonder how many interesting sewing gals will be sporting them today. Thanks for thinking of us and sharing against all odds;)

  8. Are you kiddin, we would miss you a WHOLE lot, we can’t have a week without NAJAH!! The dress is gorgeous, you look great in every color it seems. And it’s nice to have a go to pattern, I think it’s so cool to mix and match patterns, before SewWeekly it never even occurred to me. It’s a Mad mad world Ladies.

    • Oh, Krista…I am so hugging you right now. And, *mwah* there’s my kiss on the cheek! Thank you for the support and compliments. I’m not a big fan of pastels, but I rock them just the same. As for franken patterns…I can’t stop coming up with new combinations…it’s like I can no longer be satisfied with a pattern the way it was designed. This place put those ideas in my head!

  9. This is a truly fabulous dress :) I’m glad you stayed with the challenge!

  10. Ha! Glad you’re so accountable to us, even willing to sacrifice sleep and caffeine! Love your dress and your boots, of course. I’m wearing a tunic in the same fabric right now for St. P day.

    • Thanks, Lee! I knew I wasn’t the only one with that Lisette fabric in their stash or already made up. It was so striking on the bolt.

  11. Najah–I love this! I love that it’s a light but bright springy green, I love that you’re always able to make something that suits your curves and I love that you paired this with cowboy boots!

  12. Najah you crack me up… so glad you made it here this week. You do know that a clean house is a sign of a wasted life!!! none of which any of US here on SW possess. I bet we all have bits of thread hanging from the lamp shades haha. Your dress is killer, LOVE IT! and you look super chic in green. You are just fabulous.

    • Fab back at-cha, Kazz. I always appreciate your appreciation. And, I never knew that clean house = wasted life anecdote. It has become my own.

  13. That dress is a perfect cut for you Najah. I love the cut across your bust. I didnt sew this week, but I did fold 3 piles of washing only to refill the baskets with another 2 loads. And hubby vaccummed up my threads from the
    floor :-( Now to start again. Well done gorgeous dress.

  14. Another fan with a big smile on my face! Here it is late Sunday night, and I have a wonderful read in front of me, not to mention the great dress. I’m so glad you were able to join in this week. Many of us haven’t missed a week and I’m certainly glad you haven’t.

    • A smile on your face is the best thing I could hope for, Barbara. You ladies KEEP a smile on mine.

      We’ll see if I can keep up this contributing streak…I’m not necessarily only a strict mission to, but if the stars align I’d love to say I stuck it out all year.

  15. OH Najah! I am planning on skipping this week because of a fashion event I had to plan and host. Now I feel like maybe I should try and squeeze something small in. keep your eyes posted I may just make it before the week is out….you ladies are too much! Love the dress by the way-it is so beautiful!

  16. Hey, Gina! I look forward to seeing what you come up with, whether it’s this week or next. Thanks for looking in and dropping me a line. Good luck with your event.

  17. What dedication! I don’t know how you do it! (I’m feeling a wee guilty now for missing a few ;-). ). Another fabulous dress! I cannot wait to see your Mad Men creation!

  18. I don’t know how I am doing it, either, Jennifer…so that makes two of us (addiction, as discussed above the likliest reason). And, you must shed that wee guilt…cause your contributions have been awesome. This is thankfully not a contest and we’d rather you contribute however often your life will allow. I know mine may not always be this tolerant.


  19. wonderfu, wonderful post! i so empathize with exactly what you are describing! each night at home, for me, it’s either mad, crazy sewing until much too late at night or a sewing-induced stupor on the couch. chores? food? what??

    all this and i haven’t finished a challenge in 3 weeks!

    • Yes! That’s the scene exactly! And finishing a challenge is never really the case for me either…there’s always some handstitching or seam finishing that gets neglected. I usually have just enough time to get the garment “good enough for photos”. Have even photographed stuff that still had pins in it! So, prop something up and re-join the fun…the response from this post should be proof that WE ALL make sacrifices to keep the stitches flowing ;-).

  20. I LOVE this! And I have looked at almost all of your creations (the dresses especially) and I have to tell you that I am soo motivated by you! I never feel very pretty in dresses, as I never seem to see any on models that are built like me (5′ tall and curvy… I call myself fluffy, but would never call anyone else that LOL). You have inspired me to try again :). I would GREATLY appreciate any tips from a fellow shorty :)

    • Hi, Mandi! So glad you revealed yourself. You and I probably have the same story. I struggled with how to picture myself in pretty dresses (modeled by slender, 5′ 10″ beauties) my whole life…until now. Drop me a line at my blog or at najah[at] ANYTIME. I’m hugely flattered and excited that my sewing has inspired you (it’s a parallel goal of mine to encourage fellow shorties with curves to sew their way to wardrobe self-esteem) and I’d love to share what I’ve learned about fitting patterns to my proportions and swap stories with you. Thank you for your comments.