Hot! The “Luck of the Concrete Jungle” Dress

Ok. Full disclosure, I wanted to use this fabric last week. The vibrant green color was a great match for Frida’s work, but I could NOT think of a single thing to do with this large scale, LOUD pattern. I didn’t want to make anything with tons of pieces…. I consulted the Oracle (my hubby) about making a pencil skirt? A circle skirt??? I thought a dress made from this would surely be overkill, but he said “Make a dress. A baby doll dress.” The man knows what he likes. I looked at my patterns. Nothing seemed to work. So I went with my other options last week and was glad that I did.

This is the only green fabric I own, so I was determined to make it do what it do for St. Patty week! Back to the Oracle I went. This time, with two pattern for him to choose from. This one or that one. He choose that one and it was perfect for the fabric and stupid easy! Great job, Hubby!

The Facts
Fabric | Printed Stretch Cotton Sateen & Blue Cotton Shirting (same as the tunic from last week)
Patterns | Vintage Butterick 3530 (from the Sew Weekly Meet-up!!)
Year | 1960’s
Notions | Thread and two buttons
Time to complete | A couple of hours, if that!
First worn | While my hubby snapped flicks ;P
Wear again? Yes! I love it so much more than I expected!
Total price | About $6 or so. The fabric was $3.98 a yard, I used about one yard or so. The buttons were dirt cheap. The thread, too.

This was sooooo easy! The pattern is for a 31 inch bust, but vintage patterns tend to have a lot of wearing ease, so I was thought I could make it work. I wanted it to fit like it’s shown on the envelope, but I’ve been burned by A line dresses and patterns in the past. They tend to want to rest on top of my booty and not glide over it as they’re meant to. Or worse, they’re too loose around the bosom area. I added about a half inch to the front and back of these pattern pieces and like Little Bear’s bed to Goldilocks, It was just right.

The Luck of the Concrete Jungle Dress

The Luck of the Concrete Jungle Dress

Two sets of darts at the front for the lining and self fabrics, attach the back and front of each, sew the two together at the shoulder/underarm seams and then turn the whole thing right side out like a giant dress pillow or something. You hem them both, buttonhole it, slap on buttons and DONE. So stinkin’ easy! And, to my extreme delight, I found that I like the pattern AND the fit, too! Score!

The Luck of the Concrete Jungle Dress




Wanett Clyde is a wife, mama of four and library school student that manages to cram a lot into her days. She loves books, writing, creating, the color purple, sarcasm, summertime, staying up late, anything British, BROOKLYN(!!!), and her family.


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  1. Your fabic is gorgeous and it does seem like the perfect fit! Well done!

  2. Agrh, Nettie, you are killing me. That was one of my falling-apart pattern contributions at the meetup, because I remember thinking, “31 inch bust! That’ll never fit me in the bust, let alone my whole bottom half”.

    Now I see my folly. Curse you, and your cute little dress too. ;)

    • Oh, no!! Lol I’m sorry that your loss is my gain! The envelope may be a little banged up, but the pattern is in great condition. Thanks for your generosity!!

  3. rockin’ it, as always, nettie, and that button detail is delicious.

  4. Love this dress! The print is amazing on you – I’m so glad you were able to find a pattern to show it off!

  5. Adorable dress! I love the printed fabric. Cotton Sateen is my personal fave.

  6. You know what I like about this dress? It’s a bold, even loud print, done up really simply. Which makes for the perfect balance! AND… it’s multi-season appropriate! Spring or fall with some boots and a cute cardi, summer with some killer espadrills, winter with some opaque tights, boots, and a blazer… MULIT PURPOSE! Fabulous!

    • Thanks, Tina!! And you are SO right about it being a multi purpose frock. I have plans for it this summer and the colors work just as well in the fall!

  7. I am loving that print!

  8. That fabric is beautiful! I love the close up picture because you really get a feel for what it’s like. Good call consulting the Oracle!

    • Thanks, Gina!! I tend to be indecisive at times. He is my go to person for most decisions and particularly helpful with crafty ones :0)

  9. Fantastic dress! Great job, Oracle! That print is great and I just love cotton sateen. The buttons are such a cute detail.

  10. Great style and fabric! I love what you –and hubby–chose to do with it. It’s so cute!

  11. I like the fabric!

  12. Love the shoulder detail in the last photo. It beautiful fabric and the dress looks gorgeous on. You’ll get a lot of wears out that little number.

  13. That is such a perfect dress and a gorgeous fabric – love it!

  14. Thiis is the perfect dress for such a bold pattern. It looks really good and I love the print. And I envy you for your husband’s fashion sense. Who can claim to have a husband who actually give good fashion advice? Mine wouldn’t have even know the term “baby doll dress”. :(

    • Thanks, Djamila!! My husband is very opinionated but also smart enough to be nice about how he shares them with me, lol.

  15. This is one of my favorite outfits this week! Bold prints suit you : )

  16. This right here is your mojo, girl. LOVING this…really am.

  17. WOW! The color, the print, the cut– you are fabulous! The dress is lovely, but the proof is in the wearing, you know? This is your look!

  18. You have blitzed this challenge Wanett. And isn’t it just the best when things turn out better than you expected, your photos are brilliant and the print on that fabric is just gorgeous.

  19. That is simply gorgeous fabric and the perfect pattern to showcase it. Great styling too