Hot! The “It’s 5 p.m. Somewhere” Dress



The Facts

Fabric: Cotton from Purl Soho ($13.92 a yard –  3 yards)
Pattern: Victory Patterns Hazel
Notions: bias tape
Year: c. 2011
Time to complete: About 3 hours
First worn: March 2012
Wear again? Yes!

Total Cost: $41.76

Hello Sew Weekly friends!! I have missed you all! I am blown away by all the beautiful contributions this year – holy cow you folks are talented! I am so glad to be back sewing with my first garment of the year – huzzah sewing!!

As a lover of Mad Men and the amazing clothing that show brings to the world, I was ready to go crazy bananas on some vintage patterns and make a full on Betty Draper dress. What actually happened was me having a flashback to the last time I attempted to create a vintage wonder and quickly deciding on a new pattern with vintage flare. Behold the Victory Patterns Hazel dress, sans sleeves!

This pattern was beyond simple – no tricky cutting, no fancy techniques! It took less than 3 hours from tracing to trying on (thank goodness because all my allotted sewing time this week was used up by other stuff!) The fabric is a simple solid cotton from Purl (a recent splurge to replenish my fabric stash!) and behaved beautifully in dress construction – there was enough stiffness to make the dress flattering, but enough softness to make it comfortable. The only alteration I made was removing the sleeves and finishing the armholes with bias tape – Houston is WAY too hot for sleeves in the summer!

Putting this dress on made me want to head to the nearest bar and get a gin martini – is it 5 yet?


Sarah Gabbart


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  1. Hi Sarah, welcome back! We’ve missed the girls who inspired us all last year to join sew weekly as contributor. The dress looks super on you and lovely to wear out for a cocktail ;)

  2. Huzzah for a new Sarah post!! You did a really great job on this dress. It is modern but does feel like it could fit right in in the 60s. Gorgeous!

  3. So good to see you back and what a nice dress.

  4. YAY! Great to see you again Sarah!!! Been dying to see this dress sewn up and I LOVE your version. xoxoxoox

  5. Woohoo! It’s like a 2011 flashback up in here :)

    You’ve sealed the deal for me: I have to buy the Hazel pattern too.

  6. Greetings Sarah! It’s wonderful o see you again. Lovely dress and creative photo-shot. I hope we see more of you!

  7. You make this look so cute! I want this pattern!

  8. SARAH! I love tha tyou took off the sleeves. Not that they’re not cute, but I think it is an improvement and keeps it in the Mad Men style for sure. Also glad to see that it looks good on a curvy girl too, since that is why I hesitated and didn’t buy it yet. Also, your haircut looks fabulous with this dress!

  9. Adorable dress! It’s really cute without sleeves too:)

  10. Welcome back! Super cute dress. You look great!

  11. LOVE this dress Sarah!! I love your choice of fabric and colour. I’m yet to sew a Victory Pattern, I have the Anouk staring at me. One day soonish. I’ve loved seeing you gals back here. Come back again!!!!

  12. Oh, you beat me to it! All will be revealed in City Week … hopefully, when I’m not so full of fluey cold. I’ve got this all cut out ready. Great to see your version and how well it turns out.

  13. Beautiful! The Purl splurge was definitely worth it. Great to see you here again.

  14. I love the two tone dress and the cute bow! Your pictures are so pretty.

  15. Cheers to you and your very cute dress. Love the tinted photos and the martini prop.

  16. Cute! BTW, I love your shoes in this post. Glad you’re back!

  17. Oh Sarah! What great colour blocking on you! Great job and tres delightful with your martini (and I would LOVE shoes like yours!) xoxo

  18. My goodness you look beautiful, what sublime colours. I have been looking at those Victory patterns for ages, so lovely to see one made up!