Hot! The “It Was Meant To Be” Top

The Facts
Fabric: Polyester remnant $4
Pattern: Simplicity 5843
Year: 1983
Notions: Interfacing from stash
Time to complete: 2 hours
First worn: To church, then the park for photos
Wear again? Yes, to work
Total price: $4 – but looks like hundreds – gotta love that!

Do you ever go to the op shop, find some fabric you just love, fling it over your shoulder because your hands are full of other stuff (this is a good day!). Then you get home and realize that slippery little sucker has fallen off your shoulder and got left behind. And then you go back a week late just of the off-chance it is still there – and it is!!!

Welcome to the top that was “meant to be”.

An alternative title could be the “Polyester Prada Knock-off” Top. Prada did lots of stripes for SS2011 -using navy and this shade of kelly green (at least that’s what we called it in the 80’s!!).

Or the “Don’t you hate it when you finally donate that fabric you’ve had hanging around since the 1980’s, then it becomes fashionable again” Top.

Whatever, I am such lucky girl, (and the person who donated it must be kicking themselves) and let me tell you that piece would have not lasted five minutes in Vinnies in Oxford St, Paddington – obviously I live in a very unfashionable part of Sydney. Well not really – it’s just that op shopping is unfashionable here – much to the delight of my friends and I!

I know this is not very green. I love to wear green and I think I wear it a lot – but I found I had very few green fabrics in my stash and I wanted to make something quick. This is because I have had a set back with my Mad Men skirt – it is way too short – so it needs unpicking and an addition of length – somehow!

The pattern was a size 10 – which escaped my notice until I had finished the whole thing! Luckily it just fits and is meant to be worn tucked in (80’s style) so if I made this pattern I would make less snug so I can wear it out with out it bunching up weirdly. Should have done a toile.

It has not been so sticky hot lately so this little poly number will be just the thing for early Autumn. It was really easy to make – especially as it was already cut out a few months back – another UFO done – hooray!

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Trish lives in Sydney and has way more thrifted patterns and fabric than her fair share. She studied fashion design in her former life and sews while trying to not to burn the dinner.


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  1. Nice top! I remember seeing a great spread with Stella Tennant wearing clothing similar to that. Very stylish indeed!

  2. Great top, and very, very fabulous fabric! It would not have lasted one day in my local op-shop! The colours are so perfect on you.

    And I am so happy about all these 80s patterns coming back. (only now it means those patterns are going to be harder and harder to find)

    • Thanks Gina, it’s nice when the fashion stars align!

      • Sorry Leimomi, the commenty thingy messed up. Thanks for the kind words. I shouldn’t really be doing the 80’s again (‘cos I did it the first time) but I won’t be wearinganother apricot dirndyl skirt with matching jacket with shoulder pads. Or plastic yellow anchor earrings and mesh socks – promise!

  3. Cute! While this pattern in ’80s, the colors and shape are very current. Love it!

  4. That fabric IS gorgeous! Having that little victory story makes it all the more sweeter for you, I’m sure. Great job on your top :)

  5. The top is beautiful, the fabric perfect. When you are persued by amazing fabric you know you have reached the next level of sewing awesomeness. (That pattern is great too, what I would give for that totally cool anchor belt;)

  6. Hi Trish, love the top, the stripes in the fabric are perfectly plan to flatter your shape beautifully.

  7. Thanks Clarissa, and my kind of sewing too – dead easy!

  8. Oh I love those opshop days, lucky you Trish fab top and cut. You look great.

  9. Great top! … and I’ve always called it kelly green.

  10. From the thumbnail photo, I thought it was a Sencha blouse from Colette Patterns. Right on trend, and more flattering that most ’80s patterns tend to be (see my UFO ’80s top from a few weeks back)!
    I’m just starting to warm up to the whole ’80s revival too, because I had WAY too many fashion faux-pas the first time around: Rugby pants? High-waisted, flower-printed, skinny-jeans on my figure?! Not to mention the big hair…

    • Cool. I have not bought any Collette Patterns yet. Happy to stick with ones I can get for 50 Cents!

      I have a few 80’s does 50’s patterns just dying to be taken out too!

      You can’t make the same mistakes twice right?

  11. 80’s fashion was hit or miss. But you picked a great one with this pattern. I like the stripes.

  12. This looks great with modern retro feel which is really lovely.