Hot! The “I really like this shade of green” Shirt

The Facts
 Fabric: Green Cotton Sateen
 Pattern: Simplicity 1872 View A (without the sleeves and tie)
 Year: 2012
Notions: Just thread
Time to Complete: 3.5 hours
 First Worn: March 2012
Wear Again: Yes!!!
Total Price: $30.00 (4 yds/$6.99 a yd & $1.99 for the pattern)


I was so glad to see the change in challenges to include a green themed challenge. I don’t wear a lot of green, but I do celebrate St. Patty’s Day. An excuse to get together, eat corned beef and cabbage, and imbibe tasty libations? Count me in!  My in-laws host a get together every year. It’s grown in size and fun every year. My father-in-law’s delicious St. Patty’s themed cheesecakes have helped to increase the size of the gathering too. They’re delicious!

Anywho! Enough about food and wine, isn’t this a sewing blog?

Back to the shirt! I had no idea what to do for this challenge. I did have the thought to make a shirt. Then for some reason I became obsessed with the idea of a peplum. Seriously, I needed a shirt with a peplum and nothing else would do. My first thought was to use a bodice from a dress and add my own peplum, but then when I was perusing Simplicity’s site I saw 1872 and that was it. I had to have it!  However, I am very frugal when it comes to patterns. Thank goodness Joann’s was having a sale, $1.99 for Simplicity. Eureeka! Off to Joann’s I went. While I was there I found this lovely green sateen. I have a serious love for sateen. It’s a dream to work with. Like butter!


I made a muslin and discovered it fit right outta the gate. Did I mention that immediately qualifies a pattern to be a favorite of mine? This peplumed shirt is easy-peasy to put together. There are 4 main pieces plus facings. Although the sleeves are completely cute, I wanted to be able to wear a sweater or jacket with this, so I omitted them. I also stitched the front V section together. I didn’t want to have a wardrobe malfunction.The neck and armhole facings are applied in a slick way by folding the facings and then applying them. It makes for a neat finished edge that doesn’t roll out. I love it when patterns include little tips like this. I’ve found that Cynthia Rowley’s patterns all have some little tidbit of time saving information. The next time I make this pattern I think I’ll add a zipper or some elastic and make the waist more fitted. However, I’m satisfied with it as is too.
The way I’m wearing it in the pictures is probably how I’ll wear it in my day to day life. The cape in the first picture is McCall’s 5764. I made it last February. It’s made out of a soft brown corduroy. It’s the first version of that pattern that I made. It’s also my first dance with buttonholes.

I also thought I’d share my newly made pattern weights.  I’ve always been a notorious pinner, but was unhappy with the holes and/or distortions this method left in some fabrics. I’d priced the weights that most sewing stores have and decided that was a silly price to pay for something I could make myself. I’d seen homemade pattern weights on the web. My lovely step father-in-law kindly acquired some industrial sized washers and bolts for me. Over the past week or so I’ve been wrapping them in ribbon while watching TV or movies. By the way, this is a great way to keep snacks out of your mouth late at night.
I used them for the first time on this project. I am in love with them. They are the best and if you don’t have any I highly recommend you make some this instant.




Clarissa Henderson started the Sew Weekly to create more wearable pieces for her wardrobe. She also joined to meet others in the sewing community.


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  2. Great styling and photos for knock-out blouse! I’m especially impressed at your pattern weights. I use washers too, but not industrial sized ones wrapped in ribbon. What a genius idea!

  3. This color is great! And I too love your weights. I keep meaning to get some if only to help while finding the best positioning for all the pattern pieces. Great job!

    • Thanks! I had eyed the weights in my local sewing shops, but at $10-$12 for four I just couldn’t justify the cost. I highly recommend extra large washers. They are soooo much cheaper.

  4. Great shirt and I love the peplum, it adds such a beautiful touch. Great idea with the weights, can’t wait to make some of my own.

    • Thanks Krista! I had always been afraid of the peplum. It’s really easy to wear though.

  5. Love that shade of green, too! It’s really flattering. And the fabric itself is beautiful! Great job on this challenge.

    • Thanks Adri! I love cotton sateen. I’ve only sewn 3 things with it, but it seriously the best.

  6. That is adorable! I love that shade of green too. I’d love to see images of the sleeve facing, to see how its done.

    I’m intrigued by your fabric weights. I used some proper fabric weights that I inherited, and these really cool Japanese plaques that work perfectly, but I always need more!

    • Thanks! I’m sure I’ll use this pattern in a future challenge. I’ll be sure to post some inside shots as well. I always forget about the inside when taking pictures.

  7. That is a beautiful color! Almost as pretty as your smile! I love those pattern weights. I admit, I have been a little sick of pinning lately. Must check out the hardware store soon!

    • Thanks Nettie! You’re so sweet. I’ve always been a pinner, but these weights hold the fabric still in a way pinning can’t.

  8. I was just at the fabric store, and I was ogling this pattern and almost paid $10.00 for it. I just might have to order it or go to Joann’s. It looks so cute on you! The color and fabric look luscious. Great idea using the washers. I was tracing a pattern and used all my butter knifes to hold it down. I like your idea better.

    • Thanks Barbara! Prior to making these weights, I’ve mostly pinned, but a couple of times I’ve used rocks. My husband is a major rock hound so we have bowls of rocks around the house. These work much better though. I never thought of using butter knives, that’s also a neat idea.

  9. Your shirt and my pants should get together sometime, I think they’d like each other ;o) Great job! The fit is very flattering as is the color. I love your pictures, too! Just putting on/taking off your glasses changed the whole look; what a great accessory! Oh, and those pattern weights…so cool!!!

  10. While I do your blouse it was your beautiful picture that drew me in! What a pretty face! I missed the pattern sale which is probably good since I have so many that I haven’t used yet. Maybe next year. I need weights and think I’ll try to make my own as well. You’ve inspired me!

    • Thanks Gina! I hear ya about the pattern quantity. I just went through mine last night. I’ve decided no more patterns until I use some that I already have. I say that now, but wait until a vintage reissue comes out…I’m glad I inspired you. I highly recommend these weights.

  11. Lovely! And the mossy tree trunk in the background looks perfectly Irish!

  12. Thanks Lee! I thought the mossy trunk would look pretty Irish. There are some parts of my city that look very Irish/Scottish in the spring time.

  13. I just wanted to say that seeing those folds on the peplum, one under each, um, bust part, has solved my problem of trying to evenly distribute the extra fabric of my loose peplum under my tighter belt. I’m so glad you made this this week, because you just helped me love mine more by solving my problem of the waistline being too loose!

  14. great top, cool shoes and the paperweights are fab