Hot! The “Hot Orange Summer” Shorts


The Facts:

Fabric: Some white twill that I dyed Tangerine Tango
Pattern: New Look 6100
Year: Current
Notions: Zipper, Rit Dye
Time to complete: way longer than it should have!
First worn: March 15th
Wear again? Yes. Perfect shorts for summer!
Total price: About $12

It gets hot in Austin, TX. Like the surface of the sun. So this year I decided to make a mini summer wardrobe based on shorts and shirts which is pretty much all I wore last summer. I wanted a pair of bright orange shorts that would be comfy and colorful for Texas’ endless summers and I loved the Pantone’s color of the year – Tangerine Tango.

No matter where I searched I couldn’t find any orange fabric that was both the right color and the right weight for shorts and then Tempest Devyne in the Sewing Circle suggested I use Rit Dye’s formula for the Pantone Spring colors. (Thanks!)

So I did! But being the first time I ever tried to dye anything that wasn’t just thrown in the washer, the color didn’t turn out quite as even as I would have liked. I did the stovetop method but even with constant stirring some spots had less color than others. But I went with it and turned mistakes into features. You can see the pocket insets are lighter than the rest of the shorts.

I learned my lesson and next time my dying experience will be better.

I like the little tie belt with the shorts and I’m glad the fit was good out of the box. I didn’t have to do any pattern tweaking other than shortening the legs (they we’re much longer than I anticipated).

I know not everyone would feel comfortable with such a bright color on her lower half but I love it. It’s so fun and summery!



Dixie is a crafter and creator at heart and recently sewing has really won her over. She loves the challenge of making patterns and sharing her skills and projects with other stitchers. Her goal this year is to create a more wearable and useful wardrobe that is still fun and stylish. Dixie lives in Austin, TX with her boyfriend and her neurotic cat, Peanut.


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  1. I love it Dixie, the shorts look fantastic. Way to go with the dye challenge, I haven’t ever tried but this gets me thinking. The tie is a really nice touch.

  2. I love those shorts and the colour is great. Unfortunately our weather has now broken so we won’t be wearing summer things for some time yet.

  3. These look great! I need to go buy that pattern. I’ve been looking for one. I was wondering if you found the tangerine fabric (the “it” colors really should be easier to come by) – great job dyeing it yourself!

  4. I love the shorts and the way you styled them. I know it’s just a simple tee but it all works so well together. I’m a Texas girl myself and remember what those Austin summer days were like. I can see you now sitting outside some hip little place sipping on some Shiner Bock. Do people even drink that anymore? I know I did!

  5. Cute shorts, they would be perfect for an Aussie summer too. I love you Tshirt too!

  6. These look great – perfect colour for shorts.

  7. Love them! tangerine and all. Great styling Dixie.

  8. Very cute! Looks like a good pattern to try. The belt detail is great because you can synch it just right for the perfect fit. You’ve got the perfect fit look! Great photos!

  9. I love your shorts! Thank you for highlighting this pattern, loving the tie belt and the bright colour.

  10. These are adorable and Gina’s right about what a perfect styling combo that tee makes. Excellent work on the dyeing, especially with the pocket improvisation.

  11. Gorgeous, and so flattering. I never wear shorts but now I might start.

  12. These are great! It is hard to find good shorts patterns.

  13. Omigoodness I love these! The belt is adorable, and the color is just fantastic!