Hot! The “gimme some action” skirt

The Facts

Fabric: Dark blue cotton (6€)

Pattern: Skirt “Marie” by

Year: 2012

Notions: Zipper (3€) and fabric paints (9€)

Time to complete: 2 hours

First worn: February 2012,  I wore it for a walk through my town

Wear again? Yes

Total price: 18€ ~ 24$

As I study history of art (among other subjects) I have been especially excited about this challenge. I went through a lot of power-point-presentations of past lectures, searching for the perfect inspiration. There were two things I was certain about: first it had to be something modern, second the fabric would be the art. My first idea was doing something Monet-inspired (maybe some water lilies painted on silk) but I decided it would be too difficult. Then I found the perfect thing: Jackson Pollock`s action paintings. I used his technique of dropping and throwing the paints onto the canvas to create my own art-fabric.

I did the painting in my mom`s garage, knowing it would get dirty. It was a lot of fun to play with colors. You can`t control how it turns out, which makes every move exciting, because you never know where the paint is going to land. After the painting I had to wait some days for the colors to dry. Then I could start sewing which really wasn`t the interesting part of this project. I took a very simple pattern because I didn`t want the garment to get too hectic.

When I was finished I had to wait another couple of days until spring started coming to Germany and wearing a skirt wouldn`t be suicidal. I love the skirt and I love the whole outfit I´m wearing on the pictures. It says: “I´m an art-student” A coffee-to-go makes this image perfect, I think, so I actually bought one for the pictures.



Lina started sewing in 2006 and learned most of it by doing. Crafting in general isn´t only a hobby but a way of life for her.


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  1. I hate Jackson Pollock (ptooey!) but I LOVE your skirt!!

  2. Very creative, and just right for an art student. I want to try that!

  3. I love the whole thing! The colors work well and I think you made the right choice with a simple pattern.

  4. That looks fab, very art studenty and I love a bit of splatter!

  5. Love it! Looks like the process was a lot was a lot of fun to do. What kind of paint was it? Acrylic or was it fabric paint?

  6. What a cool idea! The paint technique makes a simple skirt stunning.

  7. A fabulous idea, and so well executed! I love the colors you used and I think the skirt turned out beautifully! Very art student and so stylish :)

  8. Thank`s a lot. I`m happy you like it. To Krista: it´s fabric paint for dark fabrics.

  9. How cool that you took the opportunity to play with paints! I’m always too impatient for things to dry. Perfect choice to sew a simple skirt pattern. You are indeed a global icon for the proverbial art student. Awfully cute.

  10. Love it!