Hot! The “Fussy With A Flounce” Blouse

A flouncy pose for a flouncy blouse.














The Facts:
Fabric – 2 yards of rayon from Hancock Fabrics
Pattern – Simplicity 1872 from the new Cynthia Rowley Spring patterns
Year – current
Notions – bias tape
Time to complete – This one went together fairly quickly, about 2 1/2 hours
First worn – I almost wore it to church this morning, but decided it was a little too chilly, so, only for the photos so far
Wear again? Yes!  with a cami
Total price:  ~ $15

It’s Cynthia Rowley’s fault.  I wasn’t buying any new patterns.  Oh, and it’s the also the fault of the bloggers I follow who were inundating me with pictures of this pattern and collectively swooning over it.  Aaaaaaaand, it’s JoAnn’s fault for having a sale on Simplicity patterns.  It’s certainly not my fault, though.  I was forced by the beauty of the cover art and the cheapness of the pattern to purchase it.  As if that wasn’t enough, Mena changed the order of the challenges and as I was so dutifully preparing to sew my skirt for the Pantone challenge, I was thrown for a loop (because I don’t check the boards like I should) and scrambling for something quick I could make in green.  Simplicity 1872 used it’s allure to charge to the front of my queue and was even so bold as to steal fabric (chartreuse is green, right?) away from the wrap dress pattern it was originally intended for.  And the conclusion of all this mayhem is… I love my new blouse!

First, the things I love about the pattern:

No closures!   I like the peplum (in theory). I like the mock wrap (in theory).  I think the sleeves are a really cute detail. It was quick to make and the directions are straightforward.







Things I’m not so thrilled about:

No closures means that the fit is on the looser side… the WEY looser side.  I cut out the smallest size and then took in the sides by an inch each!  There is no WAY the model on the envelope is wearing a 6.  I was afraid if I took the sides in any more, I wouldn’t be able to get it over my shoulders.

One has to be careful in this blouse!

The peplum.  This is just a personal issue.  I get really nitpicky about how fabric falls and this peplum just feeds that OCD tendency.

The mock wrap.  It gapes.  I am wearing that flower clip to hold everything together.  I knew I would probably need a cami underneath this, but sheesh.  I definitely need a cami underneath this.

One of my rules when I try things on at the store is not to buy it if I’ll be fixing it or worrying about it all day.  No high maintenance clothing for me, thank you.  This blouse breaks that rule, but since I made it, it’s my baby and I’ll make it work.

Here’s a close-up of the clip and of the fabric.  That purple you see is quickly becoming one of my favorite colors. And now, because of this blouse, I’m on the hunt for some material in that color to make some pants. This blouse is just so demanding!



Sara is a dance teacher by degree and at heart, but has currently set that aside while her husband completes his radiology residency and she raise their two little girls. Her interest in sewing began when she had her first little girl four years ago and she began sewing for herself just last year. Sewing is her creative outlet and is also becoming an academic endeavor as she attempt to educate herself further in this new pursuit.


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  1. Very cute! I made this top for the challenge as well. I omitted the sleeves, but really like how yours turned out. I usually do some time of bust adjustment, but there was so much ease in this pattern I didn’t have to. I agree about the gaping neckline. I sewed up the front so i wouldn’t have a malfunction. When I make this next, I’m going to add a zip or elastic waist or something to make the dang thing fit better.

    • I will definitely add zippers to the dresses if they don’t already have them. I don’t know if I’ll make another blouse like this any time soon.

  2. It looks so lovely! I love the fabric you used, and I think purple pants would be divine with this top. You’ve handled the gaping issue very well – I would have never guessed because the flower looks like it belongs! (And it’s so pretty, too!)

  3. It’s a cute top and I love your photos! How did you make that clip?

  4. I love the fabric! It’s gorgeous and I think your closure is adorable. You need to wear this often and pairing it with the deep violet color will be awesome.

  5. What a unique little blouse. Love the backstory!

  6. Very cute! The fabric and colors are great. I am also wondering how you made that clip. It’s perfect for that blouse.

  7. That blouse is beautiful! And I love your pants! DId you make those too?

  8. Cute! We definately need a tutorial on how you made the flower please?

  9. Gorgeous blouse and dead cute photos. Thank you for the link on the flower tutorial.

  10. Really prettiful, I love the flower clip and I have never found a wrap top yet that doesn’t gape.

  11. You got me at rayon. And, this fabric is so lovely. Great save with the clip..the blouse is very cute, but I can’t stop swooning over the clip. I, too saw this Cynthia Crowley pattern and was intrigued. Thanks for the warning about it’s sizing.

  12. It looks so cute and spring-like! Great make. Tempted by that pattern now!

  13. I love this shade of green – such a cute top