Hot! The Fashion Jacket | ReFashioned

The Facts
Fabric | I have no idea, Trish will know! what’s this stuff called Trish?
Pattern | A technicoloured coat.
Year | The year of ugly?
Notions | One red button
Time to complete | A couple of episodes of The Cosby Show, I figured if I could channel a Bill Cosby sweater I’d be on the right track. Right?
First worn | Boiling my bits off for these photos.
Wear again? Yes I love it.
Total price | $4.99 thrifted | ReFashioned | Refashioned
This coat has been hanging from my wardrobe door for months, when I spied it in the op-shop I certainly did have a refashion in mind because there was really no way I would wear it before it’s reincarnation. A while ago I purchased a book called Junky Stylin by Annika Sanders & Kerry Seager. The book is full of upcycling, refashioning ideas; I really do like the idea of reviving an old garment and giving it a new life. Not everything in the book is to my liking but there are some really fantastic ideas that I’m sure some of you would appreciate. I tried two separate items from this book for this challenge and chose to put this one up which I love, the other, could easily make a feature spot on Regretsey ‘where DIY meets WTF’ however I have happily uploaded two 1 & 2 photos onto my Flickr for you to have a laugh at. Keep in mind you are laughing at me and my interpretation of one of the projects in this book that just didn’t cut the mustard and not the wonderful creators of this great book. | ReFashioned

I was going to place the illustration of the instructions from this book here so you can see how I refashioned this coat but felt it a little unfair to the books creators so it’s best that I write about the process: Firstly, I had turned the coat upside down, removed the sleeves at the seams including the lining, clipped off the corner edge of each shoulder seam, turned the sleeves upside down, and sewed them back on the wrong way.
Kazzthespazz | ReFashioned

So yes! the collar is now at my waist, the front bodice is then crossed over one another where a large button and matching buttonhole has been fixed to keep it sitting pretty. The back bottom half of the coat is now the collar, so to control some of that bulk I folded it down into three pleats and sewed into place. I then cut the belt in half and sewed this along the two draped edges at the front, this part was interesting, it took a bit of fiddling to get things to sit right and it turns out I can wear this coat, jacket, bolero even, three different ways which is rather versatile I think. I love how the jacket sits, I think it has that whole japanese designer  Yoji Yamamoto or Comme des Garcons thing going on which I’m a huge fan of. I love to see a confused onlookers face, or if I see someone wearing something structurally different I just want to mow them down rip their clothes off and suss out how it was constructed. I’ll often take a very expensive structurally awesome item into a change room just to study how it was constructed. I’ve even taken photos, why not? We are the gifted ones that can sew right? | ReFashioned

It is so damn hot hear at the moment so it will be sometime before I can wear this, however I’ll definitely be on the look out for other thrifted coats that I can name after a David Bowie song and turn upside down for the winter. Happy happy sewing.



Eclectic, fun loving seamstress sewing to the beat of her own drum.


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  1. Haha – the year of ugly! Love this structuring. The shape of the bottom seam is gorgeous. And love the posing. Can’t wait to see your “Ground Control From Major Wrong” refashioning ;)

  2. This is SERIOUSLY fabulous!! I, too, will pick up expensive clothes and take them into a dressing room to look at the construction (I’m usually unimpressed but every now and again…) You ROCK : )

  3. Chanelling a Cosby sweater…you’re a hoot! This is masterful. First glance made me think of the Fall Fashion Week stuff I’ve been seeing on the runway…how awesome that you’re right on trend for the upcoming season with TWO Kazz-made jackets! That book you mentioned just landed in my Amazon shopping cart, by the way. My Kazz-inspired garment dreams are bulging at the seams ;-)

  4. Always can expect the unexpected and fascinating creations and photo layout from you, and here’s another great one this week with the refashion of the coat! I’m going right over to check out your other pics on flickr.

  5. Okay, I love the flickr pics of the pants-cum-shirt. And this jacket is really quite fascinating. I was going to say “way to think outside the box” but I’m not sure you know what a box even is. :)

  6. Hi Kazz, I knew it would be worth the wait. What an awesome jacket, love the colors in the fabric and those red shoes go great with everything.

  7. WHAAAAT!#!@$ That was amazing! I love your refashioning of this jacket into a cropped bolero type creation! And your photo styling is inspirational.

    • HeHe Thank you adriprints, I’m a graphic designer by day, I couldn’t get out to get photos last week so I had to think of something equally as interesting. Glad you like them.

  8. Kazz–I SO LOOK forward to your creations every week! And I absolutely LOVE this jacket!!!

  9. I think it might be a Dobby Weave! Anyone else have an opinion? – I do like the colour combo. I can see a Mad Hack challenge in our future! Amazing as always. And your hair looks be – you – ti -ful xx

  10. Smashing! Especially paired with the long black dress. Reminds me of the chapter in John Waters’ book Role Models on Comme des Garçons.

    • A woman after my own heart, John Waters is amazing and I loved that book. as he said ‘Purposely wrong’ I love the accidental irregularities in Rei Kawakubo clothes. Thanks Lee

  11. sweet schniekies this is amazing. you know i love a good turn it upside down. best reversal of fortune EVER.

  12. Yikes I would not have thought to refashion that interesting coat. It looks fab on you!

  13. Once again, you have made a brilliant contribution. When does your fashion line come out Kazz? This is just stunning, and suits you perfectly. I hate to admit it, but I kind of like your “super high waisted” pants. They really aren’t nearly as awful as I think you think they are (although the pockets on your shoulders are a little bizarre, I’ll give you that). Always look forward to your projects, you never disappoint!

  14. I actually really love this. You look like some mid-20th century European movie star (maybe Italian or Spanish… they had some really funky and fashion-forward looks!).

  15. This is wicked!! You’re so talented. Also, I had a sneaking suspicion you were a fellow member of Club F—ery. CF4L!

  16. Really cool! Turning coats upside down was really trendy with NZ designers and the sewing community 7 years ago or so, and they did some fantastic stuff with it, which really reminds me of your jacket. I like the snazzy print too.

  17. To say I’ve never thought of wearing a coat upside down is to put it mildly. That sounds like a very useful book and a much better use of that coat.

  18. This is soooo bizarrely appealing. I want it. Real bad. You did an amazing job, Kazz, as usual :)

  19. Every time I think you couldn’t get any cooler you go and pull off something like this. Fabulous Kazz.

  20. Words fail me! There just aren’t any to describe such inventiveness!

  21. I spy some Barbara Kruger, no?! Which makes me love this even more!!! Insanely awesome topsy-turvy coat. And complete lolz on the flickr photos… so wrong they’re right! A possible pants tent right on the boobage is just kinda weird. I’ve never heard of that book, and now am on a mission to find it!