The ‘Experiments with colour’ top


The Facts

Fabric: Mystery white poly-something from Walthamstow Market / Blue-and-white textured vintage cotton / Yellow cotton

Pattern: Simplicity 2406

Notions: none

Year: Contemporary

Time to complete: 1 evening drafting, about 8 hours cutting and sewing

First worn: March 2012

Wear again? Perhaps.

Total Cost: About £3 altogether


My favourite colour has changed a lot over the years – though I’m pretty sure I never went through a pink phase – and I now seem to have settled on a warm yellow.  It just makes everything a little bit happier.  I’m typing this drinking (yellow) orange juice, next to my iPhone in its yellow case, wearing yellow nail varnish (and yellow underwear, if that’s not too much sharing).  And even sitting in a yellow kitchen! (but that belongs to my in-laws).

So when I googled the Pantone Spring Palette, I was drawn straight to the Solar Power yellow.  Bam!  What a colour; what a name!  Isn’t it a shame one can’t buy fabric by Pantone colour?  I’d make myself whole Solar Power outfits.  As it is, I had to settle for a slightly mustardy shade instead, but at least it’s lovely on the fingertips.  On the other hand, I think I scored well on the blue and white fabric as a good match for Sodalite blue… just far enough from navy to be interesting.  My original project for this challenge was this top:

But I was so chuffed with it, I went straight ahead and put it up on my blog.  So I needed something new for the SW challenge.  Simplicity 2406 is one of my all time favourite patterns (I used it for the red challenge as well) and I’ve been toying with some alterations… in particular, more shaping around the waist, as I can’t pull off the loose and flowing look.  Thus, I drafted a drawstring-style waist with some leftover Sodalite blue:

The finished item mostly achieves the concept I had… and I can’t exactly say what loses it points.  But honestly, I don’t feel excited enough about it – usually, I make something and then wear it as much as socially possible for at least fortnight.  But somehow, I can see this hanging around for a bit.   Do you ever feel the same about a garment?  What do you do about it?



Amy has been sewing since she was a teenager, but 'got serious' about making her own clothes at the end of 2010. She is starting to learn about balancing sewing and blogging with the rest of her life.


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  1. I love both of your tops. I really like yellow at the moment too. Maybe if you try it with different trousers or skirts you might hit on a look that you really like.

  2. Both tops are great. Maybe wash the yellow top and let it relax a little. Maybe it feels a little stiff on? Colour combination is very nice.

  3. Oooo this is really pretty! I get the impression that it could be dressed up or down and work well both ways. If you cinch the drawstring just a liiiiittle more you might be happier with the shape too. Still a great job from my perspective.

  4. The cut-outs in the sleeves are interesting. I like how you experimented with color blocking with the white, yellow, and blue, but I like the blue blouse the best.

  5. Love both of those tops. It’s funny I have a top that looks spot on to your sodalite blue…you win for having made yours though ;o) The combo blue/yellow top is fantastic as well! My favorite colors hands down!

  6. Your tops are pretty. I hate when I make things I don’t feel good in. My solution is to use the original as a muslin and make changes to it until you get something you like. I haven’t actually done that but that’s my solution :)

  7. The first top is gorgeous, love the fabric and the neckline is very unique.

  8. I’ve sometimes made garments that left me feeling less than thrilled. This can often happen after a laborious process or a frustrating sewing experience, and I think it’s mainly fatigue. Put the top in the closet and forget about it. That’s when the elves come out, sprinkle their charmed dust on your hard work, and by the time you remember to wear it again, you’ll love it! I speak from personal experience.

  9. Thanks for your comments everyone. It’s reassuring when someone else points out the positives! Mary, I’m taking your advice and leaving it for the elves… and then seeing what changes I fancy, as suggested by Gina.

  10. Hey, Amy…you’re on the right track with your plans to let the second top marinate a bit (the first one was pretty triumphant). I like how you experiemented with color blocking though.

    It’s hard sometimes to “walk away” from a garment you put so time into but didn’t fall in love with immediately. I’ve been struggling with something similar and try to remember that because of the sewing dos and don’ts we learn and the style/fit prefernces we discover along the way….every garment we make has value…even if it never sees the light of day.