Hot! The “Driftwood” Shorts

The Facts
Fabric: Sew Classics Bottomweight Wrinklease from Jo Ann
Pattern: Simplicity 2367, View D
Year: 2010
Notions: invisible zip
Time to complete: about 4 hours
First worn: Friday 3/23
Wear again: Nope.
Total cost: around $10

I was all set to sit out this week, recover from my vintage pattern Betty Draper dress, reorganize my sewing space, work on my pants block a little, and maybe sew a dress for my daughter.  While sorting out the new improved sewing area, I found this UFO, cut about a year ago.  What the heck, I figured, they fit in with my pants block work, and they’re Driftwood.  At least this week I’m calling them Driftwood; otherwise I’d probably say gray.  No, not the most inspired Pantone palette pick, but I’m going for it.

Though my proportions are petite on top, my thighs, they are not petite.  I have no idea why I thought shorts gathered into a thigh band would be a good look for me.  They don’t even look good on the model.  I think I was intrigued by the wrongness, like this is so wrong, it could be right.  Emphasize the flaws, as Brian Eno says (as a creative choice, not that I think my body is flawed).  Not loving the pattern, not loving the fabric, my heart just wasn’t in these shorts anymore, if it ever was, and my expectations were low.

So the good news is that I like the look of the yoke and pockets and the fit is almost perfect (SHOCK). I’ll definitely be making this pattern again as pants with some sailor styling.  Maybe in Pantone Sodalite Blue.  As a muslin, these shorts are a success.

See the potential? Nevermind the wrinkly Wrinklease.

However, they took a lot longer than a muslin, and, predictably, the hem band looks terrible.  I feel like I’m wearing a diaper cover. I’d take the bands off and try to hem them like normal shorts, but they’re the wrong shape with all that extra fullness in the design.  We ran out of daylight for the photo shoot, unfortunately, and I’m not wearing these in public again.

Didn't make the top this week, a Sorbetto with sleeves refashioned from a Liberty of London for Target scarf.



Lee is a highly educated stay at home mom with a lot of projects. She lives in New York City.


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  1. I think they’re cute! Very out-doorsy. And I love the top! I think shorts would be a fun project to tackle for the summer.

  2. I wonder if they’d work better for you with out the thigh bands and just hemmed? Do you have any of this fabric left over to make a new cuff the same width as the leg instead of the cinched look?

  3. The craftsmanship on the shorts is so good it is a shame not to be able to wear them. In the pictures they look cute.

  4. I like these shorts. I want to tackle making them myself.

  5. I think they work a lot better than you think they do. However, I like the idea of SullyLiz3 and having a go at fixing the cuff. Seriously – don’t bin a pair of shorts that fit well.

  6. I agree, they fit you wonderfully and they look great with those Keds. I wonder what they would look like with tights and heels? Hmm. I definitely think they look fine just the way they are.

  7. Hi Lee, the pocket and waistband look very nice on you. Maybe you could open the legs up and make a skirt out of it. The color is so versatile with other colors.

  8. Love these shorts! Don’t give up on them! Even with the band, they still look great on you :)

  9. I know how you feel when you’re not 100% happy with the outcome but seriously they look great in the photos!! Don’t throw them out keep them and see how you feel in a couple of weeks you never know. It’s a great casual look. Love them.

  10. These shorts look great! It looks like you just need some sunglasses and you would be off on a great adventure. They’ve got a very casual vibe and I even like the band – give it some time and you may love them yet!

  11. I saw your picture on Monday but didn’t have time to comment. I was going to tell you that this is one of my favorite projects of the week. Now that I’ve read your post I am surprised that you don’t like them. I love these shorts so much I found myself wishing I had a pair for myself. I will be on the lookout for a similar pattern the next time a sale rolls around! I love them-really!

  12. You guys are too sweet. I really had made up my mind about these shorts, but I was cranky and bloated at the time and maybe it was just a phase, if you know what I mean. In the event that I don’t change my mind, if you wear a 14 in Simplicity, let me know and you can have them.

  13. Try the shorts with different shoes -something edgy like lace up anke boots or something narrow like espadrilles with a wedge heel may change your mind about the shorts. And, congratulations on their what if you’re not happy with the style (something you maybe could fiddle with if you cared enough to try)…you have a great fitting pants pattern! Can’t wait to see how you sew up this pattern again.

  14. I have to differ with you. These are really cute, and I love the way you’d style them. Perfect for mommy wear with a little kid. Maybe that’s just me, I’ve been known to make grown-up versions of my daughter’s favorite clothes… I’m sorry you don’t like them, but really they don’t make you look big. At all. I don’t know if there’s a garment anywhere that would be able to make you look big. ;)

    • Stephanie, you’re too kind. My top and bottom halves are three sizes apart in modern patterns (the spread’s a bit smaller in vintage) and I grew up constantly reminded of my full butt and thighs, so it’s a perception that sticks. I’m sure a lot of us could write essays on this topic. And I don’t think the pants block is off.

  15. Oh… I might have to double-check my measurements and get back to you…