Hot! The Deanna Suit


The Facts
 Fabric | Sateen
Pattern | Simplicity 2315 for the pants and  McCall’s 4928
 Year | Contemporary
 Notions | 3 Buttons and 1 zip
 Time to complete | Friday night for the jacket and Saturday morning for the pants
First worn | For these photos
Wear again? Sure I love it.
Total price | $14 a metre

It’s the art challenge, last year I made a Jackson Pollock Playsuit so this year I thought i’d choose, in general, the art of print with cross stitch as a cross reference because of the fabric I’ve chosen. I’ll name this one after a Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds song- Deanna, I think that suits. Why the art of print and not an actual artist? well; I’m totally in love with this whole— lets call it, printspiration thing that’s going on at the moment; head to toe printed suits, *sings* Love them. I love it more when they’re worn all together.


When I spied this cross stitch fabric in Spotlight it just screamed SUIT! and after seeing the above Lisa Ho printed suit I fell in love with the idea of making my own and what’s even better is that they’re separates so I can get so much more out of this outfit then say, a dress, but I’m just pointing out the obvious. Last year I made a great pair of royal blue pants from the same pattern I know they will make an excellent companion, and green! oh wouldnt apple green casual pants look smashing with this jacket? I thrifted a couple of metres the other week, I’m excited, maybe for next weeks St Patricks Day challenge. | Art Challenge

I thought i’d take this baby out for a test run so we headed into town to take my little Obi-Wan Kenobi to the art gallery to see the Star Wars exhibition then we stopped off to take some pictures for you guys just behind the Melbourne Art Museum. By the time we got here my pants had stretched a little from sitting down in the car so I might take them in a little more for a better fit. The jacket fits just like The Otherside of the Game Jacket because it’s the same pattern, my favourite go-to for jackets. | Art Challenge

I lined this jacket in the most perfect apple green lining, the best lining in a jacket I’ve accomplished thus far. I’m teaching my daughter how to sew and so far she has made the same dress three times, I think it’s important for her to understand the pattern pieces and what goes where, her third attempt was perfect, (very proud mum…) so the more I make this jacket the better they’re getting. | Art Challenge | Art Challenge

Did I tell you I went to see Erykah Badu play? I teared up, I couldn’t help it. Anyway after each song she finished with this stance, I’ve been entering and exiting rooms in the same manner ever since. LOL. | Art Challenge

Just holding up the wall.

cross stitch

Fabulous print don’t you think? For some Rock’n’Roll embroidery inspiration you can’t look past Jenny Hart and if I can ever pull myself away from my Janome I’d sit and cross stitch my way through Julie Jacksons-Subversive Cross Stitch book. But for now I’ll stick to the sewing.



Eclectic, fun loving seamstress sewing to the beat of her own drum.


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  1. Sewfantastic Kazz. The perfect stroll in the park, surf through the gallery and hop in the car with the family outfit. This weeks challenge has been so amazing to read this week. Thanks for a great Thursday lift. I love the fabric and the pistures are great.

    • Thanks Krista, we had a laugh taking these photos as usual. I agree with you, all the ladies have excelled, another brilliant challenge. So much fun.

  2. ohh i’m in love with this.. it’s just perfection in every bit – the print, the cut, pictures! fabulousity!

    • I will have to steal that word fabulousity, I often use awesomesauce but feel a change is in the air due to over use. Love your blog and all of your colourful outfits, totes awesomesauce, whoops. :P Thank you for commenting.

  3. Wowee! What an amazing suit – I love it! Another brilliant make, Kazz!

  4. Fabulous! You’ve took a floral print and made it look fierce. The shoes and glasses are the proverbial cherries on top. Your pictures are always sooo fun.

  5. I love your suit and like you I want one for myself. Maybe I’ll be sporting my own version soon for Sew Weekly….we shall see…

  6. Wow! I love that! I wish you’d shown the lining!

  7. Kazzthespazz — you are so fun! This is the best yet.

  8. Oh. My. God. I love this. I love the idea of a printed suit…!

  9. Oh, oooohhh, De-a-anna!! I aaain’t down here for your money, I ain’t down here for your love, I’m down here for your soul. This is suit is top form! Love! Word.

  10. How do you keep coming up with these fabulous things? Keep going!

  11. Wow that suit is so bright and cheerful! I hope you feel like a super star wearing it as you certainly look like one.

  12. My eyeballs just popped out from the awesomeness of this outfit! LOVE!

  13. SQUEEE!! Fan-freakin-tastic! That Lisa Ho suit is amazing inspiration, and your version is tops. How is it you can take a homesy print like a floral cross stitch and make it look like the hippest, most subversive thing out there? Envy, I has it in spades. Another fine showing Kazz.

  14. Wow, just wow. Love the shoes too. Badu gives the best concert performance I have ever been to.

  15. Kazz you just get better and better – you are one SUPER cool, SUPER stylish lady! This suit seriously rocks!!

  16. Fan-tabulous, girl! Another hit. It’s awesome how you are working those TNT patterns. And, Badhu is a beast. My jealousy that you saw her perform live is bursting. Her albums were my life’s soundtrack when neo soul first popped on the scene. She’s as talented a musical artist as you are a DIY fashionista. Rock on, Love!

  17. A suit! You are on some kind of roll. We need a challenge with you as inspiration. Seriously, you’ve set me in several new directions. xo

  18. Oh my lord you are the very coolest.

  19. Love it, Kazz! You really think outside the box.

  20. This is amazing! It looks great together and will be great with solids, also. You really are my style hero, Kazz!! I wish I had one tenth of your moxy!

  21. I was just eyeing this fabric at spotlight when I came home and saw your fab suit! Love it Kazz.

  22. Love your style, love your suit and week after week I drool over your red shoes : ) Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  23. Thanks Kazz for your bright inspiration. That suit is so versatile with the variety of colours in the print. You go girl. Ta Meagan