Hot! The “Cursed Fabric” Ensemble

The "Palette" Ensemble

The Facts
Fabric | Black Stretch Cotton Twill $3.98 a yard and Silk Blend Cotton Lawn $9.98 a yard, from
Patterns | Butterick 3530 (Sorry, Vicki!!! She gave it up at the Sew Weekly NYC meet-up.) and Grainline’s Tiny Pocket Tank
Year | 1960s and 2011
Notions | Thread and a zipper.
Time to complete | About 4 or so. I spent much more time than that fretting over fabric choices and starting projects (a skirt, the bra top from B3530 and this dress that I cut out last week) that didn’t work out. I only took pics today (Monday) because it has been FREEZING in Brooklyn and inside my apartment!
Wear again?  | Yes! I really want to make more pants, so these shorts were my wearable muslin to see if they would fit, and they do! I like the top, but it’s very delicate, so I’m not sure how well its exposed serged seams will hold up.
Total price | About $25 if you take into account the fact that I wasted the additional yardage of both fabrics on previous projects.

I had some real challenges this week. I will save space here, and rant about the rest on my blog once this post goes live.

Onto this colorful silk/lawn.
The "Palette" Ensemble

Not a fan of it. It has COLOR. I might not assign the exact fancy Pantone names to them, but it gets an A for effort. I failed to make a Sorbetto with the rest of the fabric. Making darts, hems, applying bias tape. ALL of it was a nightmare in this fabric. I cut out this Tiny Pocket Tank months ago and it has sat in the closet since. This time, I didn’t bother trying to add the darts, or make french seams, or hems. I finished all the edges, serged that sucker together and called it a day.
The "Palette" Ensemble

The cotton twill was very nice to work with, it has just enough stretch to make fitting a bit easier but it’s also a substantial feeling fabric. I had made another pair of shorts with the rest of the yardage. They were also a test fit for a pants pattern, too. But they did not work out. The fit was weird and then I lost weight so now they look really weird.

The "Palette" Ensemble

This pattern is some kind of miracle! (Sorry, again, Vicki!) The pant legs are cut in one flat piece, with side (my thumb is at the bottom), front and back darts of varying widths. I tried to judge the fit by laying store bought skinnies over the pattern. I added a tiny bit of width to the upper part, used a stretch fabric and held my breath. What a pay off! They could use some tweaking (the back gaps a teeny bit, there is some whiskering at the front) but it’s not too bad, I think.

The "Palette" Ensemble

Anyway, all of the challenges can’t be a breeze. They would cease to be challenges, wouldn’t they? I managed to get my school work done this week, despite the time suck that was sewing. I finally completed something with that silk/lawn. I feel confident about making pants from this pattern. I like the shorts. AND, they look great with the top I made for the button challenge!

The "Palette" Ensemble

I still feel like a success ;D

PS- I am barefoot in all of these pictures. I like these shoes.
The "Palette" Ensemble
But I’m not sure about them. My conscience wouldn’t let me wear them for the pics when I might take them back. My dusty, fabric scarp and thread covered sewing room floor had nothing at all to do with that decision….



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  1. Those shorts are sweet! great fit. I really hope the top holds up because it looks great and I do like your matching hair band.

    • Thanks, Jen!! I’m so happy about these shorts! I cannot buy them to fit the way that I like in the store, so this is a big win for me!

  2. Oh the fabric you chose for the top is great and your shorts are fab it’s hard to get a decent looking crotch cut sometimes, yours looks great, not that I’m looking at your crotch, you know what I mean. Love seeing what you come up with. Those shoes would of made the perfect finish to your outfit.

    • Thanks, Kazz!! Please feel free to examine my crotch area as much as you want!! Lol I bet you’ve never had someone tell you that before ;o)

  3. I really like both pieces! I do hope the top hangs in there for you. The fabric is very cute. Great job fitting the shorts! Oh, and you know you want to keep the shoes ;-).

  4. I’m loving the shorts!! They look like they fit amazingly well. The tank also looks really good too despite the trouble you say you had with it. I think it should be perfect for summer!

  5. HAHAHAHHAHAA! I am just happy you were able to make such coolness out of something that looked straight-up tiny little Beach Blank Bingo teenager to me. That’ll teach me to judge a book by its cover / pattern by its illustration.
    Actually, my favourite me-made garment is my batik tunic made using a fugly caftan pattern I got at the same swap, so things balance out, don’t they?

    • Thanks for your generosity, Vicki!! Expect to see this pattern around here again! I’m sure something I’ve given away has been put to good use. It’s the circle of pattern life, LOL

  6. I love the top fabric and you should be really pleased to get a great fitting shorts muslin, this is something I have yet to try.

  7. Such cute fabric for the top! I love it!! And the shorts really suit you!!

  8. Just adorable! I’ve yet to try shorts or pants. That’s a great idea to make shorts first as a muslin and then go for the pants. I’m definitely going to try that. P.S. Keep the shoes, they’re really cute.

  9. Love that print! It’s too bad that such pretty fabric can cause such headaches. Either way major win with the shorts, they look fantastic! As far as those shoes go I say, ‘Treat yo’ Self!’ Parks & Rec style :)

    • Thanks, Cheryl! Me and the fancy fabrics don’t seem to get along great. One of these days…

      Also, LOL @ the Parks and Rec shout out!

  10. Love the whole oufit, and the shoes are great too.

  11. I like the top! It looks really great on you and I like the colors. I’m sorry it was such a pain. The shorts do look great with your top and I really like the attitude in the pictures!

  12. Ha! You didn’t wear the shoes cuz you might take ’em back…that’s hilarity! Those shorts look awesome. Love your sewitude.