Hot! The Caribou Turnout | Pantone challenge

The Facts
Fabric | Cotton drill
Pattern | Top is self drafted Dress is Bodice Butterick 4389
Year | Contemporary
Notions | Zip
Time to complete | approx 4 hours
First worn | Top, for Lenny Kravitz three weeks ago. Dress for these photos.
Wear again? Sure I love it
Total price | $12.95 a metre | Pantone challenge

I work with the Pantone Matching System everyday at work; I’m a Graphic Designer so this wonderful little colour chart is a necessity in my line of work, colour matching and picking gorgeous colours to make logos and artwork pop makes my job fun, especially when you see the end result all printed up and looking sharp. I think using the Pantone system to sort out seasonal colours for your wardrobe is smart. I was going to reference Pantone numbers but what’s the use if you guys don’t have a book to reference from right?. Winter in Australia will be here before we know it and I think these hues are perfect for me to base a winter wardrobe around. | Pantone challenge

I fell head over heels when I spied this fabric sitting amongst the cherries and polka-dots—looking like the black sheep. Straight away I had a blinding vision, I let out a gasp and slowly moved towards it all coy-like stroking it’s selvedge whispering hey! do you want to come back to my place and make out with my Janome? and just like that we have been inseparable. The bodice I used from Butterick 4389 and then self drafted a straight skirt for the bottom. There is a centre back zip insert and the top of the bodice has been interfaced on the facing for a sturdy fit. It’s a very basic quick dress, the best kind for fabric this busy and perfect for a weekly sew-up. My leather neckpiece I made a while ago and will be putting up a tutorial on my blog in the not too distant future. | Pantone Challenge

…excuse my lily white legs they’re great reflectors when I’m on a late afternoon bike ride and if I click my bangles together they make for a good bike bell. chk chk | Pantone challenge

This top is what I envisioned for this fabric a gorgeous Pantone palette along with a gorgeous but simple drape. You all know the simplicity and make-up of this top. The fabric’s width was disappointing I wanted it to sit closer to my wrists so, to add width and to make the top more interesting I added excess fabric along both edges which added a much more interesting border which I love. I also did the same with the neckline. I sewed up the edges from the wrists onwards because the fabric is white underneath. | Pantone challenge

I love this top and know I’ll get lots of wear from her over the coming months, she looks great with black skinny jeans and boots too. She’s a winner in my eyes. | Pantone Challenge

As I was tapping away on this last line of text The Pixies-Caribou came on in my itunes, totally unrelated as most of my song/garment naming goes, but a great song for a pleasing win. Happy days indeed.



Eclectic, fun loving seamstress sewing to the beat of her own drum.


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  1. Whoa, this is rad! Love it!

  2. Hi Kazz, I would so wear this outfit to work, who new we were in the same line of work creatively. Really digging the neck piece in photo 2 and how you did the fabric border to add length to the sleeve, just beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous top and as always, your photos are fantastic!

  4. Stellar job!! I love the little photoshopped border too, you always do great photoshoots!

  5. That zig zag stuff is so versatile! Looks great where you’re all wrapped up in it!

  6. Wow, I dig it. Such a great print, perfect colours for you. Makes me want to run out and buy that fabric. I loved your funny photo series about you and Lenny – hilarious!

  7. Amazing – so vibrant!

  8. Wowzers! That’s a very creative outfit. Love the colors and pattern. You photo-shoot is so fun too.

  9. if i fondle your selvedge, will you and your janome come across the waters and play with me?

    every week i think it’s my favorite kazz of all time, and then very week you top it.

    • Hells yeah! that would be most joyous. Oh I do wish though, it really would be a hoot meeting you and everyone else for that matter. Thanks Oona glad you like it.

  10. Spectacular as always, Kazz! I really like how you accessorize with those bangles of the same colour too and your shoes, wow! The whole outfit is just gorgeous and designer-like. Great job on the sleeves border – great detail to have.

    • Thank you Sertyan I’m pleased you like it. I do have an accessory problem but you probably already knew that. I’m glad I chose to give this a border it really gives the top some flare.

  11. Kazzaroo how do you do it?!?! Jeebus I want that fabric and those bangles!!!

  12. I am in love! I love your style Kazz. And that backdrop is so complimentary. You rock!

  13. These are superb winter colours babes! Love it all! And GREAT setting! xoxo

  14. Bravo! A Show Stopper! The fabric and the blouse design make this stand out in a very good way. The inspiration you give is invaluable and (for me) important. Thank you so much. You are amazing and I look forward to your future submissions.

  15. Your whole ensemble is amazing! I love the deep, vibrant colors. Keep up the awesome work. :)

  16. The print is STUNNING, and I love the different pieces you created! As always, your photo shoots are spectacular :) HA! Do want to come back to my place and make out with my Janome? HILARIOUS.

  17. Words cannot express how beautiful this whole work is. That’s atrocious grammar, sorry. I love your creations each week, but this one is the tops so far.

  18. That print is fantastic! And your pattern is awesome! I’m in awe (as usual) of your talented self.

  19. I love the print! Reminds me of Mexico-I’m half Mexican so it also makes me think of home. As usual the outfit is amazing but I have to say my favorite part of this one is the headpiece. I love the feathers! I bought a bracelet this weekend that reminded me of you. It’s enormous!

  20. This is such an amazing look!! I love the top over the dress.

  21. So much candy for the eyes. The striped, ethnic-looking print and the clean lines of your kimono are so appealing..and the colors…I could stare at you all day in this. The feathered headwrap is whipped cream. Work it!

  22. That fabric has your name all over it and you are a genius with squares.

  23. Fabulous, as usual – Love it!