Hot! The Always On The Run Dress.

Kazzthespazz | Mad Men Challenge



The Facts
Fabric | Broadcloth
Pattern | The bodice of McCall’s 4769 seriously modified then the rest was guess work.
Year | Contemporary
Notions | Buttons and zip
Time to complete | Too long. Started 6pm Friday got to bed around 12 midnight, and sewed the buttons on the next day.
First worn | For these photos
Wear again? Sure, it looks like a fun work dress.
Total price | Approx $20

First off, I had no time what so ever to find the perfect location for this dress, I’m not your average vintage-y gal. My house is filled with art, books and music, all the little things that inspire me. So, sorry ladies for the uninteresting background of this weeks challenge, I was however, out and about watching Lenny Kravitz in concert,  y u m,  right? he was swivelling his hips and asking me, if I was gonna go his way? so I hope all is forgiven. I, like you, am a big fan of Mad Men, the anticipation is killing me. I’ll be re-watching Season 4 to get back into that Mad Men mind-set before Season 5 starts, Do you do that too?

joan holloway Mad Men

For this challenge I chose Joans dress from Season 1, episode titled ‘Long Weekend’ because I thought it would look good with my hair, true story. It has that whole mod look about it, very Mary Quant, Yves Saint Laurent mondrian dress thingy going on. The shell of the dress was relatively easy it was those bloody squares that did my head in, the positioning was dangerous. I swore at the dress several times because it was eating up my time. After viewing these photos, I released the tension around that top button, she sits a lot better now, perhaps placing a button, or tacking down that top piece you see poking up would of looked better too.

Kazzthespazz | Mad Men Challenge

I tackled the dress differently to the one Joans wearing. I cut out large white squares for the blue and red squares to sit on sewing these into place, then I positioned the squares on the not-yet-joined side pieces cutting away the excess at the waist line. The excess pieces were flipped then sewn to the back side pieces. It wasn’t until I had sewn up the sides that I realised that the lines were out so I spent the majority of my night fiddle arseing about unpicking and resewing so the colours would line up. I knew if I’d left it, I would never wear it. So with all the huffing and puffing going on the below pic is the best I could muster.

Kazzthespazz | Mad Men Challenge

I am pleased with the end result of these squares the stitching could of been better but considering my time constraints….

joans dress

Look at Joans! it looks like they had trouble lining the squares up too. I’m glad I made mine with the layering of the squares. Joans looks like it would of been a nightmare of a job to master.

Kazzthespazz | Mad Men Challenge

I decided to place a zip in the back because I knew the front would gape along the placket, so yes the front is fake fake fake and no no no I didn’t sew fake button holes that would be crazy crazy crazy. Joans buttons stop half way down, I thought it was easier to go all the way.

Kazzthespazz | Mad Men Challenge

These shoes I call ‘photo only shoes’ they’re impossible to walk in. Terribly D A N G E R O U S.

Well lovely ladies, I do hope you like this dress, I love it. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with, exciting. You clever ladies might also like my fellow Melbournian bloggy friend-Julia Bobbin who is obsessed with making all things Mad Men, she is currently holding a Mad Men challenge over on her blog and because we have all submitted our gorgeous Mad Men inspired dresses here why not post a piccy over there too and get in on all the fun? Here are all of the yummy details.

Thank you all so very much for your lovely words on my Good Rats Ensemble. This dress I’ll name after Lenny’s song Always on the Run from his dead sexy album Mama Said… The Always on the Run Dress, that was exactly how I felt last week rushing about like a Mad Women.



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  1. I couldn’t wait to see this when I saw it in the “pending” queue! Love it! And I love that you had a similar scarf to Joan’s. Perfection.

  2. I find that you found the perfect scarf for the dress, just like Joan’s, just really funny! Bravo~!

  3. I love this look! It goes so well with your tattoos.

  4. All that hard work and frustration paid off! This is SUPERBLY STUNNING! You never cease to impress!

  5. OMG. OMG. OMG. I am SO GLAD you did this dress! It’s absolutely fabulous! Great job on the squares and the matching scarf is great! So jealous you got to see Lenny…swoon!

  6. Hey Kazz, it was a toss up between this dress and the one I choice to do, I nearly fell off my chair when I saw your post. It’s amazing and I love the white background as a change of pace. Bravo!!

  7. This is amazing, Kazz!!! You’ve somehow managed to find the Mad Men look so well suited to your amazingly unique personal style!! You look so good, I’m almost tempted to put aside my jealously over seeing Mr. Kravitz live! Almost ;p

  8. Oh my did this same dress call to me. But I wasn’t nearly as brave as you about tackling the squares. I was thinking I’d need to inset them somehow…you know treat the bodice like a quilt I was piecing. But, your layering idea is the best!

    I love this and may bite it one day. You’re an eternal inspriation, Kazz.

  9. What an awesome dress! I love it – and I also love Lenny. Inspiring!!!!!

  10. This looks soo cool!! I love your use of color and the execution. Love love love!

  11. This looks fantastic! Very mod and very you! Great job tackling those squares.

  12. i can’t believe you just winged those squares, you hot piece of brilliance you. perfect right down to your blue toenails.

  13. I remembering wanting to make that dress as soon as I saw it on Joan, but then realized my skilz weren’t up to it yet. Yours is truly awesome! I hope you wear this one a lot, because it looks devastating.

    (And I was way off on the song title this week: I saw Always on the Run and thought, “Of course, it’s Tom Waits’ Blue Valentine. Blue dress…makes sense.” Oops.)

  14. This is one very sexy dress! Don’t forget the walk when you wear it-but not in those shoes.

  15. Beautiful! I’m so glad you made this dress. I saw this dress on this episode and thought, “Now that totally epitomizes the 60’s”. Great job as always, and those shoes are fantastic (even if they’re just for photos).

  16. Perfect choice! Love the way that tricky color blocking turned out.

  17. I love this dress! The blocking is so effective but would scare me off attempting it, totally rocking your version.

  18. I like your version better than the original and I LOVE, LOVE your shoes! Great job, as usual : )

  19. It is such a delightful dress! I’m glad you stuck with it because it is such a joy to look at! The squares and THOSE SHOES add so much character to the outfit – perfect Joan look, my friend!

  20. Another masterpiece. The bold blocks really nip in your waist visually, giving this art function. Your creativity and ability to execute russian gymnist like sewing moves are astounding. You have a fantastic eye for detail and always leave me wanting more.