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I wanted to get just the right color of “orange” so I I researched the Pantone Site for a swatch of “Tangerine Tango” 2012 spring color of the year. I put that image on my desktop and then scoured for the orange that was closest to the color swatch from Pantone. Of course

Tangerine Tango

I’m working with digital images and not the real side by side matches of the real things, but that’s the best I could do and save time and resources.

Fabric: medium weight 92% Polyester/8% Lycra from

Description: This slinky knit fabric features 4 way stretch for comfort and ease; over 50% vertical stretch and over 50% stretch across the grain.

Pattern: McCall’s 6069

Cost: $12.00


First Worn: March 23, just before seeing “The Hunger Games”

Wear Again? Maybe, after I fix it.

When I went back to to check on the exact make up of the fabric, it was no longer in stock. So there must be others out there who like this Tangerine slinky knit fabric. I’m not so crazy about it after-all.  Not used to thinking of orange as a dress fabric, I draped it on my body double and looked at it for a couple of weeks. I decided that the liquid slinky side of the fabric was just too shiny for someone of my age and was about to reconsider all together. Then I draped the wrong-side of the fabric on the body double. This mat side had more potential. I decided just to go for it and cut out a simple dress with a square neck in front and draping detail in the back. I used McCalls 6069. I helped my daughter make a version of this last month so I was familiar with the process. I cut it a size 12, thinking that with stretchy fabric, it should be more form-fitting. I should have cut it bigger though, because I feel a little self-conscious when I look at how it fits around my derrière. It’s a dress I’ll save for the hottest days of summer and wear with a pair of spanx to control the jiggle and dimples. After examining the photos and my daughters’ “You’re not really going to wear that are you?” I have decided to  unpick the skirt and add a new skirt with a little more width. I just don’t like that skin-tight feeling.























I also made a belt with complementary colors to go with it. I covered an existing thrifted belt and used the buckle. This part was a very satisfying refashion.

Well, here’s me in Pantone 2012 spring color of the year Tangerine Tango!


I had time to fix it, but not model it because today was an “outside work in the garden day”. I un-picked the skirt, made a new “wider skirt”. Now it’s not so bootylishes. I can wear it without shame.




Barbara is a resident of Northern California. She loves to sew and has pledged not to buy retail clothes for the year of 2012. That means she has to make her own, or buy it at a thrift store. I hope she doesn't spend too much on fabric. When she shops for fabric her eyes light up as she imagines the possibilities! She's like a kid in a candy store.


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  1. It’s really pretty on you. I don’t think I own an ounce of orange fabric either, but you choose well.

    Ohh and look! You have orangeish nailpolish on too. :)

  2. That drape at the back of your neck is goooorgeous! And this color looks awesome on you. Great job!

  3. I think you look wonderful!!! It doesn’t seem too tight from the pictures. But if changing the skirt makes you more comfortable, well, that’s what making your own clothes is all about!

  4. Gorgeous dress — you look fantastic in Tangerine Tango. I ordered the same fabric from a few months ago and they did not have anymore when I needed it — now I see where it went! Great job with the dress!

    American Sewing Guild

  5. What a great vacation dress! You would fit right in on the Riviera!

  6. I love it! It’s fantastic!

  7. Oh mommy! Congrats on being featured! I do really like this color on you. Orange is tricky to pull off but you did it beautifully! Glad you saved the dress by redoing the skirt, it had too much potential to waste! Can’t wait for the warm weather- we can wear our dresses from this pattern together! Much love, see ya soon!

  8. That colour seriously suits you Barbara. And I am seriously impressed that you managed to make the dress…..and remake it in time. I hope you’ll be wearing it out lots this Spring, it’s gorgeous.

  9. The tangerine looks great on you! I love the draping in the back. I’m glad you were able to adjust the skirt to your liking – it’s too cute to not be worn.

  10. Where did you get that gorgeous little handbag from??? Orange is so ‘you’! Wish it was ‘me’! I like the draped back detail and the belt with it.

  11. It’s pretty Barbara! You’ve got a great body so I’m sure the original would have turned some heads (in a good way)! But I understand why you decided to make a bigger skirt.

  12. Hey Barbar, love the drape of the back and what a great idea to flip the fabric.

  13. Glorious colour – I think you could have got away with the slim skirt, but comfort reigns. Just lovely Barbara.

  14. Hi Barbara!
    This Tango Tangerine colour looks really really pretty on you, I love the back drape of the dress. The self made belt is also really attractive too, it really makes a nice contrast to the dress.

    I can really see how sewing is enjoyed by yourself and your daughters at home! How nice! I wish I will have that too when my Little Terror grows up say in 18 years’ time! haha!

  15. You look fantastic! You have the figure to wear this dress, I say why not!

  16. You look gorgeous Barbara, you have a lovely shape. You want to be comfortable though so changing it is a good thing, you have to get some wear out of her :)

  17. Oh you have nothing to worry about, you have a fabulous figure. The dress looks awesome on you!

  18. This is a very very good color on you! I’m glad you re-sewed the skirt so you’re comfortable, everything about this color + you= amazing.

  19. I hear you with being self-conscious in a bright color AND tight fit, but you look hot! The color of the year is a great color for you. And you’re so good with the styling and accessories.

  20. Wow- you really suit that colour, and I love the draping at the back!

  21. I think it looks really pretty on you! The color is really flattering (who would’ve thought!!)

    Now, you didn’t post a picture of your derriere – but from the front I don’t think it looks too tight across your hips! I think you really pull off the whole look!

  22. Love it all, I’d wear your entire outfit! I love tangerine!

  23. love the style of this, with the drapey back neckline. you totally have the figure to wear it as the first version and it didn’t look over-tight at all, but i know what you mean … i would probably feel a bit uncomfortable with it that fitting too. most important is that you feel comfortable and good in it

  24. Tangerine is quite flattering on you…pretty enough to tango in ;-). Glad you made time to alter it so you’re comfortable wearing it…we’d be sad if you didn’t.

  25. You look lovely in orange!! I’m glad you were able to alter it into something you can wear comfortably, because the back neckline is exceptionally pretty!