Hot! ‘St.Paddy’s Hot Pants’

The Facts

Fabric: Stretchy Cotton Blend in olive green.
Pattern: Colette’s Clover
Year: Contemporary
Notions: Threads
Time to complete: 3 hours.
First worn: Sunday for drinks on a glorious outdoor patio!
Wear again?  Yes!
Total price: $7.50…Yay for coupons!

Hiya, everyone, so nice of you to be here this week!  I am excited because on Friday (when I normally start my Sew Weekly projects) I had come to the realization that participation in their week’s challenge was going to be really, really tough. I was going to skip it all together in order to regroup.  Then, in true last minute fashion, inspiration struck and I decided that it was worth the try to get something put together. If it was a total failure, then I’d just say I needed a break and return next week.  I am so excited to report that everything worked out!  I found this stretchy cotton blend in my stash, the weather took a turn for awesome in Chicago, and my first ever attempt at pants presented me with very little in the way of problems. I don’t want to jinx it, but this might be ‘my week’ people…just saying…but not saying…you know. Gods know I am due for a no-problems week some time soon.

So the pants.  I’ve read quite a bit that these Colette pants can be quite fickle, so I prepared mentally. My shape is kind of wonky in that I have a larger waist and smaller hips so I cut the waist to size and then attempted my first ‘grading’ down to my hip size. The instructions and sewing went by without any issues due to the wonderful instructions.  Then I went to try the pants on.  The bulges on my hips were HYSTERICAL!  It was like I was part of the British Calvary or Women’s Land Army circa 1914. So I did some tweaking to solve the issues at the hip…success!  Then I noticed that the crotch area was pretty low and causing some weird bunching. Back to the machine! I eye-balled it and some how the problem was solved. No more frontal bunching. Excellent!  So as not to test my luck, I hemmed the bottoms and got myself ready to meet a friend for an afternoon cocktail. I rode my bike the 1.5 miles to Lincoln Square and felt so sassy the whole time riding!  The weather was beautiful and here I was with a new favorite shirt and some self-made hot pants.

I have a Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde type of style.  I am a teacher during the day and despite trying to be ‘stylish’ there are some things I am drawn to that just aren’t meant for my school wardrobe.  Because I see these pants as a sort of transitional piece, I wanted to style it two ways.  The first (pictured above) is definitely something that I can wear to work and it would impress.  The second, though is more my style, especially when it comes to riding my bike in fall or early spring. The very feminine fitting pants styled with my favorite steampunk-ish boots and my ribbed hooded shirt.  For me, I go with what is practical and comfortable, which means style 2 wins most of the time. Case in point: St. Paddy’s Day.  I have a friend who plays in an Irish  band (yah, yah, I know) and each year we go to see them play and we dance. And dance. And dance.

This means I need practical dancing attire…

I think they’ll hold up just fine. Now I just need to decide the best way to style a 3rd look for next week’s St. Paddy’s Celebration!



Cheryl is a teacher, martial artist, crafter and sewer just trying to find balance in a busy world. Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin she's now trying to fit into and explore the vast expanse that is Chicago, Illinois.


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  1. Those are rad! I’m feeling the call to branch out and make colorful pants!! Great job!

  2. Very cool pants, I love the photos and they look great on you. Glad you didn’t skip the week.

  3. LOVE the color! It looks so fantastic on you, and I love the ways you’ve styled this!

  4. anything that gets a dance at the end is an automatic “awesome” in my book. lovely!

  5. They look great on you – such fun photos as well. Keep dancing!

  6. Love them! And your green is just perfect. You beat me to the punch, though. I also made some Clovers for the green challenge. It was a perfect match for the challenge, no?

    • Thanks, Adri, I love that color so much too. I wish I would have bought a bolt of the darn stuff! The clovers were a great choice…Great minds think alike, eh?!?! ;)

  7. Super cute! The fit looks fab.

  8. Ha ha I love those dancing poses! Great colour Clovers too, with a name like that you just had to make them for this challenge!

    • Thanks a million, Sorbet, it was super fun! You know, the name is the hardest part to me…this one just seemed to come out so naturally…so meant to be! ;)

  9. I love the pants-especially the color. You did a nice job styling them too! those pictures at the end are the best!

  10. Ahhh – I also live a fashion double life as a teacher! I’m more a jeans & hoodie kind of gal on my off time and it always surprises my students to see that I’m not in wild patterns, colors, and huge shoes all the time. :) Awesome pants. Glad to read someone having great success with Clover instead of making 7 different not-quite-right versions.

    • Isn’t it awesome but frustrating some times, Crysta!?!?! The dress in my school tends to hover in the gap/banana republic color schemes, so nothing too crazy. I’m working in the colors and crazy prints to make it more of a ‘thing’…a girl can dream, right? haha.

  11. I love those pants! I just bought Gina’s pants pattern, but yours look easier. I am a fan of Colette’s patterns, having just purchased the sewing handbook. I’ll have to research those Clovers. Looks like we both enjoyed a bit o’ dancin’ in our photo shoots. Very nice fit, and style.

    • Thanks, Barbara! You’d like the Clovers, I think…the directions are to die for. A muslin is the smart way to go, though, as always. Your dancing made me smile since I knew it was something I had done too. You’re is much more Irish looking though :)

  12. Fabulous! You have almost convinced me to face my fear of pants and attempt clover. Maybe for the next challenge…

  13. Nice! I have a similar waist/hip ratio and had the same hilarious jodhpur effect with this pattern. Hope your luck holds.

  14. Green with envy I am. A marvelous pair of green trousers these are. (And, yes, I’m typing this in my Yoda voice). No, really…excellent work…way to wrangle the Clover. Your multiple personality looks rock! I’m especially charmed by the belted blue blouse + St. Paddy’s Hot Pants + leather flats outfit. Gold star for Cheryl!

  15. Oh you are a clever clover, love love love everything about this post. You go girl.

  16. Such a sharp colour and a sharp pair of pants – great job

  17. Thank you very much, Jen!