Hot! Rose Violet Dress

Hello Fellow SW Readers! For this week’s Pantone 2012 Colour Challenge, I have chosen the ‘Cabaret’ colour.  According to Pantone’s report, designer Peter Som’s interpretation of ‘Cabaret‘ was inspired by ‘Roses in their myriad of colours’ and the signature colour shall be ‘Rose Violet – it’s feminine and flattering but also bold and assertive’.

A collection of ‘Cabaret Pantone’ pictures I found online.

Yes, those infamous red shoes are featured again (see my last challenge dress).  They were heavily reduced to just about USD6 a pair as they were the last pair, I have HUGE feet. Believe me, I do. They grew even larger during my pregnancy (but didnt shrink after).

The Facts

Fabric: 1 yard of 60 inch width Polyester fabric at RM8.80/USD3 (I do not think it is exact Cabaret colour but I think it’s close), it is the same kind of fabric as my Royal Blue Dress & 1 yard of satin lining fabric at RM2/USD0.60

Pattern: New Look 6968, View B. I reused the pattern from last week’s Mad Men Challenge (View D)

: Basic Zipper

Time to complete:
Lost count! I am a very slow sewist!

First worn:
To work on Monday

Wear again? Of course!

Total Cost (excluding pattern):
Approximately RM12 / USD4

Pattern Notes and Thoughts:

I have written quite a comprehensive review of this pattern last week, so I shall not reproduce it here. This dress is actually a knock-off of a simple sheath dress I saw at the mall last month, the original dress was in stone colour with simple Peter Pan collars and flaps on the waist – very Audrey Hepburn-ish I think.  I really liked it when I tried on the mall version but it was a bit snug on me and it was the last one on the rack.  I told my friend, ‘I will attempt to make one just like this!’.  And so I did.

I used View B of the pattern and drafted my own collars, which is quite easy to draft as the collars do not extend all the way to the back, so you don’t have to match the front and back bodice patterns together first when you draft the collar.   The flaps on the waist are from Simplicity 2282 (My Socialite Dress).

I attempted to add side pockets to the skirt but hacked them off in the end as they gaped too much and the lining kept showing, I am not sure what went wrong.  If anyone knows a good side pocket tutorial, do buzz me! I left the armscyes to the last because I wanted to sew on the basic zipper first and not left the zipper to the last.  At first I just folded in the seam allowances along the armscye and slip stitched it to the lining (and even reinforced the stitch by double edge stitching each armscye).  When I tried the dress on, the alignment of the main fabric with the lining wasn’t perfect and caused the main dress fabric to be pulled and distorted.  So the seam ripper became my best friend as I had to let out all the edge stitches and the slip stitch, by that time the seam allowances were almost tattered.  Thus I salvaged the situation by bias binding the armscye.

Oh yeah, peach lining!



Sertyan is a full time working mother from Malaysia with a 2.5 year old daughter (fondly nicknamed 'Little Terror'). She started sewing for Little Terror 1.5 years ago and she was hooked on making clothes ever since. All she thinks about constantly is sewing! She has started to sew for herself in the last 6 months. Before making human clothes, she used to sew for her Japanese dolls. You can see all her sewing creations at


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  1. Love that peach lining….and the flaps at the waist that look like a cross between a mini-peplum and pocket tops are beautiful. I’m seriously in love with cabaret and the colour and that pattern really suit you.

  2. It’s soo pretty! The color is so rich and amazing on you. And I loooove the lining; the insides are just as pretty as the outsides!

  3. This is really lovely! The color and pattern suit you so well! Wonderful job!

  4. It is beautiful inside and out.

  5. Not only is it beautiful, it is extremely well tailored! Brava!

  6. This dress is very sweet. I like the little additions you made-

  7. Beautiful color on you and I really like the Peter Pan collar you drafted.

  8. Adore that color and love how you’ve used that same pattern again, but with your own unique additions. I am so amazed at your detail to lining almost everything you make so expertly.

    • Hi Barbara
      I must warn you..I think I am ‘slightly’ obsessive about lining my dresses. Everytime I chance upon a pattern I will check if it is a lined dress pattern, if it’s not, I am a bit disappointed and will think about how I can line it, if possible.

      Actually wearing lined dresses can be quite stuffy for my country when it’s hot and tropical, and humid most of the time. I can only wear these to an air-conditioned office.

  9. Elegant and ladylike – you have a beautiful eye for details.

  10. I LOOOOOVE this color! It’s gorgeous on you. And the dress! The dress is constructed beautifully!

  11. Love it, and the lining is fabulous!

  12. I marvel at your attention to detail. Every little stitch looks so perfect, everything looks neatly pressed, I would wear this dress inside out. Really gorgeous work as always. M e t i c u l o u s.

  13. Lovely dress, looks really great on you.

  14. Very pretty color, I have that pattern and I guess I will do it this weekend, you did a great job.

  15. adorable! i want this pattern … i love it on you

  16. Really nice. You do such nice tailoring.

  17. Pretty inside and out. I’m working my up to a fully lined dress…it’s hard to get in all of that detail in week’s time, but just like you’ve done here, using a tried and true pattern is the way to go. Well done!